Symptoms & Diseases Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency
September 15


It is estimated that anywhere from 30 to 100% of Americans, depending upon their age and community living environments, are deficient in Vitamin D. More than half of all American children are vitamin deficient. Supposedly almost 3/4s of pregnant women are vitamin D deficient, predisposing their unborn children to all sorts of problems. Worldwide, it is estimated that the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency affects one billion people. In my practice over 80% of patients whose vitamin D levels I check are deficient.

No one is exactly sure why this is happening apart from the fact that we spend too much time indoors and when we go out into the sun, we lather sunscreen on ourselves. I think it must be more than that. But whatever the reason, the reality is we have a major epidemic on our hands.

How much vitamin D do I need?

How much vitamin D you need varies with age, body weight, percent of body fat, latitude, skin coloration, season of the year, use of sun block, individual variation in sun exposure, and – probably – how ill you are.

As a general rule, old people need more than young people, big people need more that little people, fat people need more than skinny people, northern people need more than southern people, dark-skinned people need more than fair skinned people, winter people need more than summer people, sun block lovers need more than sun block haters, sun-phobes need more than sun worshipers, and ill people may need more than well people.

What I and many of my colleagues around the country are finding is that even people spending what we thought was adequate amount of time in the sun, are still showing up with low blood vitamin D levels. I am not sure why at this stage but there is an easy and cheap solution…vitamin D supplementation.

Here are some guidelines:

Vitamin D3 - 2000 IU If your blood level is above 45ng/ml and for maintenance, I recommend 2,000-4,000 IU daily depending on age, weight, season, how much time is spent outdoors, where one lives, skin color and obviously blood levels. In other words if you are older, larger, living in the northern latitudes during the winter, are not getting sun and have dark skin, I recommend the higher maintenance dose.
Vitamin D3 5000 IU If your blood level is 35-45 ng/ml, I recommend you correct it with 5,000 of vitamin D3 a day for 3 months under a doctor’s supervision and then recheck your blood levels.
Vitamin D3 10000 IU If your blood level is less than 35 ng/ml, I recommend you correct it with 10,000 of vitamin D3 a day under a doctor’s supervision and then recheck your blood levels after 3 months. It takes a good 6 months usually to optimize your vitamin D levels if you’re deficient. Once this occurs, you can lower the dose to the maintenance dose of 2,000 – 4,000 IU a day.

What are the symptoms of vit D deficiency?

There is no clear pattern of symptoms. In fact many people remain asymptomatic despite low levels. But here are the more common symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • General muscle pain and weakness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Joint pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Restless sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
  • Bladder problems
  • Constipation or diarrhea

What diseases are associated with Vit D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to play a role in almost every major disease. This includes:

  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
  • 17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon)
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Gout
  • Infertility and PMS
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Periodontal disease
  • Psoriasis

What about vitamin D toxicity?

It is impossible to generate too much vitamin D in your body from sunlight exposure: your body will self-regulate and only generate what it needs. Although very rare, it is possible to overdose and become toxic with supplementation as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore stored in the body for longer periods of time. Therefore if you are taking 5,000 IU or more daily, you should have your blood levels monitored approximately every 3 months.

What blood test should I have to check my vitamin D levels?

The only blood test that can diagnose vitamin D deficiency is a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25 OH vitamin D). Unfortunately, some doctors are still ordering the wrong test, 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D. In fact a common cause of high 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D is a low 25(OH)D or vitamin D deficiency. So when doctors see the 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D is normal or high and tell their patients that they are OK, they are often vitamin D deficient.
Your doctor should do this test for you. Unfortunately even some of the labs, in particular Qwest, have had problems with correct results, usually giving erroneously high results.

If you don’t want to go through your doctor, the ZRT lab does a blood spot test that you can order without going through a doctor.

What is the ideal blood level of 25 hydroxy vitamin D?

The current ranges for “normal” are 20 to 55 ng/ml. These are much too low!!! They may be fine if you want to prevent rickets or osteomalacia, but not for optimal health. The ideal range for optimal health is 50-80 ng/ml.

How often should I have a 25 hydroxy vitamin D blood test?

At least once a year especially at the beginning of winter. If you are supplementing, I suggest you monitor your vitamin D levels approximately every 3months until you are in the optimal range. If you are taking high doses (10,000 IU a day) your doctor must also check your calcium, phosphorous, and parathyroid hormone levels every 3 months.

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  • Name

    dangerously incorrect

  • Name

    dangerously incorrect data regarding vit d forms and health

  • Name

    dangerously incorrect

  • Name

    dangerously incorrect data regarding vit d forms and health

  • June Ross

    Expand on your notion please.

  • kkh

    why is this dangerously incorrect – I have a deficiency and was subscribed 50,000 units a week by my physician for 6 weeks. – have done this twice and levels have come up somewhat but not enough.

  • Splashy8

    I checked on the price for testing, and find that $75 each time is too much for me to manage. So, I guess I'll just have to wing it by getting a bit of sun and supplementing at the lower doses.

  • Frances Melling

    Thank you for this. I know instinctively that the sun is a blessing for me. I live near the Mediterranean and love it.
    Your 'medical' information cheers me up.

  • friend of the sun

    I too have had my vitamin d test done, and i was dangerously low. symptoms, included severe pain in my bones, a deep achy feeling. Have been in the sun for over a year now, with vitamin d supplements, no where near where I need to be yet… but i will say the pain and weight has lessened considerably. The weight loss by the way was done only by upping my vitamin d levels. I am really tired of all the hype about the sun. it is really a gimmick for sunblock. seriously. and I am pissed that i listened in the first place. i do not advocate laying in the sun basting yourself, but getting out into the sun, the life blood along with water. that is all we really need to do.

  • Shes_jetlagd

    Honestly, IF you had an opinion or thought that was actually valid you'd provide evidence for your comments and even put a name to your statements…

  • Racheal

    “Name” sounds like an ill informed sheep. “Name” must be getting their info from mainstream media. “Name”, you just keep drinking the cool-aid.

  • Antoniolsoares

    Acredito que um pouco de sol, sem protecção, às primeiras horas do dia, podem ser muito vantajosas em termos de saúde. Vejam esta opinião…

  • Tlmorehead

    Wow! I HAVE MS. I had my levels checked- 23. 23!!! My internist said the same thing as you're saying; Go in the sun about 20-30 minutes about 2 to 3 times a week,
    he suggested around 9/10 am- so I won't get overheated. Heat + MS= is NO bueno for me! I'm also using Vit D3 supplements. Currently I'm taking 10,000iu and will have another blood test in a month.
    I'm passing this link to the MS website I frequent-

    Thanks for the info.

  • GoLeanNGreen

    Here is a new Quiz to see how much Vitamin D3 you need:…

  • Mm Pyle

    I have been on 50,000 units per day, tested, and My Vitamin D level was still low. Dr. said obviously my body was not assimilating my suopplements. Any Ideas?

  • franklipman

    Are you taking Magnesium, Zinc and Vit K2 as these are co factors
    needed in vitamin D absorbtion and a deficiency in those may be the

  • suartel

    My level was 15 & I was also given a prescription of 50,000 IU's a day for 30 days. How much Mag, Zinc & K2 would be good if you are taking this much?

  • Azyourlily

    I have a question; My endocrinologist has had me on 50,000IU's a week (one pill each week) for three months. I've done that for 9months now. Every 4months I go for more blood tests & my vitamin D continues to decline. At this point my last number was “12.” She told me that because I am overweight and have some belly/midsection fat it is causing the lack of absorption of the vitamin D. Is there any truth to that theory? Because at this point, my own pharmacist is concerned that I continue taking such large doses.
    Knowing that I have midsection fat, why am I wasting my money on the pills and why is she continuing to prescribe it, if she knows that my body won't absorb it, due to the fat issue. When I asked her-she dodged the question three times.
    I am overweight due to almost 10yrs of being told that I have Lupus and the doctors prescribing 17pills, including steroids, for pain etc. Now, I'm told I don't have Lupus or Fibromyalgia at all, that it's likely my vitamin D deficiency causing all the issues. I have put myself on a raw diet for the last 6weeks and have lost 10, very stubborn pounds. We have tried everything to help me lose weight with no luck so there is an array of other issues going on here but I'm most concerned about the vitamin D struggle right now. If it's absorbed through the skin, will midsection fat block absorption of the pills? I am increasing my sun time…something I used to love but in the last 10yrs has come to a halt because of the Lupus-something I was told I needed to avoid like the plague!

  • gary

    i am 50 yrs old and i have all sorts of problems for years .It started with anxity at 30 yrs old im now depretion high triglicerides gout muscle and bone pain and eye the end now take ing 50,000 units of D3 its question is how long could i have been low . my reading was 25

  • Febfeb5

    I have been on the 50,000 vit D once a week for nearly 3 years, my numbers have never went above 28. I too have had a lupus diagnosis that they believe is wrong now, I have consistent facial flushing especially after haveing sugary foods, had every diabetes test under sun not diabetic, cannot lose weight, head keeps burning , pvcs, dizzinesss, horrible muscle/bone pain occassional rashes, chills,,, any ideas??

  • JST Books

    The best time to take magnesium supplement is in the morning and before going to sleep.

  • Hamrick4

    Where are you getting your information?  If you aren't a DR and a DR didn't tell you this, I suggest you SHUT IT!!!

  • low blood sugar symptoms


    Its nice article guys and great information about Symptoms & Diseases Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency.


  • low blood sugar symptoms


    Thanks guys for sharing information of Symptoms & Diseases Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency. 

    Nice work guys.

  • michelle

    Vitamin D does not cause many of the diseases listed. They are a result of the body’s inability to process D correctly. It is vitamin D hypervitaminosis. D 25 will be low or low normal and vitamin D 1,25 will be high. This is the case for many autuoimmune disorders and inflammatory diseases. If you just have a simple D 25 deficiency, it’s not that bad and supplementation and sun is good for you. If you have D hypervitaminosis, D supplementation is very bad and can cause worse symptoms! Check both forms of D and educate yourself and your doctor what this means!!!!

  • stormey

    maybe your thyroid    That was my problem

  • Andrews Karen14

    Can taking 50,000 Vit D weekly cause low blood sugar?

  • Rob Williams

    Your internist is ignorant. Your body cannot generate D at 9 am. UVA rays only are available in the middle of the day. During standard time that would be 10-3, on dst, 11-4.

  • Shelley_64

    How low is dangerous mine was 26 she told me to start taking 1000 IU  a day I forgot to tell her I was already taking 2000  2 or 3 times a week

  • Shelley_64

    my levels were 26 ng/ml


    My D is 10 have lupus and chronic pancreatic issues biliary stenosis and sphincter oddi, I take 50,0000 units then some, I don’t know what comes first the chicken or the egg, I’m just so tired of hurting .

  • Edorminey814

    I was diagnosed with very low levels @ 13.7. The pain was so bad i thought i was going to die. Now i am concernef i might have ms due to symptoms. Liz. 45 yrs old.

  • Sun4Health

    That would be the UVB portion of the sunlight spectrum responsible for Vitamin D production. you are correct in the 10A-2P time frame when your shadow is shorter than your height. Time of year is also important, as in most of the US the angle of the sun is too low from Sept through March to provide enough UVB for production.

  • Dr Mudasarhafiz

    i am Dr.there are 90% pt.with Vitamin D deficiency in my practice .DR.H.M.

  • Mrs Boone

    My levels are 9.6ng/ml I have been so sleepy and weak lately. I just found out two days ago . I’m wondering is there anything else wrong with me because of the way I have been feeling . I also have chiari 1 malformation , glaucoma, arthritis in my forth and fifth lumbar, my hands hurt my legs my ankles feet, my complete body.I also recently found out I have periodontal disease my vision go’s and comes. it’s like everything is foggy.. i really need help.


    Have you been tested for Cushing’s?

  • Brenda

    Last year I had my Vitamin D level checked for  the first time.  I am 64 years old and stay out of the sun because of my fair skin.  The first time it was checked, it was around 13 then I took a lot of D3 and the level came up a bit.  Last week it was checked again and is down to 13 again.  I have all the problems associated with it being too low.  Arthritis, fatigue, depression, anxiety,  leg, hip and back pain….now, I am thinking that all of these problems may have been because of the Vitamin D level being too low for years.

    I am taking about 5 or 6 thousand units a day along with other vitamins and minerals that are suggested because they all work together.  I also plan to start getting about 20 minutes of sun twice a day on 40% of my body.  If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do.  I did a lot of reading before finding this site and it seems that my body isn’t absorbing this vitamin. I don’t have any stomach of intestine problems so that seems to not be the answer.

    I do know from reading that many medications on the market keep the levels down such as Lipitor  It seems the body has a strange way of regulating D with Calcium.  I think it is time I see a specialties.
    I truly do appreciate this article as it has me thinking in a new direction.  Living with pain and not having enough energy is making my life miserable. I feel depression, anixious and tired all of the time.  That is no way to live.  By the way, I live in the deep south.

    I wish all of y’all the best getting your levels up.

  • Nancy Lucky

    I just got tested as I have neuropathy and am getting worse, I am glad all though it took almost a month I got the right test the D- hydroxy my level was 15. I have been in so much pain, so tired, I put on weight all though I hardly eat anything but have a very good diet all organic lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, greens. I have always been a son worshiper but since I have been sick for the last five years I can barely get out of bed. It hurts to walk, I can’t sleep I have so many symptoms picked up a book called could it be b-12 and that came back low too. Geez I had to ask for the test. No one thought to test this with all my pain I was working in a hospital for 25 years at the height of my career at 52 had a minor surgery and have been totally disabled since!
    I do not even know what doctor to see first!

  • Evelyon7

    for about 5 months i have been taking one 50,000 vit d a week  my cbc tkaen last week shows no improvement   what am i doing wrong?

  • concerned

    Get your vit D 1 25 checked. The “doctor” who posted this information is ill-informed.  You should check your blood calcium, ionized calcium, urine calcium, vit. D 1 25, vit. D 25 OH

  • Harmed_by_vit_D

    The information listed here on Vit. D 1 25 is incorrect. I have Sarcoidosis (Bernie Mac, Bill Russell had/have it as well). I was told that my Vit. D 25 OH is low and that I needed to go on supplemental vitamin D. This had disastrous results for me. The doctor had only checked my vitamin D 25 OH and not Vit. D 1 25. Giving vitamin D to a Sarcoidosis patient often causes hypercalcemia and hypercalcuria causing problems with kidneys (sometimes failure), bones, heart etc. Hypercalcemia has caused many hopsitalizations and sometimes even stroke. Malignancy and other disease states have high vit. D 1 25 as well. Supplementation is very harmful here as well. Vitamin E used to be the rage….people said it prevented cancer. Now they are finding supplemental forms of E actuallly increase prostate cancer risk. I wish someone would have warned me instead of taking on the opinion that is expressed here in this ill-informed view of vitamin D 1 25.

