Health Coach Tip - Are Candles Healthy?

Who doesn’t like the ambiance of candles, especially during winter? It might put a damper on your mood when you learn that candles can be detrimental to your health - that is, if you don’t choose the right ones. Here are tips for choosing the healthiest candle:

Choose candles with good ingredients.

Many candles are made from a petroleum byproduct called paraffin. When lit, paraffin candles may release toxic fumes including benzene and toluene. While burning any candle indoors may pollute indoor air, this ingredient is especially toxic. Instead, select a 100% vegetable-based candle like coconut or beeswax candle - unscented, non-pigmented and free of dye is best!

Choose candles with a healthy wick.

It is important to know what is in your wick. Some candles contain toxic metals in their wicks. Instead, opt for a candle with a braided cotton or paper and cellulose wick.

Choose candles with a natural scent source.

Synthetic fragrances are often composed of harmful chemicals. If the scent is one of your favorite parts about lighting a candle, opt for candles with essential oils instead.  

Opt for LED rechargeable candles.

All the ambiance with none of the toxins or fire hazards! They are made of plastic and most use batteries (not the most eco-friendly!), so choose a USB rechargeable version to last as long as possible.

We hope this run-down helps detoxify your home and encourages healthier relaxation!

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