NAD+: The Secret to Healthy Aging

The secret to a healthy and long lifespan requires efforts on many different fronts. The human body is undoubtedly complex, and there are quite a few factors that affect how we age. When it comes to healthy aging, you may immediately think of a clean diet, healthy eating, and sleep, but there's much more you can do that may be more effective in the long run. Why we age and what causes it can be understood on a molecular level. Although lifestyle choices play a factor, some of the biggest catalysts pertain to the natural changes inside our bodies. In this article, you'll learn about the NAD+ molecule and how it's the secret to healthy aging.

What is the NAD+ Molecule?

Regardless of the methods you put into a healthy lifestyle, some things naturally occur within the body that'll make you age over time. One of the essential factors is the depletion of NAD+ in our body, and its levels naturally decline as we age. Part of why this molecule is so vital is that it pertains to our metabolism and overall metabolic function. This leads us to age-related health conditions, many of which we've become accustomed to as a society. When this molecule and our metabolism start to decline, it can drastically affect numerous areas of our body, such as the joints, organs, and even our blood flow. Many anti-aging regimens on the market are geared towards topical and cosmetic solutions. These may make you look younger, but the inside of your body continues to age as time passes by. Since declining NAD+ levels are a big part of this process, you can focus on increasing NAD+ in your body to combat the effects of natural aging.

How Does NAD+ Work?

The NAD+ molecule resides in all of our cells, and it's needed for hundreds of enzymatic reactions throughout our body. Many different signaling molecules in our body rely on NAD+ to work properly, one of those critical molecules being sirtuins. NAD+ is a crucial part of our cells' survival and death. As we age, we experience a reduction in synthesis in addition to increased consumption to compensate. This recipe is bound to make us age inside and out, which can be more apparent in some people than others. Known as a coenzyme that plays a vital role in cellular metabolism, those cells are needed to ensure many different areas of our body stay healthy and functioning. For NAD+ to function properly, it needs the help of various precursors, some of which are more effective than others.

One of the most important is called NMN, as it’s known to be an NAD+ boosting molecule that helps prevent aging phenotypes. Maintaining NAD+ levels in the body requires a little help along the way. NAD+ biosynthesis is quite complex, but it can be achieved with the right blend of supplemented molecules.

Boosting NAD+ Levels in the Body

Since NMN is known to heavily support the production of NAD+ in the body, focusing on NMN supplementation can be an effective way to increase and maintain NAD+ levels. A study from the University of Toyama in Japan showed over a 12-week time period administering NMN that NAD+ levels nearly doubled in the blood after four weeks. After that, NAD+ levels started to plateau, and when the 12-week period ended, NAD+ values started to noticeably dissipate around four weeks later. This shows that NMN supplementation works, and only doses of 250mg are needed to be effective even though dosage is often recommended upon weight. From another angle, NMN supplementation needs further research to see how it can affect different areas of the body. Nevertheless, supplementing the body with NMN didn’t bring any adverse side effects to any of the subjects in the study mentioned above.

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