  • Bblknp

    This is more a question than a comment.  I have a vit d level of 9, and I’m taking the vitamin D 50k prescription for 12 weeks.  I read various comments on the web; one woman said she felt better in one week.  After 4 weeks, I telephoned my doctor’s office because I still feel so louzy.  The nurse said “everyone in Oregon” has low D; it’s nothing.  I countered with the fact that confusion, memory problems, fatique, and light-headedness were the symptoms I went to the doctor for.  She then said, “Well…yeah…it can cause that.”  She told me to wait unti the 12 week d prescription hadd run out and see what the doctor wanted me to do.  Most days I feel terrible.

    I’m very discouraged and upset and don’t know what to do.  Anythoughts out there?

  • Josefina

    I was taking vitamin D for six months (50,000 unit weekly) without any improvement. It was until I started taking Magnesium Citrate that it went up to normal levels.

  • Evelyon7

    hi living in prescott az i was interested that my vit d was so low.  but we are a mile high and i do not like the brightness of the sun on my eyes even with sun glasses and a brim hat on.  also i have pre cancer spots on my skin so it was very easy for me to stay indoors.  i am now going out for 15 min s a day as well as the 50,00 vit.d once a week.  there are other things that cause low vit d and not enough research has been done on it yet.  i also have a lot of bone narrowing in my legs and an added second curve in my  back bone due to degenertive bone disease.  sigh such is life  life is terminal but we all want to do what we can to improve what life we have left.  it does no harm to what i can tell to do our own research as to why some of us do not absorb the vit d. above all else have a fun day

  • Notanemail

    I never knew that! I thought the sunshine had UVB and UVA in it all the time! My levels are getting low again. I know without testing b/c numbness, pain, brain fog, are all coming back fast. I have been sitting in the sun when I get home from work. No wonder it isnt working! UGH! 

  • Frances S.


    for all the thoughtful comments. This is a personal experience sharing that may
    help some folks. I struggled with a severe vitamin D deficiency for years
    (probably more than I know). Finally my MD (a general practitioner discovered
    about a year and a half ago. A little while before that I had discovered I had
    a severe Vit. B deficiency. I only discovered this because I got a strange
    infection from a tick bite (not Lyme Disease) and was experiencing strange
    prolonged symptoms that no one could quite figure out the meaning of. (All the
    tests kept coming back negative, but there was some inconclusive evidence that
    I may have developed some kind of “lapsing” (comes and goes) of
    muscular-skeletal infection. To make a long story short, since treating both
    the Vit. deficiencies (via good quality, “low-allergen” supplements)
    and treating an absorption problem, as was the case of the Vit D. I truly feel
    like I have gained new lease on life (!!) The depression, chronic exhaustion,
    incapacitating reoccurring back spasms all slowly fell away. It took over a
    year fr my D levels to get just up to low-normal, and the better part of 2
    years for my body and my back in particular to grow strong enough again to be
    able to unsustain the regular exercise that now keeps me and it healthy and
    strong. (When your body has been weak for a long time, it can take a long time
    for it to grow strong again.) Also my past workplace set-up was not helping –
    something else to look into if you are suffering chronic back, shoulder, neck,
    esp. aches or pains; sometimes even small adjustments can help a lot.) The
    mysterious ms infection that began or coincided with the tick bite infection
    also either truly went completely away, or went into full (symptomless)
    remission. ( I believe this was/is because my general healthy, including immune
    system functioning was no longer so zapped by the effects of the combined Vit. deficiencies.)

    that agree with you taken over (what might be a long) time AND treating any
    absoprtion issues might be key for you as well. If you supplement, but are not absorbing
    them well (or well enough), you will not cure the deficiency. You might even
    end up with some toxicity effects. I noted some who posted here began getting
    positive results only after they added additional supplementation (Magnesiun, Magnesium
    Citrate, Zinc, Vit. K, etc.)

    I personally
    treated my Vit D ABSORPTION difficulty using a healing modality called NAET. It
    combines acupuncture with other elements that frankly sound a bit like
    “voodoo”, but in my case it worked. (At the time, I was feeling soo weak
    and very badly most ALL of the time, I’d have tried anything that did not
    involve an actual human sacrifice! ((And NAET is grounded in very sane and
    humane wellness principles.)) I also had excellent NAET practitioners. (If you
    want more info about NAET, go to the inventor’s website There’s lots
    of info there, and a directory. Some practitioners are much better than others,
    If there is one near you, you could, if you like, call & ask have they have
    successfully treated Vit absorption problems, and about your particular form of
    Vit D deficiency…) NAET might provide “the missing link” fro you,
    as it did for me. (Later on Network Chiropractic care was also another key
    bridge back to wellness for me. I mention it because it was the last part of
    the package of my particular blessed full recovery.) NAET is not for everyone,
    and I know there are some other GI (gastro-intestinal track) cleans & detox
    methods to help with VIt D absorption issues. Other modalities are probably out
    their as well. It is worth exploring “alternatives”. (You deserve to
    feel better; everyone does. And again, I know from firsthand experience how
    horrible Vit D deficiencies can make you feel) I wish EVERYONE reading this and
    still searching for their own way out of the misery this (& other) basic
    Vit. deficiencies, all the best, and (truly) Godspeed in finding a cure or
    combo of cures (as in my case) that works for you!!

  • Nurseanne74

    Hi Bblknp. I just received my D levels today also and it is 7.6. No wonder I’ve been feeling depressed and weak lately too. I live in Oregon also, ya most people in Oregon have Vit D deficiency but doesn’t mean its ok. Don’t get discourage. Our bodies work differently. Its going to take atleast 8 to 12 weeks before you feel any difference. Some people they feel better after a few weeks. My MD appointment is 2morrow and will keep you posted on my progress too hopefully it can give you a little peace of mind and help you go through this. I’m a Nurse and thought I’m invinsible but I guess not. I guess that explains why my knees been bothering me too. I run 15 miles each week. I though t it was from that. Think positive and stay positive. Good luck :-)

  • Shafiqah

    My vit D test result was 3 , severe deficiency. I always suffer from fatigue, weired pain in my body, muscle pain, pelvics pain, dizziness, headache, short breath. I always thought that I might die soon cuz of all that pain im taking until I did a regular blood test that showed high parathyroid. The dr, explained that its due to vit D deficiency that causes all the symptoms I used to have earlier, now in on 50,000 iu once a week and hope it makes me feel better. My prayers to all of you to feel better and be in good health,


  • AB

    I am really worried, my Vitamin D level came out to be 2.5 ng/ml which means I am severely deficient and require urgent supplementation. It is such a pity that Vitamin D deficiency is given so less importance and taken for granted. I am 28 now but for the past 5 years or so I have been living in a pathetic state. My body always feels weak, and trembling, i have malaise all the time, I cannot do routine chores without getting exhausted within minutes, I have lower back pain for a long time which comes and goes, my knees cannot support weight, I get severely acute pain in forearms and shoulders if I pick something heavy or do any heavy activity. Same pain happens in the legs, everyone tells me I have become so pale, despite the fact that I eat properly and my heamoglobin levels are fine. Besides these physical issues, I have deep depression and have nearly lost interest in life even at this relatively young age. Never knew vitamin D deficiency can be so bad. I’ve taken doctor’s appointment and will start supplementation soon. If you also have such symptoms, and do not get adequate sun exposure or Vitamin D from diet, please get your levels checked. Vitamin D deficiency has become an endemic due to our lifestyles. 

    I would be very thankful if others with such severe deficiency like mine can share their experiences about their condition and the subsequent treatment and its effects. That would be so much appreciated. Best of luck to all and stay healthy!!

  • Jillbilly

    my  levels are 20 the doc told me to take  2000 vitamin  a day , i felt better in a week but now  i dont  feel as  good  as  i did  ,  i still have no energy like i  did the first  week  ,  why is this

  • R J370

    I have several Autoimmune Diseases and have recantly been dx w/ Common Variable Immune Dificiency Disorder! I have finally found a doctor (by dumb luck!) that is willing to “figure”me out!! One of the many things he has discovered is that I am severely Vitamin D deficient! He explained to me today that, while I get PLENTY of sun, and am eating plenty of vitamin D rich foods, either my skin, or digestive tract is NOT absorbing it into my system. He has put me on 2500 IU’s of LIQUID Vit. D supplement per day for 6 to 8 weeks. Then he will retest me and see where I’m at. He said that a lot of people for whatever reason, do not benefit from the pill form. The liquid drops are immediately absorbed into your system and the results are much quicker! So, for those of you who are taking large doses in the pill form and still aren’t where you should be, talk to your doctor about taking the liquid form. Today is my first day on it and I have high hopes for some relief FINALLY!!! lol Good luck to all of you. I know how it feels to be so sick and drained everyday, and honestly? It really SUCKS!

  • Lorrainejones

    After 9 months of extreme pain & weakness.  I was told I had vit d deficiency, I was sent to see a specalist who said the pain I was having was a continuation of vit d deficiency & I had Osteomalacia. I was prescribe vit d & Calcium supplements & told it would take 6 mths to improve and I would have to be patience.  5mths later I do feel alot better but still get some pain.  Apparently the pain gets worse before it gets better because as the calcium is going back into the bone it drags fluid in as well & this causes a small expansion of the bone, which causes pain on top of the pain already felt. I did feel worse & at times kept thinking they had got the wrong diagnoses but kept repeating words of the specialist ” be patience”. The bad times are getting shorter & the good times are getting longer. Everybody just hang on in there & you will get through this.

  • AB

    Thanks a lot for your very encouraging reply. It is great to know that people are taking Vitamin D deficiency seriously and going in for treatment. My doctor was naturally very worried about my Vitamin D deficiency, as there was nearly no D3 left in my body. He also said the recovery will be slow and would require patience. Turned out I am also low on Calcium as a result of Vitamin D deficiency and Osteomalacia in beginning in my case. I’ve been prescribed 60,000 IU D3 supplementation (granules) per week to be taken with milk. I had to divide the dose over various days as 60,000 IU at once was too much for my stomach to handle. Along with it I’ve been given 500 mg Calcium Citrate supplement to be taken for a substantial period of time.

    Very interesting observation that you mentioned, the worsening of pain after starting with D3 and Calcium supplements, I also felt the same, especially in the joints of the arms and legs. Hope the supplements are doing their job.

    I’ve been on the supplements for only two weeks as of now. I can notice that the restlessness in my arms and legs has reduced considerably and the frequency of bone pain has lessened. I know some of these effects could be psychological but at least there is some positive effect. 

    Could you please mention other details like what was your D3 level before you started treatment, the D3 and Calcium dosage you have been prescribed and for how long D3 has to be taken. When are you to be tested again for D3 levels? Wish you speedy recovery and great health!

  • Lorrainejones

    I do not know what my first level of vit D was, the doctor just said I was Vit D deficient & put me on 800 IU vit d & 1200mg calcium a day. My appointment with the specialist was 6 weeks later, she did another blood test and said depending what my level was she would review the level of vit d  I was taking.  The result came back as 25 & she said it was not necessary to up the dosage and to carry on as it is .Based on research I have done myself I (rightly or wrongly?) decided to take an extra 2,000 IU a day of Vit D.  I also take a tablespoon of high strengh  Cod Liver Oil a day. I go back to the doctor in a months time, who I expect will do another blood test to check my level of vit D & tell me if I need to continue taking supplements. Just to make it clearer I take 2,800 IU vit D, 1200mg calcium & a tablespoon of cod liver oil a day. 5mths down the line it seems to be working !

  • LJ

    I have replied to AB please see what I have written, You will feel worse before you get better. It will take 6mths but you will get through it.

  • Michelle

    I’ve just had loads blood test an my vit d level come back at 12 my doc said it should be at least a100, I’ve put like 2 am half stone on gone up three dress sizes an constantly in pain especially in my arms,wrists,fingers,legs an feet my doc said its all normal.
    I’ve been on the tablets for couple of days now an pains are getting worst it kills me to brush my hair

  • AB

    Dear Michelle, sorry to read about your vitamin D deficiency and the pain you are having. My Vit D levels came out far far worse than yours, at 2.5 ng/ml, which essentially means there wasn’t any Vit D left in my body. I can relate to your pains, as I had similar excruciating muscular and skeletal pains for long time. The pain is mostly concentrated in the arms, legs, lower back, neck and finger joints. Along with the pain there was a constant feeling of restlessness in the entire body, with an urge to move and stretch after some time. The feeling was so weird, that I could not explain it to the doctor. It was a kind of restless tingling along with continuous burning sensation in the muscles. Apart from that, doing some heavy work caused horrible pain in my arms and legs. My hands became totally useless, and felt like there was no strength at all left in them.

    It is my third week on Vit D3 supplements, and since i was severely deficient, I am on a 60,000 IU per week dose of Vit D3 along with 500 mg Calcium Citrate per day. I think you could also be deficient in Calcium, so should also be taking Calcium supplements. Ask your doctor about it. After 3 weeks of very high D3 supplements, the restlessness is nearly disappeared. The pain’s frequency is a little less, but it comes back with a vengeance. So we have to be patient, as this treatment takes time. A D3 level of 100 is a bit too high, my doc said 50-80 ng/ml is more than enough for good health. Could you please describe your daily lifestyle? As I have seen most people who have to stay indoors, are the ones suffering from Vit D3 deficiency. My work also required me to stay in office all day, and I could not get any Sun at all. No wonder such a severe deficiency. Take care and wish you good health.

  • Jenna

    So sorry your level is so low at 28. I am 63, and have all the symptoms you have. I literally became house bound as it was too exhausting to get dressed, and run around. My energy level was almost gone. Just holding up the blow dryer would make my arms feel like I had been using weights and needed to put them down immediately! No matter how much I slept, it was never enough. Each time I stretched, I would get leg, arm, or abdominal cramping. Nite after nite I would jump up out of a dead sleep because of all the cramping! I felt as though the whole world was going on without me, and I was just a bystander. I have sarcoidosis, so I just figured it was that. One day I told my husband I was embarrased to say that I thought about ending it all, as I couldn’t keep going on this way, and seeing any end to it. Finally I told my Dr how miserable I was. He gave me a B12 shot and a cortizone shot. He also had me take the vitamin D test. My number was 7. The day after I had the B12 shot, I noticed I didn’t have that dragging feeling. So, the last 2 weeks I have been running errands, taking my grandson shopping, visiting friends, and my energy level is amazing!! I started the vitamin D pill, 50,000, last week, and I will be taking them once a week. BUT, I wanted you to know that before the D, I noticed all the amazing improvements just with the B 12 shot. I’m sure the cortizone is responsible for taking away so much of my pain, but I have so much energy now, I could even handle the pain!!! My Dr gave me an rx for B12 injections, and I am taking them once a week. You may want to ask your Dr about this. Well, I can’t wait to see if the D helps me even more. Because of the sarcoidosis I cannot be in sun. They say 15 minutes a day exposing your arms and legs, give us enough D. By the way, being difficent in D causes depression! I hope you will get your life back again and become healthy. You are a young woman, and have many years ahead of you. God bless.

