How NMN Helps You Age Better

Aging better and remaining in good health is desirable not just for our own wellbeing, but from multiple personal, social and financial perspectives, too. But aging better isn’t just about sleep, diet and exercise. Indeed, our cellular health has perhaps the most powerful influence on how we look and feel.

Our cells are the building blocks of our health, but overtime, they undergo multiple stressors that lead to a loss of energy, strength and poor health. This deterioration of cell functions is one of the major hallmarks of aging.

To age better, replenishing our cells' energy and sustaining our cellular health becomes crucial. Here is a way to do so.

NAD+ and Healthy Aging

NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is one of the most abundant and crucial coenzymes of every living cell in your body. It is an essential helper molecule in the chemical reactions in your cells, that turns food into energy (also known as metabolism) and powers cellular processes that keep you alive.

NAD+ is the fuel your cells need to produce cellular energy which they use for hundreds of processes you don’t even notice, like repairing damage, fighting infection, combating inflammation, fueling brain function, even warding off the effects of aging itself. There is almost no biological process that doesn’t need NAD+.

But here's the thing, as you age, NAD+ level in your cells decrease. By age 45, you have about half the NAD+ you had at 20. And today’s lifestyle doesn’t help either. Stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise and pollution can be added to the list that consume and diminish your level of NAD+ along with aging.

Luckily, cutting-edge research has proven that the secret to creating more NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule called NMN.

NMN : The Ultimate Ingredient to Tackle a Decrease in NAD+

NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide – a form of Vitamin B3 that occurs naturally in all living things. Numerous clinical and preclinical trials have highlighted NMN as a promising way to counter age-associated diseases and support the foundations of your health. Because of its role as the raw ingredient for NAD+, NMN is what scientists call a ‘precursor’. It enters cells to convert through a biosynthesis reaction into NAD+.

One of the key properties that positions NMN as an effective NAD+ booster is its potential speed of absorption into the body. In 2019, a published research article highlighted a key driver of NMN’s efficiency – a transporter that carries NMN directly into cells within minutes.

Some common vegetables and fruits like broccoli, cabbage and avocado contain a small amount of NMN. But you’ll need to eat 30 kilograms of it to sustain your daily NMN demands.

Supplementing with NMN delivers a steady amount of the raw ingredient your body needs to naturally boost NAD+ levels, helping you maintain critical elements of your health.

How NMN Helps You Age Better

Supplementing with NMN has been shown to have profound effects on your wellbeing and overall health, but in particular on how you age, thanks to its ability to restore and maintain levels of NAD+.

NAD+ levels impact various body functions:

  • heart health
  • muscle repair
  • energy creation
  • inflammation and immunity
  • brain health
  • insulin sensitivity
  • DNA repair
  • Sleep

Research indicates that stabilizing NAD+ levels is a promising strategy to improve cardiac function, and may be linked to beneficial impacts on heart conditions. Supplementing with NMN has also been linked to energy production so your muscles can contract and relax, maintaining muscle function.

From energy production to cellular ‘respiration’, which is the process of turning nutrients into energy, NMN can help to maintain a healthy metabolism. From immunity to sleep to DNA repair, NMN is a promising anti-aging molecule that tackles aging at its roots: our cells.

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