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What is Good Medicine?

Dr. Frank Lipman’s “Good Medicine” philosophy embodies a holistic and personalized approach to health, focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of ailments rather than just treating symptoms. Dr. Lipman champions proactive and preventative care, as well as longevity medicine, aiming to not only restore health, but to also optimize vitality, resilience, and overall well-being.

Meet the Doctor

A world renowned pioneer and innovator in integrative and functional medicine with more than 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lipman specializes in longevity medicine, crafting highly personalized health plans for optimal well-being, peak performance, and extended healthspans. He is a New York Times bestselling author of seven health-focused books, including The New Rules of Aging Well and How to Be Well, as well as the founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC and advisor to a number of Health and Wellness Companies, including The Well and Hearty.

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Longevity-Focused Medicine


Biomarkers are precisely measured using cutting-edge testing techniques, enabling in depth analysis of your current state of health.


We design personalized action plans to support longevity using dietary and lifestyle interventions, supplements, peptides, medications if necessary and more innovative longevity tools.


We stay connected, closely monitoring the effects of your program, making upgrades and adjustments as needed, to guide you as you work towards your longevity goals.

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Eleven Eleven Wellness Center

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Frank Lipman, the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center was one of nation’s first medical practices to integrate multiple modalities to achieve optimal health and healing for its patients. As the practice has evolved, so has its mission -- with longevity and improved healthspans becoming its focal point, providing patients with personal, custom-made plans that empower them to create lasting wellness and vibrant health for years to come.

Practitioners at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center offer in-person and telehealth consults for new and returning patients worldwide.

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Telehealth Consultations
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Longevity-Focused Medicine

The practice of longevity medicine is about helping patients stay vibrant, active and healthy for as long as possible, ideally, long before health problems can take root. One of the ways we do this is by tracking the “bio-markers” of aging, aka the physiological changes which, if left unchecked, over time can result in a range of different life-altering diseases. In short, the sooner we can identify parts of your physiology that may be slipping at a faster rate than the rest of you, the better – and longevity medicine enables us to do this.

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Featured Article

6 Essential Ways Your Body Composition Can Keep You Younger Longer

Body composition matters, and today, our ability to precisely determine the proportion of fat, lean muscle, bone and water in the body has blossomed into a must-have tool for many of us in the wellness and longevity world. In fact, it’s now one of my favorite ways to identify a patient’s current state health and to call out what needs tending to in order to support their longevity and improve their ‘healthspans’ -- the length of time they’re able to stay vibrant and healthy.

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Featured Book

The New Rules of Aging Well

Reconsider everything you’ve been told about aging. You can build immune resilience, strength, and vitality through easy-to-make lifestyle changes with The New Rules of Aging Well. This program aims to reverse the symptoms of aging and helps you identify lifestyle changes that will significantly improve your natural aging process by addressing:

Focus on Food
Deeper Wellness
Fitness & Rest
Everyday Habits

Increase your healthspan and become more empowered with this lushly illustrated new book from the world’s foremost functional medicine expert.

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Featured Podcast

Take Back Your Health With Amy Myers, MD: Unlocking Longevity and Living Vibrantly

Emphasizing the importance of diet, sleep, exercise, and positive relationships, Dr. Lipman shares his journey from traditional to integrative medicine, starting in South Africa and transitioning to the U.S., where he began incorporating holistic practices into his treatment methods.

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Quotes from Dr. Lipman

My personal point of view is that alcohol is a toxin and a health torpedo. It harms the liver and kidneys, damages the brain, alters the microbiome, weakens the immune system, and disrupts sleep - it’s really the whole toxic package!

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

It’s the ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extra-ordinary effect on our health.

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

In order for your immune system, metabolism, inflammatory response, sleep, and brian to function well, protecting your microbiome - and restoring its balance if it is disrupted - is one of the most important things you can do to sustain health.

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

Try having a cold rinse at the end of a hot shower. Short exposures to low temperatures stimulates longevity gene pathways, increases mitochondria production, and helps tamp down inflammation. It also helps boost immunity, sleep quality, and fat-burning. It’s an easy “bio-hack.”

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

Some areas of nutrition have room for negotiation. But when it comes to the sweet stuff, the line is drawn. Sugar is public health enemy number one: the worst toxin we expose ourselves to daily in the conventional American diet.

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

When you’re feeling wiped out, often it’s because you’re not treating your mitochondria right. Most people don’t realize it, but mitochondria play a massive role in your energy levels, how well your metabolism functions, and even how much brain fog you deal with every day.

Dr. Frank Lipman
Longevity Expert

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