  • zia

    dear friend , nice to hear that you are going in batter shape one day you will be fit and fine ,,,,,,,, I have a same feeling i start on vitamin d last week but i feel worse but  now I reed your progress i hope i can come out this situation , thanks any suggestion please email me ,

  • zia

    hello shafiqah my symptoms are same except i was feeling unbalancing too, i hope we come out this situation very soon, but keep in your mind it take long way to come batter, please keep in touch by email.

  • Shirleyy920

    Hi, I was feeling the sam way sooo fatigue hard to put onefoot in front on the other at the end of the day.  Finally forced my self to have my blood work done …surprise deficency inVit D  put me on the rx 50,000iu once a week I feel 100% better

  • AB

    Thanks for your replies LJ, feels good when people share their problems, gives others hope. Take care~

  • AB

    Dear Jenna, thanks so much for your reply! I’d discuss about the B12 with my doctor. A lot of people are getting B12 deficiency as well these days. I am relatively young, but you have to be very careful about your health given you are 63. Great to read that you are already feeling better. Take care and be healthy!

  • Cindylusims

    I am going through this right now! Told 10 years ago that I have Lupus. To sick to work and had to put the life I loved so much on hold because was disabled. Every day then every month then every year, I thought I would get better. Now my great life on hold is a long memeory away. New Rheumatologist 2 months ago says not Lupus but undetermined connective tissue disease , fibromyalga, and vitamen D deficiancy. I also been on steroids and gained 100 pounds my first year and cannot lose no matter what I do. I have a suspicion there is a NEW autoimmune disease NOT discovered and we have it and are suffering. We should ALL contact the Mayo clinic and get them on this or see if they already have some RARE cases they are researching! I am sooo glad to find you and this site!

  • Jacqueline

    am vitamin deficieney for 7 months now and been taking 50,000IU of vitamin d with liqurd vitamin d and still at a 20 IU in my blood and my lower back and upper back hurt me all the time now what can i do am getting sick of not having my vitamin d up and eating thing in rich in vitaminj d too and not work plz help me out here

  • LJ

    Make sure you are getting enough calcium & have you been checked for celiac disease ?

  • shafiqah

    Hi dear, We all are having the same problem but you have to be patient since it takes a bit long to reach the normal level, what you have to do is expose to sun light for 20 minutes daily since this will help a lot. Concerning the pain you have to walk and do some simple exercises for your back ache,(search for the exercises in youtube). Most important is not to panic and try to adapt, that will help you, always think that there are people with worse case than yours where there can’t even walk, so at least you are doing better. Hope you feel better soon and overcome this pain and deficiency. Be POSITIVE always.

    Love & Light


  • Kati

    Would love to know the answer to this.. I was just told that my vit D level is 13.2 and im hypoglycemic.. I was recommeneded a high dose vit d weekly capsule for 30 weeks and am not sure what “high dose” means. I was considering 50,000 but if it can cause low blood sugar.. I have a big problem..

  • Christina Hardin-Ferris

    For years now, and it’s only gotten worse, I am practically allergic to everything.  I feel miserable.  I’ve had all sorts of blood tests, allergy tests, and everything, with no resolve.  I just had my cortisol levels checked, thinking maybe low cortisol was the problem.  My cortisol was fine, but my D3 was slightly low (it was a Vitamin D, 25-OH, and the total said 28.  D2 said <4, which I don't understand.  Regardless, I am out in the sun a lot, and was shocked it was low.  I am frustrated because I feel horrible all of the time with all of these allergies.  I'm allergic to smells, chemicals, cleaners, foods, flowers, pesticides…everything!  I can't even use natural things either.  My diet is very plain, and so is my lifestyle.  If I take a nap during the day, I awake freeling like I'm dying.  I have low BP, poor circulation, headaches (off and on), bloating, discomfort in my abdomen, acne that has worsened, feel lethargic, or have energy bursts.  I am beyond frustrated at this point!  My life has no quality.  I stay swollen in my face and retain fluid, I'm even allergic to antibiotics and the stuff they use in the dental office to numb you, including (I don't know how to spell it…Cetinest forte (sounds like)).  When I try to take supplements, I'm allergic to most of them too.  This all transpired, and has gotten worse, since I lived in an apartment that had a mold problem in a wall.  Then, the last house I lived in had a terrible mold problem behind a bathroom wall.  It seems I can do nothing to help myself because everything that would help me, I'm allergic to, and the Doctor's can give me no answers.  They just think I'm making it all up, and I'm not.  Can anyone here help me? If I take naps during the day, I awake feeling as if I am dying; it's a really weird feeling and it's scary. I've asked my dr if it's in my head, and I wanted him to say yes so I could at least know something, but he said no. I can't go places, or do things hardly because of this, and even when I stay home I feel awful.

  • LJ

    Just thought I’d let you know, I went to the doctors who said they can’t do a test to see the level of my vit d because I am taking vit d supplements. He is sending me for a bone scan to see the condition of my bones.  I’m getting better by the day & have even had one or two days when I haven’t taken any pain killers. My main discomfort now is my walking, I still cannot walk very far without pain & still have that strange rocking movement when I walk. I am confident that its only a matter of time when that will improve.  Everybody reading this, you will get through it, it is only a matter of time. 

  • Jewellzz

    My new Dr told me the prescription wasn’t working because it isn’t D3.  She said to get over the counter D3 and take 10000 UI a day. I get my levels checked in July.

  • LJ

    Steroids can also make you vit d deficient. I am convinced that Vit d deficiency is responsible for the majority of these illnesses. Take vit d supplements & calcium ( keep an eye on the calcium because too much can be bad for you ), be patient because it will take 6 mths before you see any positive signs of improvement & could take 12 mths before the bone pain goes completely. I am 6 mths into vit d & calcium supplements & I feel 90% better.

  • Jaynemariejones1

    Hi Shelly my level is 13 and apparently a heathy level is 50.
     I am now taking Ad_Cal and having a bone density scan.
    Best wishes Jayne

  • hopethishelps

    If you have a high PTH level and low Vit D please see the website, my 18 year old daughter has been dealing with these same symptoms for over a year. This website helped us to get her life back. No one should suffer like this when something can be done to fix it! She did not go to the Dr. on the website, there are others with other major hospitals who are informed. I hope this helps someone else. 

  • Lav Corr

    Hi Dear,
    Extremely sorry to hear what has happened to you. I completely understand what you are going through because I was the same before….past 20 years.
    Trust me everything will go away, there is a way out. Please email me on Dont worry this is not spam or fake or I wont charge any money. I will only respond through emails. I am concerned about you because I know what it is to be fed up of life. Even I was borderline suicidal. But something has changed everything.    – Janet

  • Tonya

    check,check and check.
    I am 29 and am completely blown away at the results of my deficiency as well.  my results were at a level 10- but have been challenged by depression the last year and lower back pain.  I stated taking 20,000mg of vit D 2x a week for the last month and felt pretty good doc said to start taking 2000 mg daily.  i quit taking fluoxetine about a week ago in hopes that the deficiency of vit d was the cause of depression, exhaustion, doubt, and so many other life sucking symptoms.  Doing ok, tired again all the time  already-  I get retested this month to check the level of vit D in my body and hope that it has went up!  I came on here searching for why we are not absorbing vit D in the first place.  What the heck is going on?!  I live in Washington so we are sun deprived but i rarely ever wear sunblock and love being outside.  It was cool to see that someone else my age has been experiencing the same symptoms as me over the past years.  As I look back the process of depletion started roughly 5 years ago.
    if you want to keep in touch please email me at  thanks!

  • Guest

    I can’t say for everyone, but my vitamin D level was 12 and my A1C test was 6.3 and my blood sugar reading are rarely under 120, so if I’m an example, low vitamin D doesn’t cause low blood sugar.

  • mhowe

     You should have your Parathyroid checked.  Google

  • mhowe

     You may have hyperparathyroidism.  Google  High parathyroid takes calcium from your bones and lowers vitamin D levels. 

  • Tammyallen1964

    have you ever been checked for lupus? I have lupus and my hands, feet and ankles hurt the most of anything. I am always tired, loss of hair, weak, sun allergy, headaches, lifeless. If you have any more of these symptoms see a dr. as soon as possible. GOOD LUCK.

  • Tammyallen1964

    docs dont really listen and do all the testing they need to do whenever a person has so much fatigue and aches and pain. i have lupus and have gained about 60 lbs. feel like shit all the time. too tired to take a bath or fix me something to eat. went back to the dr. a month ago because i was feeling worse than ever. doc says its the lupus and i said this feel a lot worse. she did bloodwork and i have hypothryoidism and vit d defiency. i am so sick of being sick and i wish they would check every possible when they do the bloodwork instead of one thing at a time. bloodwork all the time for the last 7 years and i am windering if they checked for this before. all of you know that if you have an autoimmune disease lik lupus the docs will blame any symptoms you have on that disease. it makes theyre job easier. i too myself have thought that there is a disease they havent found yet because my cousin feels the same as i do and they say she has sjrogens syndrome. what the heck. its just too easy for the docs to say you have this or that. i have been to the dr. so much in the last 7 years and they are still finding illnesses. lupus has taken over my life and im wondering if all alonf i didnt have thyroid disease and low vit d. i can find out more from people on the interent than from my doc. lets all get together and make a change to demand to know whats wrong with us and what we can do and i mean everything becaus just feeling a little bit better makes a huge difference when you are sick all the time.


  • Bayou_angel

    Hi here is a my little back story first , I’m a 31 year old female and I had fibromyalgia since 2001 now everything that goes with fibromyalgia is the pretty much very similar to vitamin d deficiency but I hung in there seeing all the doctors being put on all these medicines which were no picnic in the park . The worst for me is the fatigue no matter how long I rest I still feel tired . So my new rheumatologist was asking did anyone ever run a vitamin d test before and I’m like nope because I’ve had ever other test run . My test came back at a 6 very deficient . So round one of vitamin d2 prescription meds 50,000 iu one a week for 2 months plus take caltrate once a day d3 and calcium chew . Retested and levels were at 7 lol also I wanted to add when starting the supplements I had pain as well in my joints ankles knees and in my hips as well as my back and my neck this happens every time I go on high dose supplements . So back on to 50,000 iu 3 times a week for a month then retest I’m still awaiting the test results and I will let u know if this super high dose find anything at fist I was worried of a overdose that’s a lot of vitamin d but the pharmacist said as long as I font exceed 100,000 iu from man made supplemments the sun self regulates itself . I hope that we all find relief soon . Thank you for listening .

  • EAG

    AB–You sound like me. I thoroughly relate. After having to quit work due to the weakness, it took a year to get a diagnosis. I have pulmonary sarcoidosis diagnosed by a lung biopsy. Dr.s thought I had MS, not. Then lupus, not. And on it went for a year. Have your 1,25-D checked. If your 25 D (Vitamin D) is LOW and your 1,25-D (the hormone and active form of D) is HIGH, that is indicative of an inflammatory disease. Maybe this will help you. I wish you luck!

  • LJ

    I think you are getting the pain when on supplements because the calcium is going back into your bones quicker & this causes more pain on top of the pain already felt. If you are or have been on steroids then these depleat vit d from your body which also means you will not be absorbing calcium.

  • Lily

    I recently got a diagnosis of severe vit D deficiency – 24ng/ml. I’m upset that i was allowed to go through my entire twin pregnancy with such low levels. Until about a month ago (until diagnosis), i was feeling worse then i’d ever felt in my entire life. I literally thought i was going to die. I was waiting for a diagnosis of a terminal illness! Muscle aches, extreme fatigue, continuous infections (colds, flu), aching joints, headaches, constantly swollen lymph nodes, abdominal pain. I had improved my diet, but just couldn’t figure out why i was feeling soooo bad. Given my numerous moles, i am not going to ever be able to be a sun-worshipper, so supplementation is likely going to be a permanent factor in my life, for the rest of my life. Im very concerned that the general population may be suffering low vit d, as little attention seems to be given to it in terms of prevention.Given the potentially serious consequences of vit d deficiency (including cancer), i believe more needs to be done by the medical fraternity to prevent deficiency in people.

  • Lily

    I recently got a diagnosis of severe vit D deficiency – 24ng/ml. I’m upset that i was allowed to go through my entire twin pregnancy with such low levels. Until about a month ago (until diagnosis), i was feeling worse then i’d ever felt in my entire life. I literally thought i was going to die. I was waiting for a diagnosis of a terminal illness! Muscle aches, extreme fatigue, continuous infections (colds, flu), aching joints, headaches, constantly swollen lymph nodes, abdominal pain. I had improved my diet, but just couldn’t figure out why i was feeling soooo bad. Given my numerous moles, i am not going to ever be able to be a sun-worshipper, so supplementation is likely going to be a permanent factor in my life, for the rest of my life. Im very concerned that the general population may be suffering low vit d, as little attention seems to be given to it in terms of prevention.Given the potentially serious consequences of vit d deficiency (including cancer), i believe more needs to be done by the medical fraternity to prevent deficiency in people.

  • LJ

    Totally agree with you.

  • Raeanchorage

     Make sure you take D3 supplements verses D2. The D3 vitamin D supplements are better absorbed through your systems.. The D2 are synthetic. Take 5000 units daily of D3. This may make all the difference in the world for you all. God bless, and I pray we all get to the bottom of  this very important issue and once again feel like human beings who matter.

  • Jackie

    Oh Lily, I was so happy to read your post… 

    I was just diagnosed at well with VitD deficiency (I am 25years old) but my level is much higher than most people that have posted and yet I am experiencing very extreme symptoms. My level is 27, yet I am experiencing bone and joint pain, anxiety, slight mild depression, among several other “strange”, possibly unrelated symptoms. I went in to an Endocrinologist because I thought my thyroid level was off (I am slightly hypothyroid). He did a full CBC, Thyroid Panel, and more.. (Tsh,T3,T4..Etc) when they called to tell my my thyroid was perfectly fine (even after getting a thyroid ultrasound to be extra sure) I went into panic; “Why am I feeling so awful then?!”.. 

    When the doctor said “Your VitD level IS off though” he prescribed me 50,000IU VitD 1x/week and I took my first 4days ago. My bone and joint pain is feeling slightly better, but my other strange symptoms have not gone away. My family history is FULL of health concerns (MS, Fibromialgia, several types of cancers, heart problems, etc) so I worry. I am also a vegetarian. I have always made sure to be a healthy, well rounded vegetarian with a clean diet. I am milk sensitive but drink plenty of fortified soy milk, OJ, kefir, yogurt, etc. I get a fair amount of sun do to my athletic training outside daily. 

    My mother is a nurse and we went over each number from my test. If my CBC, Thyroid panel, B12, all came out okay I don’t really know where to go from here. Just wait and see? I am training for my 2nd marathon and have not run in over 2weeks because of how bad my pain/discomfort had gotten. I also have had flu-like symptoms for the past 2 weeks (hot/cold, sore throat/tightness, aches, extreme fatigue, nauseous stomach.. all what I THOUGHT was thyroid related). 

    The waiting game of my body “feeling back to normal” almost makes me more anxious. It also makes me wonder what the “root” of the deficiency is. 

