Total Renewal

In terms of health, most of us live at 50% of our capacity.
“Total Renewal” takes us the rest of the way there. To varying degrees, we all suffer from digestive disorders, low-grade toxicity, or fluctuating blood sugar levels.

While not ballooning into full-fledged diseases, these conditions limit our enjoyment of life and prefigure illnesses that loom in our future. Comprised of seven steps, Dr. Frank Lipman’s Total Renewal Program is the key to reversing the unhealthy habits and poor functioning that we have slowly developed and accepted over the course of our lives. The program replaces them with new behaviors that leave us stronger, healthier, and more durable.

If you follow these seven steps, you’ll be the one at the office who doesn‘t get sick when a “bug” is going around. You will have more energy. You will be physically and mentally stronger, and probably happier. And if you suffer from a chronic ailment, such as sinusitis, acid reflux, or migraines, this is the program that will give you a new lease on your health, even if your condition has resisted years of conventional treatment.

Dr. Lipman’s Seven Steps are:

  • Step 1: Take Responsibility for Your Health and Well-being
  • Step 2: Remove Toxins and Decrease Your Total Load
  • Step 3: Recognize Your Unique Diet
  • Step 4: Replenish Nutrients and Balance Hormones
  • Step 5: Release Tension and Relieve Stress
  • Step 6: Revitalize with a Detox
  • Step 7: Reconnect to Yourself, Others, and Nature