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Medicine can take many forms but no matter the approach, the goal for patients seeking care is the same: to get healthy, be well, function well and feel good. As an integrative physician, I’ve dedicated much of my life to helping patients achieve exactly that, but what more can we do to expand wellness beyond the here and now and have it stick with patients for decades to come?

The answer is ‘longevity-focused’ medicine.

Eleven Eleven Wellness Longevity Program

The goal of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Longevity Program is to optimize your health, slow down the aging process, and increase vitality and health span (the number of years you stay healthy). Using a variety of insightful tests, we generate valuable insights to assess your predispositions and current condition.

With the gathered data, we personalize your program including specialized diet and exercise advice, targeted supplementation, and when needed, hormone replacement therapy and peptides.

With this highly individualized program, we are not only able to optimize your health, but predict and prevent most age related diseases. We are excited to support you with our year long program - please reach out for more information.

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What is Longevity-Focused Medicine?

The practice of longevity medicine is about helping patients stay vibrant, active and healthy for as long as possible, ideally, long before health problems can take root. One of the ways we do this is by tracking the “bio-markers” of aging, aka the physiological changes which, if left unchecked, over time can result in a range of different life-altering diseases.

In short, the sooner we can identify parts of your physiology that may be slipping at a faster rate than the rest of you, the better – and longevity medicine enables us to do this.

What Causes Aging?

For thousands of years, humankind has sought an explanation for why, over time, our bodies function less and less well, usually in subtle ways in our middle years, and pretty dramatically as we progress into elder-hood. And while we’ve yet to find one single smoking gun, we now know that aging happens courtesy of a handful of different, interrelated processes that can come together and trigger trouble, for example:

When cells stop multiplying but don’t die off when they should, or cellular senescence
Where there’s damage to our cell’s power plants, the mitochondria
Shortening of the telomeres that help regulate cell division
Clogging up of the cells’ garbage disposal system, or autophagy
Difficulties producing properly functioning proteins, the building blocks of the human body
Inflammation at the cellular level

What does that mean for you? Addressing these trouble-making issues will go a long way towards slowing your aging roll, so the time to start is now.

Live Better, Longer and Healthier Than Your Parents Did

Precision Longevity Care

With longevity medicine, details and data matter. Instead of just looking at symptoms and whipping out the prescription pad, we examine each patient’s biological markers, specifically the ones that drive the processes of aging and disease, to arrive at an in-depth understanding of what’s going on at the level of the organs, and in particular, the cells.

Tailored Longevity Plans

We do this by combining decades of clinical expertise with cutting-edge, precision testing, expert analysis, strategic intervention and 24/7 monitoring – to craft custom-made plans to support long, healthy lives, as free of disease or impairment as possible, for decades to come.

Start Your Longevity Journey With Us. We Dig Deep by Testing:

Biological age markers
Metabolic markers
Heavy metals levels
Advanced lipid and heart health markers
Longevity markers
Nutrient levels
Cellular senescence markers
Inflammatory markers
Body composition measurements
Many other blood biomarkers

That are not measured by traditional testing, which measure molecular and cellular functions that are critical for optimal health and are altered with age

Information from wearables
Intracellular NAD levels

We focus on the most effective treatments and interventions for your longevity program.

Custom dietary plans
Sleep improvement techniques
Exercise and movement guidance
Stress management
Targeted supplementation
Hormone optimization
Peptide therapy
Medications, when necessary

Eleven Eleven Wellness Longevity Program

The goal of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Longevity Program is to optimize your health, slow down the aging process, and increase vitality and health span (the number of years you stay healthy).

Membership Details