    * * I am currently waiting on a 24Hour urinalysis test to come back to double check kidneys etc… Anyone else have a doc that wanted to check kidney function when a Vitamin D Deficiency was found??…. 

  • Kelly

    Just found out today my vit d is low 5.9 after reading this I have alot of my questions answered ty!

  • Sunny

    Hey Kelly, just read your comment here. Sorry to know that your D3 levels are so worryingly low. You should meet up with your physician and start D3 and Calcium supplements ASAP. Interestingly, my D3 levels also came out similar to you few months back at around 5.9 ng/ml. It would be very nice of you if you can share more about yourself, things such as your daily lifestyle and living habits as well as any symptoms you have been noticing all this while which might have been there due to your severe vitamin D deficiency. It would be a great help for someone like me in case our symptoms are similar. In short, my life has been miserable due to my deficiency. I am on D3 supplements for couple of months, after which I will get my levels checked again. Will share my experiences with people here. Take care and good luck with your treatment. Cheers~

  • Sunny

    Dear EAG, thanks a lot for your information regarding pulmonary sarcoidosis, I will get my tests done soon and will include the one you have mentioned. Wish you good luck with your condition, hope you can be healthy and fine. Take care.

  • Maria W.

    I recently found out that I have low vitamin D levels and have to start taking 50,000 I it weekly. Hope it helps me! After reading everyone’s stories, I now realize why I was hurting so bad all the time, and fatigue, problems sleeping, pain in my arms and the pelvic cramps. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon! Maria W.

  • Halima ali

    I have recently found out that i have vitamin D deficiency. i was prescribed 50.000 units per week. All my symptoms are exactly like yours and i used to think that i might die soon which made me very anxious as i did not understand why there was a sudden drop in my energy, could not breath properly and often felt that my heart will stop. It came to a point where i felt that no one was understanding how i was feeling and it became very frustrating. I started to believe that i will not last longer than a year. I then had blood test which suggested my deficiency. I have never ever thought that my vitamin level will be so low as i am a very active and a very positive person who has a lot of stamina. Thank you for sharing this and i am sure it will help others just like me.I pray that no one else suffers like the way did.

  • JAK

    With my experience, anyone who has been diagnosed with a Vit D deficiency (below 20, mine was 6) has to figure out why it is happening. In my case it led to a Celiac diagnoses. Without uncovering the root cause of not absorbing Vit D, you’re leaving yourself open to serious issues that may be life threatening (in my case).

    If you’re asking yourself about which doctor to see, I’m not much good at that. I got really lucky and happen to have a psychiatrist, internist and gastroenterologist all looking at the results at the same time. Though that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a reason and you’ll need to find it, maybe even having to change doctors depending on your Health insurance.

    Hope some finds this helpful.

  • Ladylss04

    i was having dizzy spells, feeling of about to faint, blood shot eyes, joint pain, severe fatigue, poor concentration, memory loss, ibs, and lower back pain. I had been going through other diagnosed treatments so drs were elimintating according to priority. After a year I finally was told my vitamin D was 15. After reading this symptoms, it all made sense. I’m taking 50,000 iu once a week. Hopefully I will see better results when I get retested in 3 months!

  • shari

    Mrs Boone- I have the same exact thing, including the chiari 1 malformation. My recent level is 14. I am on 4,000 IU /day of Vit D. The pain in my bones is unbearable at times. Not even strong pain med helps. So dicouraged. I am RN and have been out of work for 10 months. Just want my life back. Am told the back/leg/neck pain is from chiari 1 malformation. So discouraged !!


    Does kidney failure has got any relevance to vitamin D3 deficiency

  • Goeaj

    My doc just called and told me I have a vitamin-d deficient. I have an autoimmune disorder called graves (born with it) and chronic fatigue and PMS, seasonal depression (I hibernate during the winter and fall) and if this is the answer then it’ll change my life! So thank you for this article! Ps. Live in scandinavia so that might be why.

  • Julie

    Hello My name Is julie I am 15 and My vit.D Levels Are At a 16 as of this month … I had been taking Vita d Since I have been told I was
    deficient and It Has Messed with my life It has been 2 years in counting …I just recently Found out that.. My body is not Taking the D that I am Taking or Drinking and eating with dairy Products … And that My Levels are dropping much like A few of the other people on here I am taking 50.000 IU A week .. and Its not helping Im tired all the time And I get sick Fairly Easy But I am Always Active … All I can say for you guys is keep A positive you may turn out to be like me ( my doctor has told me ) and be on Vit.D for the Rest of your life … But look forward and come to terms with it find out what you can and can’t do anymore … But don’t let it hold you back Sincerely-Julie Noetzelmann

  • Julie Crites

    Julie- make sure your taking D3 not the prescription D2. My first Dr didn’t know it has to be D3. 4 months after my new Dr put me on 10,000 out a day I went from 16 to 37. I was on the D2 for 2 years with no change.

  • naina khan

    These days I had come to know taht I am suffering from vitaminD disease…firstly I had some symptoms like muscle fatigue, headache,restless sleep and hairfall. So now as I had taken a test and blanced diet my symptoms are lowering day by day…May all have god health.

  • Marlene

    Several months ago I felt horrible. I had no energy. Had to force myself to walk across the yard and since I live alone, was 62, raise horses, cattle, have two energetic dogs, and still have to work I HAD to keep going!! I felt like I had to go to bed and sleep ALL the time. My back began hurting over nothing, had terrible leg cramps, began trembling, felt overwhelmed with life, began loosing my hair, had trouble concentrating and remembering things, and found myself irritable over nothing. My Dr. at the time did every test imaginable, sometimes twice. She then wanted me to be admitted to the hospital for other tests. I refused, went to another Dr., and immediately the found the vitamin D deficiency. She put me on 50,000 units of liquid D and within days I had a new lease on life. I thought she told me it may not be good to take that dosage for more than a few months so I quit taking it and went to a lower dose over the counter. NOW, about 10 months later, I’m feeling bad again!!! So I’m going back on it! Hopefully to feel better soon again. It’s fall now but this summer I’ve spent LOTS of time in the sun and it just didn’t help the condition. So, if you are reading this, have these horrible symptoms, ask to be checked for low vitamin D. I never thought I’d feel that bad. It changes your whole life. Best of luck.

  • Consuela Jones

    My name is Consuela. & I will be 40 soon. I have been feeling terrible for the last couple of years!! Lots of body aches & pains. I get so tired that as soon as I wake up in the morning , I am ready to go back to bed almost right away!!! I have no energy to accomplish every day normal tasks!!!Went to my doctor & my blood tests results came back that Im anemic. My blood count is 10.2. My Vitamin D test came back a 23, & my thyroid levels are off. I have rapid heart rate. Shortness of breath. Difficulty sleeping at night. I feel so grumpy. My husband is ready to divorce me. I just hope taking this vitamin d supplement helps because I feel like im at my whits end!!! :/

  • Debbi

    Hi. I too have a low vitamin d and am supplementing it. My doctor said it needs fat to be absorbed and suggested that I take it with a snack or meal that had some fat in it, like peanut butter. Hope it helps.

  • Jane Doesntcare

    I was taking 50,000 a day prescription of Vitamin D and my level never went up . Not even a wee bit. What can cause this?

  • M

    Most of the symptoms mentioned here are also related to b12 deficieny. Apparently a big percentage of the population cannot absorb it at all or enough. Please get that checked.

  • Stumped

    Don’t listen to this. Magnesium citrate is what u are given to clean out before a colonoscopy! Look it up!

  • SK

    Hi AB, recently i have been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency. Its 12.5. I am 28 too and I have lower back pain which comes and goes. this pain has been since last 3 years and now it is not going. I have started taking 60000 I.U. tablet per week with small dose of 250 I.U. daily. My B12 is normal. Will Vit D supplements help my pain? Also, my Dr. has advised to continue with this for 2 months. Will the symptoms again start after i discontinue supplements after 2 months? Would appreciate if you could please reply!… thanks and wish you good health for rest of the future.

  • NellFishMama

    I’ve read nearly all of these posts. I haven’t found one that says the vit D supplement has actually helped!

    I am taking 10,000ius of D3 (gels) a day along with 750mg of Calcium to help with absorption, per dr’s orders. I suck at taking this regularly. In March last year, I had a severe bladder infection, followed by this extreme fatigue, tons of tests, CAT Scan of bladder…best they found was the low vit D…26 I believe. When Spring hit full swing, I started feeling much better. In the sun and feeling good through the summer of course. Had a follow up CAT scan in July due to a lung nodule found on my original scan. And a follow up vit D test… 37. 2nd scan found another lung nodule. Had a sarcoidosis test as suspect for low vit D and nodules…came back ok. Appt with infectious disease dr to further check on lung nodules, but I think it’s crap and unnecessary. Lung nodules seem to be fairly common… and mean nothing.

    Recently hit bottom again with vit D, right after another bladder infection. I know when that is the problem now. Totally fatigued, achy bones and muscles.

    Can someone say that they have actually improved after the vit D supplements?

  • AB

    Hi SK, thanks for your wishes. Wish you well too. You must have read mine as well as others’ Vit D deficiency symptoms here. I can say it totally wreaks havoc on the body and mind. Your levels are very inadequate as well. My first test six months ago showed 2.5 ng/ml which was worryingly low. I am on similar supplements as you, 60,000 IU per week and 1000 mg Calcium per day. I have been taking Vit D for nearly 3 months now and will go for another test soon to check the levels.

    Regarding improvements, I have definitely experienced some positive results. I had severe musculo-skeletal pain especially in my arms and legs which was aggravated on exertion. Also I had lower back pain. Now after nearly 3 months of supplementation, I have experienced considerable improvement in the severe pain in the arms and legs. Some weeks into the treatment, my pain increased which was due to calcium being reabsorbed by my weakened bones. I also had symptoms of restlessness in body which also have reduced considerably. My appetite is better and overall I feel less depressed. Vit D helps in Calcium absorption so that could be another reason for improvement.

    Mind you, back pain usually is caused by poor posture, so try improving that and do some exercises like Yoga and gentle stretching daily. I don’t think you need the daily 250 IU, as that amount is negligible. I take the 60,000 IU dose divided over the week as I have read the body absorbs Vit D better if taken in smaller doses of around 10,000 IU per day.

    I don’t think 2 months’ supplementation will be adequate for you. Mostly you need six months’ treatment. Just get tested every three months or as doctor advises you. After your levels are normal, you just need maintenance doses of 60,000 IU per fortnight or month depending on your diet. Vit D is very scarce in food and especially in fruits and vegetables. My works is mainly indoors so I cannot catch any Sun, so I guess will need monthly doses for maintaining Vit D levels.

    Take care and have great health.
    Feel free to communicate here

  • BP

    I have also the lower backpain for last 3-4 month. In strarting , I was taking the traetment from a ortho doctor. It was recovered to somethiong but not stable. Now last wee I meet to a physician and he suggested me for some diagnosis doe Vitamin D, Vitamin b12 , Calcium etc. My vitamin d level is 10 only. I think this is a main cause of my back pain.

  • Alisha

    did your doctor suggest this? im having same problem, mines seems to be getting lower with supplementation.

  • La’Juan Denmark

    I am 27 and recently my Dr. told me that my vitamin D level was low and call in a vitamin D supplement. But that been weeks ago and I still have not went and pick them up. I know silly of me. But Now that I been reading up on vitamin D low levels and what it does to the body. I will go get them quick. I have the deep pain in my bones. My lower back hurts worst when I am bending over doing something that has me in that position for a long period of time, cleaning the bathroom for one. I work two jobs and at the end of the day when I go to lay down that when all the pain hits me at once from my feet to my neck. I have been sleeping alot and my boyfriend as notice the difference in me. I just hope and pray I have not waited to long and cause more problems for my self.

  • Angel

    I am so glad that I found this site. I just got a call from my doctor with the results from my latest blood work. I am very concerned. First let me give a little background. I am a 44 year old African American female Army vet. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. Since that time I have been living quite miserably with all over body pain, joint pain, and fatigue. In 2011 I had a thyroid lobectomy for suspicious cells and a goiter. Since I was medically retired last year, I have noticed a decrease in my energy level and an increase in my pain level when ever I did anything. I thought it was because I missed being at work. My new symptoms included muscle spasms and cramps. Again I thought it was due to my decreased activity level. I would often say I am out of shape.

    My lab results showed my Vita-D level to be 13. It also showed an increase in my aldolese level. My good cholesterol level is also dangerously low. My diet is poor. I eat ‘good’ things. I just never have an appetite and don’t eat often or enough. Because of my fibromyalgia, bilateral arthritis in my knees and back pain exercise is difficult. I guess I am so worried about gaining weight that I don’t eat properly. It now seems that I am literally killing myself trying not to gain weight. (I am 5’10″ 222lbs)

    After reading all of the diseases associated with a Vita-D deficiency, and the need to increase my good cholesterol, I think I will be asking for a referral to a dietitian. Thank you all for sharing your stories and giving me hope.


  • deborah

    Helllo I was just reading everyones comments. I found it to be very encouraging.just found out on this past Thursaday that vit.D is very low 12. I have beeen so tired and sleeping a lot depressed, body aches and dry skin lately. I can barely focus on much while I am at work or home. Sunday I will start my Vit D supplement in liquid form pill. I too like others thought that I was about t die! My life have been down hill now for about 2years or more. This site has encouraged me and I pray that we all get back to a state of equlibrium….my prayers to you all! God Bless

  • Natasha

    I feel the same way as you do, all my body hurts, specialy my back, few months ago i had an MRI scan of my back to see if i had an hernia, but it came negative, i felt horrible to ask other test because the doctor was already looking at me strange like i was trying to get a leave for my work! But its not, it hurts like hell and like u said i almost have to carry my body out of bed, i could just sleep all day! Im also very irritated, so easily my partner said its horrible the way im being, and some days im just really depressed! I changed doctor and yesterday i received my blood test results, my vitamin D came 11, and i guess that is very low, isnt it? How low was yours? Im going back to the doctor today to see what he can do, because i cant stand living like this anymore!

  • AB

    Hey Natasha,
    Just read your message and I think your symptoms sound similar to mine. So thought I must share. First of all you are very lucky not to have a herniated disk!! I’ve seen my colleague have that, his disk bulged and there was a rupture which caused the spinal fluid to drain! His life is difficult now and needs physiotherapy. Worst part he is just 32. I asked him to get his D3 tested and indeed they came out very low. Also the bone mineral density test was not good too.

    My levels when last checked were around yours. That after taking 60,000 IU D3 supplements for nearly three months. I cannot get much Vitamin D from foods and Sun, so I need to be dependent on supplements. My doctor was quick to notice this deficiency and since D3 helps in calcium absorption, low levels of D3 most of the times also means low levels of Calcium in bones making them fragile. He also prescribed me 1000 mg Calcium Citrate supplements per day. I also suffer from severe lower back, bone and muscle pain. Although I feel a bit better after taking supplements. Being a woman, you need sufficient Calcium to prevent Osteoporosis later in life.

    Hope you can discuss this with your doctor.
    Wish you good health! :)

  • Rachel

    Heyyy I was recently diagnosed with a vitD deficiency at 23 for 34 years old- I get tingliness and numbness in my extremities and swollen veins and have been tested but all is good in my blood except from the Vit D…its kinda scary waking up with a dead hand…does that happen to any of you guys? thanks! :) I have been put on 2000 iu VitD3 a day…

  • lisa

    Sorry to bother you after several months but I also have several autoimmune disorders and low IGg deficiency with vit D at 14. Have you had improvement and who is your doctor and where? Thank you

  • Marjan West Midlands England

    Have felt gastly for over 20 years many symptoms diagnosed 20 years ago with Fibromyalgia and now osteoarthritis and inflammatory ? Rh A, just found out today vit D level down to only 6 and cannot get hold of the strong medication for a week!

  • Andy

    vitamin D has helped me extensively over the last 4 years i have gone from a lethargic weak mentally & physically exhausted person after not doing much due to a neurological condition to an active healthier one after improving my diet to include more natural organic foods, i cut out all processed foods then reduced the saturated fat i was eating i follow dr terry wahls as she reversed MS through diet even if u dont believe it then it can inspire you. we are what we eat

  • Fighter

    hi im 22, i have three children they are ages 1, 2, and 3. for the past 15 months i have had stroke like episodes, lost 50% strength on my left side accumulated stridor,chronic idiopathic urticaria, chronic idiopathic angioedema, a cervical neck lipoma, a mucouse retention cyst in my righr maxillary cavity, beaws lines in my fingernails, dermatologist said they are detatching, reynauds phenominon, told that i may have CREST Syndrome Sclerdoma, aquiried ezema, my left eye is now weeker then the right, my hair is turning white and falling out, i get random inflamation all over my body, torticollis, cervical radiculopathy, b12 toxicicity, my leves are approx 1200, you shouldnt go over 900, my vitamin d is 14, im loosing bowel control, migrain pain with aurau, myoclonic sieziurs, off and on bells palsy, the list goes on and on. Now in the past year ive caught the flu 3 times with the vaccination, shingles, broncitis, ringworm, thrush 6 times, you get the idea im always sick dr, said my immune system is comprimised. ive been addmited for overnight stay in three different hospitals, ive seen over 16 docters whom are specialists in thier fields been tested for lupus and all the other culprits. oh yeah and the bottoms of my fveet have turned yellow. i come up negative for allmost all the tests. i do have highblood pressure. my left arm differes from the right . im exausted. i wanted to give up because i would look at my babys and i couldnt get up to play with them my daughter begged me all the time my house was falling apart and no one could tell me what is wrong. my docters have me taking depakot , lopressor, 3 different antihistamines but i dont have allergies, adderal xr for adhd,i refuse painkillers because they will knock me out. one docter at one point told me that she didnt know what to do and asked what she could give me to make me comfterble. i dont want a bandade i want my life back. i did reaserch online and asked my neurologist if malnutrition could be the culprit to this domino affect and he said it was possible, i was then tested for a few of my vitamins and got the results for my b12 d, im now taking a high dose that i can only take once a week for my d vitamin im requred 10 minutes sunlight every hour. the day after i took it i felt well, not normal but emensly better. come to find out that due to financial harship when i was younger i had malnutrition with out even knowing it,, i also found out that im hyperglycemic, later down the road my adhd that ive always known i have was getting out controll after baby number 3 so i started adderal xr 30 mg, which in turn sped up the process and made it worse. over time due to malnutrition and vitamin difficiancies my body has suffered so much that im looking to be tested for kidney disease and connective tissue disseases at the mayoclinic. if only i knew five years ago what i know now all i needed was vitamins, now im looking at diseases that dont go away by eating right. your body cannot functiin correctly with out propper nutriants. if you dont do somthing about it now you will die,slowly because its all progressive. this article is right in every way. dont take a deficiancy lightly. eat the right foods dont diet live active in the sun and rest during the night . i wish i would have, but maybe once im leveld maybe because im so young i can beat it all. that was also another problem finding a diagnossis, if your young with these problems dont let the docters blow you off. fight for it, you may be fighting for your life.

  • DSchmack

    Interesting info. My doctor just informed I had low vit. D. Once I read the symtoms above it all comes together. Headaches, fatigue and muscle pain are my systoms. Started on my D vitamins yesterday!! Wish me luck!!!

  • sassy3Xmom

    Some people take it daily for chronic constipation including my five year old daughter do to severe chronic constipation. If you are severely constipated you cant absorb the vitamins. Look that up Stumped!

  • Carol

    Hi I have just found out that my levals are extreamly low and have read what your symtoms have been and I to are felling the same hope we feel better soon.

  • Marta Smith

    For those of you who have low vitamin D and have problem with absorption, try to take sub-lingual vitamin D supplement. It is liquid VitaminD you put under your tongue. It is the only thing that works for me. Good luck!


    I have been Vit d Deficient for years according to my doc (23.4 level) and have had a terrible time taking D as I’m allergic to D3 (made from lambswool and I’m allergic to wool). I’ve noticed many people on the internet complain of same allergy symptoms, i.e., tight chest, nausea, extreme fatigue and depression. Right after I take Vit D I feel great, then the allergy symptoms kicks in. My Doc just tells me all I can do is eat eggs, livers, salmon, etc, etc. I’ve gone beyond that. I research on internet. Here’s what I found. A lot of people like me are B12 deficient also. So I now take B12 which allows me to take a bit more of D Vits but not much. BEsides which, it takes care of my extreme anxiety in chest and stomach. Here’s another thing I’ve learned on internet. The Vit D the sun creates on your skin does not absorb right away…usually takes 48 hours to seep into skin, longer if you are aged. Have you ever noticed that “outside doors” smell of people when they’ve been outside for long periods? Vit D on their skin. In the old days we only took a both once a week so we were getting plenty of D. Today we wash it off. Now this is all conjecture from this info about D remaininig on your skin for a while before it seeps into the system. But I’m desperate so Im trying anything. (And you mention here that it is a mystery as to why sun-exposed people aren’t getting their proper amount of D). After sunning or tan bedding, I wash only my most important body parts and leave the rest go for at least two days. Guess this can’t hurt. Also, I’ve learned that liquid Vit D absorbs into your skin nicely according to a scientific report that tested this on rats, absorption and measure of D in urine after the procedure. So I’m applying liquid D on my arms and joints that hurt. Seems to help. I’ll now in 6 months when I get my D check again. I’m leaving all this for people like me who are allergic to Vit D3. BTW, what ever happened to D2? I can take that okay. Looks like some powerful pharma pushed that out somehow. All conjecture here but for desperate people, may be helpful info.

  • Susan

    I have been taking 50,000 units for several months. Also 88-thyroxin. I don’t know if it is related, but lately, I have been waking up with severe pain in the middle of my back.

  • priya

    I am so glad to see all this info exchange here. I have been having all the pain and headaches and fatigue and palpitations and depressions for 3 yrs now and all test have come normal so far, including glucoma and general vision etc. I had a vit D3 one yr ago of 30 and was aksed to take D3 of 1000iu once weekly but just a month ago i checked and found it was at 12. was prescribed a daily does of 1000iu fro 12 days with calcium and minerals. I have been reading thru about this at all and sundry sites and understand that this is less of a VIT and more of a hormone regulator. it is first generated under the skin thru action of sunlight releases oils and then travels to the liver and is further synthesised there and the residual form is further synthesised in the kidney and that form helps in absorption of the calcium into the body. So i guess all the other functions too matter a lot for its proper synthesis and our good health. it is a metabolic thing i realise for many for whom it is taking longer and i think we need to take a real holistic shot at ourselves and kind of spruce up the entire body system. yes prayers and a lot of luck !!! take care and will come back here if i get better readings which i need to do a month from now.

  • kritika

    My level has gone to just 5. Im on multiple medi for d and b12. Im just too scard. All the above symptoms written above i have. Muscle pain, severe back pain,calf pain..i cant sleep at night my head pains alot…as i am a vegetarian n alergic to milk so facing all this problems. I m on injection and oral tablets. I hope i will be able to come out of l this..has any1 come out of such a problem? Its been 1 n half month now m on bed..cnt move properly.miss my life :( plz suggest wat is best for me.thank you… God bless u all..i pray to god that such problems r not faced by anyone in this world…im juz 22yrs n facing so much. I dunno how my future wud be. Im a fashion designer hu was 24*7on feet wrking ..n now cnt c myself in dis state. :(

  • pray4change

    All this symptoms begin with me about 9 years ago. I thought it was stress, until about 2 weeks ago. The doctor said “I think I see why you’re in so much pain; you really don’t have any vitamin D in your body”. REALLY!!!?? What had my other doctors being doing for nine years? Just started the D3 regimen and praying for improvement in my mind and body. I don’t guess I will regain the loss cartilage and bone.

  • Danielle

    Hi I am 32 years old I have been really sick and weak and extemly tiered for them last five years I have been to alot of different doctor and everyone said it wash depression it pissed me offer ya I am depressed cause I wash sick and no ones would listed to me but after I gave birth to my fourth child I became lethargic weak tierd very pale body aches headaches I could barely talk they thought it wash my thyroid come to find out that dr. over medicated me for 8months I started seeing a new dr. now hes telling me I have low vitamin d I hope hes right but can this really cause this much damage to someone body and mind I dont no I am desperate I almost took my own life it is just that bad I wants it to stop

  • Lisa S

    wow! Reading all these comments about what other’s are going through has been so enlightening and encouraging. I have felt like I was alone in having all these symptoms. I was just told I have very low vitamin d and was put on the D3 regiment. Can anyone tell me if they have had long term success in feeling better after this ? My pain in my lower back is so intense I want to cry sometimes. And general all over body pain, headache, fatigue are making me miserable. I thought I was just being a wimp….

  • Drose

    I usually run about 7-9 only everytime im tested. Im on 50,000 iu so does that seem to high of a dose?

  • Rebecca J

    was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency after suffering from a lot of chronic
    pain in the past couple of year. This was a result of not eating right and not getting
    out in the sun enough. I tried a few different supplements and found Micellized
    Vitamin D3 1oz by Klaire Labs from
    helped my levels return to normal after a couple of months. It’s still an
    ongoing battle but now I am more active and I make sure I get out in the sun
    more often. I wish you all good luck and hope you all get better soon.

  • shishani

    If your blood level is less
    than 35 ng/ml, I recommend you correct it with
    10,000 of vitamin D3 a day under a doctor’s supervision and then recheck your
    blood levels after 3 months. It takes a good 6 months usually to optimize your
    vitamin D levels if you’re deficient. Once this occurs, you can lower the dose
    to the maintenance dose of 2,000 – 4,000 IU a day.

  • Imani

    Hi All….please be careful about taking too much D3. I had all the bad symptoms, test results were in the teens, Dr. prescribed 50,000 iu twice per week and I sunbathed. After a month my bad symptoms doubled. My heart started swelling, dizziness made me throw up a lot and was too dizzy to drive. I could have died. They unchecked my blood and my D level was 130…I was toxic!!!

    For those that have a hard time absorbing D, there is a white liquid form of calcium and magnesium called Calmag in Wholefoods. Take small doses of Calmag with D3.

    Also, Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!

    May GOD heal each and every one of you in Jesus name, Amen!!!

  • rileysmom

    When you say you have problems with vit d3, may i ask what problem you have? I had severe pain in the chest/sternum area, left sided flank pain. it was so bad i stopped taking it. Just wondering if the sublingual would work for me.

  • Rachel

    Have you been checked for CSF leaks? (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) This can cause Chiari malformation and some of the other symptoms you listed. Just a possibility if this therapy doesn’t help. Sometimes the leaks are hard to find, but one’s CSF pressure would come back low. I hope you find answers and feel better soon! Good Luck

  • Cheryl Frazier Pace

    Hey! I’m with you. I’ve been having life altering pain in my lower back & throughout hips to the point of wondering if I can live the rest of my life like this. Also my immune system is TERRIBLE – I keep catching EVERYTHING that’s going around. Nobody has been able to figure out what in the world is wrong. Finally I went out of town to a neurologist who did tests & found I’m Vit. D deficient. (27) She believes all my symptoms could be due to this. I’m sure hoping so!! Good luck to you. Keep taking the vitamin D – it could be the solution. I’m glad to have a little bit of hope!! :)

  • Stana Magnusova

    Hello, my level is 45 but I still get all the symptoms of Vit D deficiency. I started taking 5000iu today and I hope my symptoms improve, if not, I know that it’s most likely caused by something else.

  • Stana Magnusova

    Hello, my level is 45 but I still get all the symptoms of Vit D deficiency. I started taking 5000iu today and I hope my symptoms improve, if not, I know that it’s most likely caused by something else.

  • sanky

    Hi I live in Dubai and have been fighting with these symptoms for a almost 3 years now. Initially it was written off by the docs as anxiety and I tried my best to get out of it by ‘positive thinking’, homeopathy etc etc. However now I have found a good doc and she’s diagnosed me with alarmingly low levels of Vitamin D. In fact its 7.5 now. I feel weak, exhausted, dizzy, drained of energy most of the time. I also have terrible body pain and muscle cramps. The normal household work tires me out and I can’t sustain any activity or hobby for a longer period of time. At times I am convinced that I am dying and feel very worried about what will happen to my family. To top it I suffer from hyperthyroidism and tachycardia and I am on medication because of that.

    It was reassuring to know that people around the globe suffer from similiar symptoms and I am not the only one in this. I am seeing a Vit D specialist this saturday. Hope the consultation turns out good and very soon I am able to resume my normal life.

  • FaithMonroe

    Im only 16 years old and have had health issues for the past few years, the first time I had blood work my d3 was at 23. At that point I was put on a supplement ( I couldn’t tell you how much) 2 months later another blood test showed my level at 20 so I was put on a higher dose. It has been almost 3 months since then and I had a blood test a couple weeks ago, my doctor called and said my level was at 12. After some test I was just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. If it weren’t for my level being so messed up in the first placed we probably wouldn’t have found it in time enough try and treat it!

  • Murrymouse

    Theres a reason vitamin d is the only vitamin the body can self generate. And that reason is because its so so so vital. An average person will use around 24000iu a day, in the past no problem modest exposier to the sun more than deals with this. Unless other dietry deficiencys are hindering vit d synthesis such as a lack good HDL cholestrol. But in modern humans lack of sun exposier and poor diet really hinder this medium of vit d availability. It is best to address this common issue the natural way by getting out side and exposing your skin, dont wear a jumper when its sunny…. Eat a proper diet such as the bulletproof diet. But obviously we cant all quit jobs and move to the Sahara desert, so taking high quality vit d3 (the d3 is important other forms are seldom absorbed even just plain toxic) at 1000iu per 25kgs a day. Im not a doctor but i do aquire my findings from top notch sources, also dont worry about vit d3 overdosing as long as you have enough vitamin A (beta carotine should be avoided as its poorly utilized by the body(e.g from carrots)). If you want more info go to the bulletproofexecutive website, its a gold mine of info that’ll change your life.

  • Mary

    My blood test came back that my Vitamin D25 Level is 65L which should be 75-150. How do I raise it up….I have been taking 3000 IU a day for 8 months allready…

  • Wayne

    Hi Deborah, A low vitamin D can be associated with Primary Hyperparathyroidism. If you have a low vitamin D you should get your Doctor to screen you for Hyperparathyroidism by having a serum calcium done. If this is even slightly elevated it should be followed up by testing your parathyroid hormone levels. An elevated serum calcium and parathyroid hormones is diagnostic of Primary Parathyoidism usually caused by a benign tumour on one of your parathyroid glands.
    Because vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium in the gut and you have more than enough calcium in your blood with primary Hyperparathyroidism the body reduces your vitamin D levels to avoid absorbing further calcium.

  • justin matulonis

    You guys with low vitamin D should be check for lyme disease and co infections if you live in a area where ticks are present. Igenex is most thorough lab and mdl labs ands clongen and fry labs are good. Vitamin d is usually low in lyme patients.

  • zaia

    when taking vitamin d, i was told to take it with fat or oil for the body to absorb it and get it in to the system. i take it with dinner, when i always use butter or oil in food when preparing

  • Angie

    I have very similar symptoms.. I have lost a considerable amount of hair which forced me to go back to Dr. and insist on more testing (all the other symptoms were brushed off) Just found out that my Vit D is 12 so they put me on the same dose, 50,000units.. I’m hoping and praying the symptoms subside but mostly my hair may grow back!! Did you have any luck with that?? Thanks

  • Cara

    I had terrible pains, aches,
    fatigue and almost everything else that everyone has listed. My level was a 7. After
    taking the prescription for one year now, I feel amazing compared to where I
    started. I was sent to a specialist because my regular MD thought that I had
    Lupus. EVERYONE PLEASE READ: Be careful before you take any medicine for a life
    threatening disease like Lupus. Many are misdiagnosed and you can die from meds
    that you are taking if you don’t really need them and don’t have the disease
    you are being treated for. I had an amazing Dr. but everyone is not that lucky.
    Do not be a guinea pig and ALWAYS get a second opinion. Vitamin D deficiency is
    no joke and can make you feel like HELL.

  • Vickie Snyder

    Have you been tested for MS? You symptoms sound a lot like my daughters and she was just told it is MS. I was also tested as for me It is low D..

  • Lee

    I just found out that my vitamin D level is 7 how much of a risk to me is this? Can I get it back up since I have multiple health issues?

  • Rachelle

    I have hashimotos, reactive hypoglycemia, and vitamin d deficiency. I am on 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week. It does not cause hypoglycemia but thyroid disease and hypoglycemia often go hand in hand. I am also in the medical field. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Jean Aguino

    I’ve been feeling terrible also! My vitamin D level was at 16 a month ago. I took my first 50,000 ui vitamin tab on a Sunday, then that same day I suffered a bad lower back strain. Now I’m afraid to take that high dose of vitamin D. I don’t know why that happened, the Dr I saw that day was rude & told me to loose weight. He was the one that ordered the blood work two months before this and didn’t bother to let me know that my vitamin D level was deficient. It upsets me alot.

  • Amanda

    Jean, to be honest, the lower back strain has nothing to do with the low vitamin D. Although it can’t make you muscles weaker, it was more of a coincidence. I was told my D level is at 11. I am currently on the 50,000 IU twice a week for 8 weeks. Then we will start to taper off. My doctor and I thought my fatigue were coming from being bed ridden for 2 years as well as my hypothyroidism, considering I am only 24years old. Come to find out after checking all of my Vitamin levels I was just severely low in Vitamin D. I have been on that dosage for about 3 weeks now. I can say I don’t need to sleep 12 hours a day to feel refreshed. I can actually get the usual 7-8 and feel great. I didn’t really think just a simple vitamin could make you feel that way, but now it is amazing. I wouldn’t give up on it that easily. Also, If you feel like your doctor isn’t give you the time or respect you deserve change doctors.

    -Happy holidays!

  • Scared to death

    I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss to the point I wear a wig, memory loss to the point that I am going to lose my job, can not consentrate fatigue, was in a minor car accident and they did an MRI on my back, and it came back normal, but am having to have steroid shots because the pain is so bad, fatigue, I can sleep all day get up for a couple of hours and sleep all night, moodiness, angery all the time to the point that my family can’t stand to be around me. Had a blood test done my Vitamin D level was at 5.7. I had a total hysterectomy when I was 31 and the blood test also showed that I was not in menapause. Hello, I went through menapause before my mother. Is this really going to change things in my life? I started my first dose today, but it may be too late for my job. I am the manager and can’t remember what I am even suppose to do when I look at my notes. Any other suggestions. I have seen every type of doctor with no other results.

  • Scared to death

    I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss to the point I wear a wig, memory loss to the point that I am going to lose my job, can not consentrate fatigue, was in a minor car accident and they did an MRI on my back, and it came back normal, but am having to have steroid shots because the pain is so bad, fatigue, I can sleep all day get up for a couple of hours and sleep all night, moodiness, angery all the time to the point that my family can’t stand to be around me. Had a blood test done my Vitamin D level was at 5.7. I had a total hysterectomy when I was 31 and the blood test also showed that I was not in menapause. Hello, I went through menapause before my mother. Is this really going to change things in my life? I started my first dose today, but it may be too late for my job. I am the manager and can’t remember what I am even suppose to do when I look at my notes. Any other suggestions. I have seen every type of doctor with no other results.

  • Kim

    Vitamin D Concentrated Liquid Drops are much more efficiently absorbed. Much better levels faster, less pills (& more cost-effective as an added bonus). I hope this info helps! Best of luck everyone!

  • Jazmin Novoa

    I just found out today that my Vitamin D levels are at 17 and should be over 30. This may explain ALOT! extreme joint pain, so tired, not sleeping,quick weight gain, dry skin, can never focus at work or trying to study. I basically have all the symptoms except high blood pressure. My iron has been low as well. Cant believe I let this go for this long. I”M starting on my viatmin D supplements ASAP. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  • aussyfem

    Omega 3 fatty acids are good for repairing damaged cartelige.

  • aussyfem

    Get an over the counter vitamin d supplement from the chemist. Try to get out in the sun for 15 mins a day. Mushrooms absorb vitamin d if left out in direct sunlight. Don’t worry about bugs mushrooms are poisonous to them so they won’t touch them. Vitamin d is best taken with breakfast.
    Our symtoms are much the same, it did take me 2 to 3 weeks to start feeling improvement!

  • pray4change

    Thank you I will try this.
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  • Caitlin

    I’m 28 years old. I haven’t had any health problems but went to the doctor because of morning pain in my feet, and general sluggishness and feeling unwell all of the time. My Vitamin D level was 23. She recommended a supplement of Vitamin D3 1000. Should I be worried that I have something else going on?

  • Julie

    23 is still low. I’ve gone from 6 to 37 and although I should be “normal” now I’m not. I see improvement but I am hoping for more. I’ve done some reading and many people don’t fe better until around 50-60.

    Is the pain on the bottom of your feet? You could also have plantar faciaitis (sp?) I suggest seeing a podiatrist. It’s nothing stretching and physical theraphy can’t help.

  • amandad

    I have been having alot of the same symptoms as others are complaining of on this site…tiredness, leg cramps, thumbs hurt, back pain, blurry vision, brain fog, irritability etc…. Had a physical where my doctor checked ALOT of things through my blood that was drawn. Found I had a vit D level of 17 where it should be 75. I am taking D3 5000 ius 2x a day. I have been feeling worse as far as muscle fatigue and leg cramps are bad right now. As I read I see that others are experiencing the same thing. I also see that after a few weeks on D3 things start to improve so I am looking forward to that. Thanks for all the great info on here. I am a 46yo woman…and I feel so drug out and tired all the time…wondering why I feel so irritable. Since all these posts are older I am hoping that others are feeling better since they have posted!

  • lorraine Jones

    Its 6 months since I posted on here and after 12 months taking vit D and calcium I feel 95% better. If I take one 200mg Ibruprofen in the morning it goes to 99%. The improvements are so subtle that you don’t notice them at first. I was always thinking that there must be something else wrong as well but as time went on I just felt better and better. Got an appointment with doctor next week to see what he says but I am more than happy with things at the moment.

  • Nic

    keep taking the pill, my level was 15 i was very weak, sore, depressed this is my second week of taking the 50,000 ui and I only feel a little difference but the doctor says it will take up to 6 months for me to get to a normal level, if you remain with these levels you open the door to worse problems good luck

  • LL

    Awk! My NP just called and said I had the lowest D level she has seen… 8.2!
    A few years ago it was, I think 13 or 14 and I was taking a weekly prescription but stopped cause it didn’t do much… now I will find over the counter D and hope that I stick with it. I don’t like to take anything made in a lab.. yuck and darn!

  • v

    I have been having problems as well and my results came back at 19. That paired with menopause, I am really in bad shape! Lots of pain, poor concentration, weight gain, trouble sleeping in addition to the menopause symptoms. Also an emotional roller coaster….looking forward to improvement. For the record, I am lactose intolerant, I had skin cancer 14 years ago and I did not take supplements.

  • Lucca 60

    Hi Hilima… I just found out my vitamin D levels were a 10… I am now on 50,000 units!! I can totally relate to u!! I am very anxious and have pains throughout my body!! Some times the pains occur so often i want to pull my hair out!! I thought I was dieing also… It’s a horrible feeling!!! I hope u all get better soon

  • L J

    Went to doctor who advised me not to take Ibruprofen every day. So I stopped taking it and am surprised to find I feel even better. Have not taken any painkillers for a week. So either its a coincidence that the discomfort stopped or I was getting side effects from the Ibruprofen. Have just had blood tests done to see what my vit d level is now.

  • pete dillon

    I am 70 yo. and have many of the symptoms listed for vitamin D deficiency. My Dr. had been giving me blood tests every 6 months, but did not specify the test for vitamin D. I just had a test and it worked out to 2.1 ng/ml. My Dr. has started me on 50,000 units of ergocalciferol twice a week, with 1000 IU once daily. I only started this regimen 4 days ago. I thought for sure I was dying. Shortness of breath (never smoked), pain, zero energy, and depression, with all other symptoms, to varying degrees I hope this fixes my symptoms soon! I was even suicidal. Maybe this post will save me!
    Pete .

  • LJ

    Don’t give up Pete, in time you will feel better, keep taking the Vit D and you will get there.

  • Jimo

    Wow! I can really relate to both of you, especially, Halima Ali. I just got my blood test and mine is 8!!! I’m gong to be 34 very soon, should be in prime of everything and I’m blown off, but like you said, we’ll all hope for better health!!!

  • Kristy

    I am 32 years old and I just found out that my levels are 12. The doctor has put me on 10,000 of D3 daily and hopefully when I am re-checked my levels will go up. I suffer from extreme back pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, tired all the time and weak. Has anyone received good results from taking the D3?

  • LJ

    Yes, It has taken just over 12 months, I still get
    slight discomfort but there has been a massive improvement.

  • kristy

    Ok. So it is a long process? Thank you for the input at least it gives me hope.

  • Jewellzz

    For me it was a slow process but I’ve seen comments here that some people felt better right away. Mine was so gradual that one day I thought wow a year ago I hurt there, now I don’t. I go out a run errands more. I have other medical issues, but this has taken me far!

  • AB

    Hi Lorraine! I hope you are healthy and well :) I do remember communicating with you 8 months back as you can see in the comments above. Good to read that you feel 95% better after taking Vitamin D!! Congratulations! Though daily Ibuprofen is not so good because these medications have adverse side effect on being taken in long term. They adversely affect the entire body, but most significantly two major organs, Liver and Kidneys. So I’d advise you to take Ibuprofen occasionally and not regularly like vitamins! Try to explore alternative medicine which are much more safer and healthier!

    I came back here just to ask if you got your levels checked recently after taking the vitamin D supplements? It would be great if you can share your current levels. Mine were hopelessly low at 2.5 and later at around 7 ng/ml so I have been on 60,000 IU Cholecalciferol weekly supplements for the last 8 months though I give them a break in between. The levels were so low that the doc said it might even take a year to achieve normal levels. So I will get a test soon. If I can know your new D levels, I will get an idea that how effective supplementation is.

    Take care and stay healthy!

  • Mona

    I just got my results and my hydroxy vitamin D level is headache hasn’t stop for 3 weeks now and I feel so much pain that I can not describe.I’m also suffering from abnormality in my heart rate that after all different tests,they had no clue what the problem was.I always felt that my heart was going to stop.I hope that all my problems are caused by vitamin D deficiency cause if not,I really don’t know what to do.I’m only 25 and I’ve lost all hope :(

  • Mesia

    Thank you all for this great info! feel so lucky to have found this..I’m 34 yrs old, with no medical hx, started having strange symptoms last October. Went for a physical with c/o hair falling out, tingling in my feet, night sweats, irritability, fatigue, unable to concentrate -back in school and having a hard time with studies-. My doc was clueless, per my request he gave me a referral to a dermatologist, she checked my hormones and Vit D-WHICH is low-24. I had to wait 2 months to see her… I just purchased Vit D Liquid, and started taking 5000, the doc rx 1000, but I will take the higher dose for a couple days then lower it to 4000 until re-check. My goal is to be around 50, what most people (the good ones) recommend. I have been reading a lot about this deficiency, and it seems that there are many ppl that have symptoms and no help for a while..thank god for sites like this one, that we can learn from and pass on the info to our friends and family! good luck to all, we are what we eat! I will be back in a couple of months with an update..

  • Anonymous

    Pete, I am so sorry for you. I just wanted to mention that according to quite a few sources, ergocalciferol isn’t the best form of supplemental Vit. D.

  • Jewellzz

    The 50,000 is D2. My Dr (a great guy usually) had me on it and there was no improvement. He was promoted and I had to start seeing another Dr in the same practice. She said studies show D2 doesn’t work and had me go get D3 over the counter, 10,000 a day for more then a year. I went from a 6 to a 37 (low normal according to some experts, not normal according to others) my symptoms have gone from horrible, disabling pain and fatigue to what I would describe as much better but I stil feel below normal. I’m shooting for 50-70 now. Please have your dr rethink/research the d2!

  • Anonymous

    I just got here today for the first time; what is the purpose of this comment section? I see some heartbreaking tales of woe here, including discussion of suicide, but rarely does anyone show any bit of concern for these sufferers. What about just a wee word of encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to you. I don’t know how you put one foot in front of the other, but you have to, anyway. For yourself and your children.

  • Anonymous

    It’s difficult if not impossible to concentrate on dieting when you feel terrible! First things first. Deal with the deficiencies then worry about losing fat later. It will be so much easier when you are well nourished! Best to you!

  • LJ

    Jewellzz is right it has to be Vit D3

  • Pat in comox

    I am hearing that low vit d might also have to do with hypothyroidism. Also check a hetbal tincture that apparently helps – with hypothyroidism – Google Robert Morse hypothroid – info there too.

  • sue

    Vitamin D deficiency is HORRIBLE. It seems to deplete everything. I haven’t felt good in four years and now my vit d level is 68 – still want to get it a bit higher and will stay out in the sun 20 minutes a day when it warms up – then we can put sunscreen on to protect our skin from danger. I had heart palpatations for a year and I am soooo angry at a major HMO and my personal physician the past year. My theory now is to doctor hunt till I find one who cares. The labs have different levels (probably for insurance companys) then they are supposed to be and the need to find a doctor who keeps up with latest research is imperative. You’ll get better – believe me.

  • daisy

    Hey im glad I found this site.. I just got my level D count and it was sper low its 8 im
    Very scared.. Im awalys sleepy tired never can concentrate
    Body always in pain.I start my prescription tomorrow..

  • Sandi in KY

    I found out last year I have a severe D deficiency. My symptoms were basically fatigue, etc. My doctor put me on 50,000 units 3 x week, then 50,000 1 x week for 12 weeks. Since then I’ve done this 2 more times and just started it again. This is my 2nd week on the 50,000 3 x week. My level 2 weeks ago was 14.5, actually lower than it was after previous treatments with Vit D. All other bloodwork is fine. I’ve been tested(blood) for celiac disease and several other things. I believe I’ve had this for years and never knew. It’s not something tested for on the normal blood work you have done routinely. I had all but 10 inches of my colon removed in 1998 due to cancer at age 33. I don’t know if this is related or not. I just want to feel better. The celiac testing was actually brought on by some tummy troubles I’ve had for about 6 weeks. Bloating, tummy aches, etc. Everything has come back fine or negative.

  • Pedo

    Vit d cured my fatigue and eczema in 30 days. Taking 5000 ui per day. Level before vit d was 18. And i go a lot to the beach. Pedro from Portugal, 37 y.o

  • baba

    so much wrong information in these comments. get your info from someone who knows what they speak of, not random people on the internet who don’t know what they’re talking about. Mushrooms, and dairy, and fish won’t correct a vitamin D deficiency. Mushrooms have d2, not d3. As well as dairy. This is not the form needed for the body. Fish doesn’t have near enough to correct a deficiency, you’d have to take an enormous amount of fish oil wish isn’t good for you at all. Fish is good for maintenance, but that’s about it. Second, if you go in the sun, you disrupt the process of making d3 if you shower within 48 hours of going in the sun. This is why lifeguards have higher vitamin d than surfers. Take a liquid d3 supplement, with a few avocados, and magnesium oil spray. I do this right before bed. You WONT absorb vitamin d if you don’t have enough magnesium. Vitamin d itself causes 0 side effects. If you get them, it’s from calcium, or the vitamin d creating a magnesium deficiency. Take magnesium by itself, because calcium needs magnesium to absorb. So if you take calcium with your d, and magnesium, the magnesium will not be used for what it’s needed. It will be used to absorb the calcium. Take magnesium, d, and a fat together. Leave the calcium alone. To much emphasis is always put on calcium, you get enough in small amounts through food. Peace.

  • Ashley in NC

    I’m a 27 year old woman, very health conscience and I exercise regularly. In September/November, I started to experience chronic fatigue (I would be absolutely exhausted when I woke up in the mornings, even when I got 7-8hrs of sleep), weight gain, aches and pains in my back and neck, inability to concentrate at work, extreme moodiness and mild depression. Several weeks ago my boyfriend and I were going to go out with another couple. I got ready and we walking out the door, when out of nowhere, I a depression came over me and I just ran upstairs, put on my pajamas, and got into bed and sobbed. Something was not right! Last week I had a physical and some standard blood work done, and sure enough, my Vitamin D levels were low! I’m picking up my prescription today, so hopefully it will help me regain my normalcy. Reading all of the other personal stories has been really eye opening and helpful. Hoping everyone finds the relief they need!

  • Mike

    Mine were at 11 also but my doc only put me on 1000 i/u a day. wtf? I feel like i have a parasite in me. Seriously. Bad bowel problems. Anxiety because im so week and sore. Dizzyness. Im only 21. I weigh 143. 5 foot 9

  • kevin innewbrunswick

    Perhaps you need to increase your vitamin K intake to properly absorb the vitamin D.

  • Dove

    Hi, It’s been great reading a few of the comments, I didn’t read allot but it seams that some people don’t get relief or it takes a long time. I just found out I am low and although I have quite a few health problems I’m really hoping that taking vit d will help my exhaustiveness. Any positive changes for anyone out there that were really tiered but this helped? Please write to me. Thanks for your time.

  • Tammie

    So I just got some of my lab work back. My Vitamin D is at 13. I don’t know how much Vitamin D to take. My dr office just said I need to have a supplement. When I asked about the amount I should take they said 2000 iu/day. They said you only get put on the 50,000 iu/week if you are under 10. I still have to wait for my antibody tests to come back to see if my Hashi’s is back and whether my RA or Lupus is back. (I was dx with RA about 6 yrs ago and have been in remission, but the RA tests came back neg and the Lupus panel came back positive, but they dx me with RA because they said my symptoms were more classic RA symptoms and not Lupus). I was in a car accident almost 4 mos ago and it seems like I am getting worse instead of better. Just don’t know what to do!!! So tired and in pain!!! Any help would be appreciated.

  • Emily

    I recently had my Vit D checked, and at only 18 I thought I was going crazy being shattered, exhausted and irritable all the time, constantly depressed and in pain – I feel like I’m 60! Some days I wake up and don’t even know how to get out of bed! Got my results back, though and was told my levels are at 20 (just!) when they should be at 70. I’m not even the type of person to stay indoors. My doctor has me on 25000 a day for four weeks, then 6000 a day for 12 months, with three monthly checks. If there are any other young people out there with any of these symptoms , get checked! Especially in the UK with the NHS. It can’t hurt, and it feels so much better to be getting help! I cannot explain!

  • SaiBored

    Im 27 and my vitamin d level went from a 9 to a 4 after i took my vitamin d pills. I have to put bak on them, but i lose my vision and get dizzy alot. Im a tattoo artist who has no energy and i also work at the post office. Its the worst feeling. But reading these comments are helping me feel better.

  • C.J

    Brenda, I can really relate . I’m 42 and I’ve been had depression and anxiety , chronic fatigue . In 2004 I also developed hypertension (HBP ) .
    2009 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia . Body pain and migraine headaches just unbelievable . My levels of Vitamin D3 are 16 I’m told after my blood test just as quick as my Doctor received it , which is unusual .
    I’ve had a A.N.A blood screened positive not long ago. Then went Rhemotology and then tested negative .
    So, I have never had the Vitamin D3 along with a huge blood scan that gave this
    I’m wondering how my quality of life might be different today if I had known about this Vitamin D3 deficiency.
    Well , I go forward and take 5000 mega D-3 a day see how it goes.
    I wish you all well.

  • MsEnjoyin BeinBlessed Allen

    It’s good to know that I am not alone. My Dr. prescribed me some 50,000 mg Vitamin D pills and I have been taking them once every week for almost 2 months now but the tiredness and dry skin and inability to focus has not changed. I am hoping things will look up soon.

  • Jewellzz

    What type of Vit D are you taking? I found out the hard way D2 doesn’t help. After I changed to D3 things improved. Not all Doctors know this.

  • Frank Lipman

    Dr. Lipman recommends and sells only D3 through his website. You can read more about it here:

    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Carrie

    you need to be taking enough calcium or your body can’t absorb the vitamin D. They work together so both levels need to be tested.

  • swheeler

    I was just diagnosed with diabetes and low vitamin d, and my cholesterol is slightly elevated. I am freaking out, I just got the test results this morning so I haven’t met with my doctor yet to discuss treatment options, but her nurse mentioned meds and that has me totally freaked out, I dont want to be on meds. I am overweight so I know that I need to get my diet under control. Have any of you been able to do anything successfully to avoid taking meds?

  • Katrine van Wyk

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. A diagnosis does not have to be the be all and end all. Lifestyle and diet can make a major difference, so start making some changes now. Let us know if you have any specific questions.

    Be Well,
    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Jody Strickland

    I have also been feeling like I am stuck in the body of an 80 yr old, my levels tested at 8. Looking forward to treatment so I can get my old self back

  • debbie

    I have just received my blood test results and my D3 is 8. My doctor told me everyone will be low because it is winter. After further research I have now purchase the D3 above, I am so upset my Gp just puts it down to winter, even if that is true, why arent we all told to supplement more through winter?! I have had most of the symptoms with lack of D3 and have been lead to believe its ‘just me’ when I have a very low D3. I am looking forward to trying them.

  • Katrine van Wyk

    Good call Debbie! Let us know how it goes once you start supplementing with D3. Low vitamin D is common, yes, but that doesn’t make it OK or recommended! Good luck on the road to feeling better.
    - Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Rohini

    Just got my report that my vit d level is just 7.7, I am a worried lot. Please suggest me sum thing which will help me come to normal levels

  • Katrine van Wyk

    Dr.Lipman sells a pretty high dose vitamin D supplement – it’s 10000 IUD. You can give that a try over a few months and then measure your vitamin D levels again to see if there’s been any improvement and if you need to adjust the dose.

    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Sjlatham

    You might check dr Normans website on the parathyroid also. Very good and informative

  • Anonymous

    PRAYFORCHANGE, would love to hear if you’ve had any success
    from your vitamin D intake.. Any other information you may
    have gathered that has been of some benefit…

  • terry

    I have just been advised by my hospital that my vitamin d is low and have got to get prescription from them for 50, 000iu daily for eight days and then have blood test in eight -twelve weeks

  • prayforchange

    Does you daughter eat and drink products that contain artificial sweeteners? I watched a presentation 2 weeks ago and learned that a lot of individuals using products containing artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame have been diagnosed with MS, lupus, and fibromyalgia. However discontinuting their use they have been reported to to see reversals of the diagnosis.

  • pray4change

    Not much luck yet, however I am noncompliant with pill taking of any sort. Probably need to have a shot.

  • pankaj jain

    i have vit.d less than 3. please suggest me .

  • sue

    Go to the doctor. Take 50k vitamin d per week and get your levels up to 60-100. It’s a fat soluble vitamin and be careful but take a proper dose the rest of your life.

  • May

    So my Vit D level is low and doc said I may have an absorption prob as this is the second time in 2 yrs I’ve been put on 50,000 iu once a week. But from my labs she can’t see where the prob is as normally if there is an absorption prob u might have thyroid or kidney problems which I don’t. I must admit I’m lazy taking my calcium and D supplements but what else could cause a Vit D absorption prob?

  • Kris

    Hi, I was wondering if you have been checked for Celiac disease? You seem to have symptoms of it and it can cause low vitamin D.

  • Mike

    idk.. I have had all kinds of blood work.

  • Mike

    They also did an endoscopy and took biopsies. awaiting the results today.

  • Stacy Schiavitti Gardner

    Hi everyone. I’m 44 and have never even thought about Vitamin D until today….I came in at an 8…was prescribed 50,000 ui, once a week. Funny thing is, I have been so busy, and thought I was just tired as a result. It will be interesting to see if getting more Vitamin D will help.

  • Anonymous

    Dr.Lipman sells a pretty high dose vitamin D supplement – it’s 10000 IUD. You can give that a try over a few months and then measure your vitamin D levels again to see if there’s been any improvement and if you need to adjust the dose.

    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Anonymous

    Good call Debbie! Let us know how it goes once you start supplementing with D3. Low vitamin D is common, yes, but that doesn’t make it OK or recommended! Good luck on the road to feeling better.
    - Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. A diagnosis does not have to be the be all and end all. Lifestyle and diet can make a major difference, so start making some changes now. Let us know if you have any specific questions.

    Be Well,
    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Lipman recommends and sells only D3 through his website. You can read more about it here:

    Katrine, Be Well Team

  • tbanks

    i was recently told my vit d levels were 13 and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated , this scares me for i went through cancer at age 23 and now i have multiple problems . polycystic, mitrovalve prolapse , anxiety , sleep apnea , severe asthma, depression, headaches , ibs,and i havent been able to lose wieght in 20yrs , i am now going on 42, any suggestions on what i should do or what may be the cause of all this

  • zchazcha

    my vit d is at 9 live in a state has sun all year round surprise to read how it affects your overall state of health my calcium levels are normal..

  • zchazcha

    started taking vit supplements with calcium started to have chest pains and abdominal discomfort time to check with my md again

  • sue

    I have been taking 10,000 a day (max dose, less is better) for six months and my levels went from 33 to 67. It takes time, go out in the sun, too. I feel sooooo much better now. I’ll be taking 5k a day the rest of my life.

  • tiffy

    I found out I have a vitamin d deficiency and it was high I never had problem s before and now I been in and out of the hospital so any times I feel lost I have days where I hurt and days I do a little then at night it’s hard for me to sleep I get up and all I wanna do is go back to sleep I never thought a 24year old could go through so Ichthyology

  • JoJo

    I had a lot of pain in my upper body (shoulders, arms) and was tired. I have a gangalion cyst on my wrist that ached constantly. Also am about 15 pounds overweight. I thought my body aches were because of my job. I work in a high school kitchen which has some heavy lifting. (well heavy for my 5’1″ 44 year old body) I read somewhere that calcium and vitamin d help with metabolism because of course weight is more important than body aches to a woman, ha ha. Anyway after taking vitamin D and calcium together I noticed that all my aches and pains have almost disappeared. And with taking the calcium and vitamin d I have been able to not be as hungry at night which is when I’d eat the most. I feel great and have lost 6 lbs so far. Not a doctor but I know my body, just saying.

  • khushpreet

    hello my vitamin d level is 12.9 ng/ml,and i have constant and dull mild pain in upper abdomen ,,,is vitamin d is responsible for this? please give me suggestion..

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jojo, Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us. It’s always motivating to hear how even small changes to our wellness plan can have a big impact on our health and well being!
    - Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to you Tiffy and I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you’re taking a high dose Vitamin D supplement if your levels were really low.

  • sue

    go to the doctor and get an mri – look at the body parts – sounds like where your pancreas is.

  • jessica feldman

    I found this very interesting and have vit D supplements in the little round tablets like little balls but getting terrible joint pain at the top of my hip which has been going on since I started taking the tablets and before but it isn’t arthritis thank god I am 23 in May. Going back to my GP next week to talk to her about it but this is so interesting for me and also on folic acid supplements 5mg once a day

  • jessica feldman

    Hi Jean I cant blame you for being upset my GP doesnt listen to me either been suffering with bad joint pain and they say its not arthirtis like i am having severe problems with my stomach for over 5 and a half months they ignored me before seeing another consultant who I am under now whos determinded to find out whats wrong with me. Either talk to your doctor’s manager or move to another one hope your feeling better :d

  • jessica feldman

    Hi Mike, I am on the same amount but I take 1 a week and I am also having severe stomach problems, constipation, nausea also suspected “IBS” but never been told by a doctor I actually have it. What are your other symptoms?

  • mike

    You can take 1 a day actually. its proven not to hurt you. I recently had an endoscopy and the results came back, I have h.pylori bacteria in my stomach. As for the muscle aches and weakness they have passed. Vision changes, Headaches, irregular bowel movements, shakes, chills. Now that I am on antibiotics I think im stress free. I think that unless its severe it doesn’t affect you. you might have an endoscopy to make sure that you don’t have an infection because my stress was from my stomach hurting and that led to muscle pain and anxiety. I thought I was dying and stress is proven to hurt your body terribly. Hope this helps. Keep me posted!

  • Ajroberson

    You could have hypoparathyroidism which causes low vitamin D levels that are not helped when taking a D supplement. You could also have Fibromyalgia. Look these two up and compare symptoms. Be sure to write down your symptoms and show them to your doctor. Good luck!

  • Dawn

    A lot of people are talking about doctors not being helpful for being rude. I’ve read this a lot on other websites and it happened to me as well. I was feeling so tired for about a year. I’m a teacher so I thought a summer off would help me rejuvenate, but by August I was still very tired. I went to the doctor and she told me to lose weight and exercise. That made me feel awful. She just dismissed me cuz im over weight. Then my knee started hurting so bad I could barely walk. By Febuary I was crying all the time for no apparent reason. It scared me cuz I’m not like that at all. I starrted doing my own research and then went to a different doctor and said I want my vitamin levels checked. Turns out my vitamin D was way low. I’m on 50, 000 units 3 times a week and I’m slowly starting to feel better. I’ve been on it for about 3 weeks. My knee isn’t hurting and I have a little more energy. It took a few does but I definitely notice a difference. I will never go without my vitamins again.

    I learned that you have to change doctors if yours makes you feel bad. There are nice helpful doctors out there we just had to keep looking till we find one.

  • Elisabeth

    I see this post was written 3 months ago and I was wondering how you were doing with your levels rising. I started taking the 50,000IU back in October and my level was a 4.

  • Joann

    Wow I was told the same thing just today and thank you for sharing your experience. I was going thru the same thing, I start antibiotics and vit D this week, this gives me hope!

  • shelly

    if your level was that low you need to take 50,000 iu once a week for 8 weeks and then have your level rechecked and then your Doctor should adjust according to your results. From my experience every time they get my level up to the normal 50 range and he puts me on 2,000iu daily, it doesn’t stay up there.

  • Carla Polaski-Becker


    I am 61 and was just recently diagnosed with the vitamin d deficiency. Mine is <4. Geesh! I would never have guessed in a million years what was wrong with me. I too suffer from the same problems as you and thought this is just the way I was going to be for what was left of the rest of my life. I thought all these things were just caused by the diabetes, hypertension and obesity! This has been such an eye opener and a blessing for me.

    It took my endocrinologist/APN to figure out and check my blood levels and I will be forever grateful to her. She prescribed 5,00iu a week for 8 wks and then 1,000iu a week after that. I am shooting for feeling like " a million bucks " before too long.

    I truly feel for you and hope you are doing much much better by now! God bless you!

  • Pennie K

    my Dr told me today that people who are lactose intolerant have a harder time absorbing vitamin D

  • Pennie K

    one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is Fibromyalgia, its listed above all the comments

  • Mike

    i only have one more day on the antibiotics. Stomach feels wonders better. Vision is great. No more aches. But something else has arisen. I am a smoker and think somethings up with my pancreas!! lung feels like its vibrating!!! Heard it could be the pancreas.

  • rm

    Working with a nutritionist has helped me with low vitamin d, fatigue, aches, pains, and inflammation. Thought I would lose my mind with how horrible I felt. Now on the road to recovery!

  • sue

    I’m not so sure of that – I had fibromyalgia 20 years before vit d defiencies – think it’s more related to lack of folate and b12 (see mathr gene mutations).

  • sue

    do your research – I take 50k a week or more and 5k a day for the rest of my life – get it up to 80, too.

  • Sanjeet

    Hello Mike and all, I am suffering from severe stomach and frequent urination problems. I have passed all the tests but fail in one test i.e detected by low vitamin D was 18. I have started 60 k twice a week and now taking 60 k twice a month. As of now I can say that 50 % symptoms went away.

  • jais5550

    I have almost all of the symptoms listed and gladly have just had a physical where a blood test determine I was very deficient in Vitamin D. I have started a prescriptive dose and already am feeling better. I am looking forward to better skin and better cognitive ability with less pain that I had attributed to aging!

  • jais5550

    Hey Jean! I do not think that your back strain was from the D. Probably you were feeling so much better so quickly that you did something that you were not used to doing and wrenched your back! Take it easy and don’t do anything extraordinary but keep moving and keep up the D!

  • Maggie

    I started taking 50,000 D3 twice a week 4 months ago for my hormonal acne and it worked within 2 weeks! First time in over 20yrs I have had clear skin. However, as soon as I started taking a progesterone birth control pill, my acne has started to appear again (within 2 weeks) and I look and feel awful.

    Is it safe to up the dose of D3 to counterbalance the pill or is my only answer to stop taking it (the pill)? I cannot get a prescription for combined hormonal pills due to migraines, even though the migraines stopped once I upped my magnesium.

    Is there anything else I can do to make the D3 work as effectively and to stop the large cysts appearing again whilst remaining on the pill?

  • Janet

    So encouraging to read about this disorder. For the past 3 years I have been suffering from horrible insomnia, day time fatigue even after a complete night of sleep, horrible leg pains, a racing heart, and symptoms that appear like early signs of diabetes. Like many others, I felt like I was going to die. I have had a blood disorder in the past, and have had countless vials of blood drawn, and not once has vitamin D been brought up. The doctors never considered that living in Oregon might cause issues in Vitamin D uptake?? Upon taking the first dose of the 50,000 ui, the majority of my leg pain has subsided, and I actually have energy throughout the day. I can’t wait to see how I feel 6 weeks from now! It has been so difficult to function normally, find energy and strength to even complete basic activities, and to think I just chalked it up to having too many birthdays!

  • Holly

    My doc just told me I am 13 he put me on some pill 1 time a week for 8 weeks and take over the counter ones every day ..Can I get mine to go up just by the over the counter ones? I have 2000IU I really do not want to take the script one

  • Connie

    I am a victim of lpus, IBS, thyroidism, and migraine headaches, and anemia. So for months of suffering with severe fatigue, migraines, abdominal pain and vision, and body aches, I wrote it off as multiple flare ups. Until things started getting worse, at that pointI new I had to go to the doctor. I got word today, my vit D was severly low and prescribed 50,000 ui a day for 3 months. She couldn’t give me a answer as to what caused the deficiency, because I have so many other ailments which could have been the culprit.

    My sister too was diagnosed wth a vit D deficiency, the doctors took test after test before figuring out the problem. In addition to the vit D issue, they discovered she had fibromyalgia.

    I’m 46 years old and llie many of you, are very active, well up until a few months ago. I’m hoping the 50,000 ui will give me some relief, and I can be me again.

    I wish all of you a speedy recovery.

  • a


  • Anonymous

    I quit taking birth control years ago.

  • Shon Hillard

    Im going threw the same thing idk what it is

  • Shon Hillard

    Im going threw the same thing idk what it is

  • Mike

    sounds more like diabetes than vitamin d. 18 ml/dcl isnt that bad.

  • Mike

    Vitamin d is a serious thing. You need it. If your having stomach issues get an endoscopy. LITERALLY ALMOST ALL of america will have H.Pylori at some point. Its easily treated. 2 antibiotics and an acid reducer.

  • Jewellzz

    I8 is low. 32 is the low end of normal on most test, but experts will argue it should be higher.

  • Sanjeet

    Hi, I am suffering from severe stomach problems and having low vitamin D is 18.

    I have one question that low vitamin D can affect stomach as well? I have pain in stomach all the time having motions 3 to 4 times a day. I have skin problems as well whenever I have chicken,wheat flour or similar things it do affect my skin very badly (dark spots) so should I consult a skin doctor as well?

    As of now, I m taking 60 k once a week and 2 k a day and having some improvements in my skin.
    Anti gas pills do not suit me at all even multivitamins pills also affect my skin making my skin dark.
    Please suggest something what should I do at this time. I dont want to live my life like this.

  • Sanjeet

    Hi all, I am suffering from severe stomach disorder and skin problems. I have been tested for lots of tests but identified by only low vitamin d was 18. I am so confused low vitamin d is the only one reason i need to cure? I have skin darkening problem when I eat chicken , alcohol,wheat flour or similar products. As of now I am taking 60 k once a week and 2 k a day and having improvements in my skin while avoiding all problematic products.

  • Rachelle

    My vitamin D level was 10 my doctor gave me a prescription for vitamin D2 1.25 MG I took it for two weeks did not feel any better I purchased vitamin D3 10,000, it’s been only two days and I feel amazing!!! Thank you for all the information.

  • TurtleLuv

    I just found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency. Now i know theres a reason why i was feeling so lousey. I’ve learned a lot from this site and I’m on the way to feeling better! Thanks!

  • TurtleLuv

    If you doctor was rude, do your health a favor and search for a new one! Your health is important!

  • Diana Vasquez

    Ten yrs. ago I felt like I had the flu, could not lift the covers to get out of bed. Had to quit my job which I loved and not one doctor bothered to check my vit.D levels which I know is .8. The doctor I saw a couple of months ago (Can’t remember the reason why I saw her) told me to walk twice a day. I told her I could not because I felt weak.I asked her, “What I should do if I faint?” (the sun always made me feel like a heat stroke was coming on plus I get heat rashes) She told me to,” GET A DOG”. I was given a prescription for 50,000 ui of vit.D which totals 250.000 ui.a month. I have wasted ten years of my life in bed which makes me very angry. I believe every doctor should check for vit. D levels, it’s a very simple test.

  • nonameforme

    vitamin d supplementation is super safe. my levels were 28, and my doctor put me on 4000 a day. my naturopath upped it to 10,00 (just for 3 months, before going back to 4000). I’d just take more if I were you. you’ve got a long way to go before you risk toxicity…

  • Shannon Binegar- Foster

    I too just had my level checked and is 16 so my Dr. upped my D3 to 10,,000 iu daily from 2,000. When I asked about prescription 50,000 iu weekly he said that is D2 and won’t be as beneficial as the D3. He also said it can take a year to build back up your vit d stores.

  • Jill Scarcelli

    I just got a regular blood panel back and everything was normal but my vitamin D was at a 15 level. I remember I had a low result years ago but didn’t think much of it. When I was born I was allergic to all dairy. I was 8 or 9 before I somewhat out grew it. Growing up I had sever leg aches and today it is an over all bone body ache. I also have muscle weekness and a mental fog, sometimes so sever its scary. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but after reading these side effects, could I have had this deficiency for all these years?

  • Ram

    how to find out if I have any neurological effects?

    Vit D deficiency causes neurological effects. I was with Vit D at 17. So have been taking 60,000IU as prescribed. I feel better but my nerves are still not Ok. They are better than previous state(around 2 years in vibration state, especially something in my head centre always vibrates).
    As concluded from the article and comments, there can irrecoverable neurological effects. I want to know how to find out if I have any neurological effects? kindly recommend me the tests so i can ask my doctor to have it done as he said he is not aware.

    Hope somebody will reply with a sweet answer.
    Warm Regards of

  • Jr

    Have u felt better?

  • Polly

    Reading everyone’s comments has brought a lump to my throat, I have been struggling for the past 7-10 years feeling my body go down a one way street, losing all of my energy, buzzing, tingling of the arms and legs and feet, and even buzzing in my groin area, basic blood test all come back within range apart from zinc and iron -both low both around 8. I have monthly B12 injections, that help a little with the buzzing symptoms, but they never go away completely, And soon come back.
    Still feeling totally unwell, I went to see a private Dr who has done a whole range of blood test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I am still waiting for the results,
    The only one that has come back from the lab so far is my vitamin D which was low
    At 15, and I have been adviced to have an injection after I get the other results back to see what levels my calcium is.
    But after reading all your comments it has given me so much hope for the furture, as I truely felt that there was not much of a healthy future for me anymore.
    I have always been a very happy and positive person in life, but being so achy and tired all of the time means that I have to pace every day of my life, and everyday tasks become so exhausting and that has been getting me down as it makes me feel so useless and inadequate.
    Would be happy to hear from anyone that feels they are getting their life back on track.

  • budhist

    hey diana, please reply to my request, i wish to say that i had the same feeling like flu nine years ago though i had no flu.that was the start and gradualy began to go down hill. my doctor sent me to a neurologist and he did mri,dat scan,cat scan,vitamin b12 deficiency, electrical nerve test,lymphnodes and many more tests i don,t remember, all tests were normal. i was told i have motor neurone desease and adwised me to have a second opinion and referred me to another doctor who did simple tests and prescribed me diclofenic for pain which i showed to my family docter who put them in the dust bin.i walk with a walking stand. two weeks ago my doctor did some blood tests and last week he telephoned me and told me my vitamin d was too low but i forgot to ask him how much.he prescribed prod3 20,000 iu. three times a week for three months and further blood test after i took my third capsule. reading your story i have a glimmer of hope,perhaps i am misdiognized.your story uplifted me.if i feel any change in three months time i will write again.thank you very much and god bless you.

  • amee

    Hey everyone,
    For the last 8 months i have been feeling miserable, i have muscle aches in my neck, shoulder, and back. Then it travelled to my leg, i went to see many doctors but they did not know what’s wrong. Then one doctor checked my vitamin d and showed up that i have defeciency in vitamin d, he gave me minimal dosages, did not feel that it helped. The only thing i have been doing wrong is not getting in the sun, imagine not getting sun exposure for a whole year, that’s when after couple months i started getting these pains. I decided to get sun exposure directly, now it’s third day i get sun exposure for 30 mins and i feel a lot better, i can tell the pain is slowely decreasing. i really encourage you all to go out and get your natural vitamin D

  • Tina

    I just had my vit. D 25 hydroxy done and found out my Vit. D was very low at < 8. Couldn't figure out why I was so depressed, etc as the rest of you described. Started my 50,000 UI today with the hopes that by the end of the 8 week treatment I will be feeling better. If it wasn't for my mother and son bothering me to go in and get this test done, I would have never known, and now I am glad I did knowing how dangerous have that low of vit. D can be. God bless you all with the same issues as I and may you all over come this deficiency and get to feeling better.

  • Tina

    Mike, you need to talk to your Dr. and he should put you on a higher dosage.. if you read above, you will see mine was less than 8 and mine put me on 50,000 iu 1 a week for 8 weeks…

  • Tina

    But it is also a very expensive test to have, that I think should be offered at a discounted price to those people who can not afford to have those tests done… It is sad, I don’t know what they charge you where you are at, but I know here it is 250.00 and some insurances do not cover it…

  • Mike

    Im guessing my doctor is just an asshole. I had 1 cross fused kidney and he didnt even tell me on my ultrasound report.

  • Becky

    I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, my level was 11 and my dr started me on 50,000 units of Vitamin D2 once a week for 12 weeks just took my first dose Tuesday. I am 41 years old and I am having severe joint pain in feet, knees, elbows, fingers, hands etc… and was having a hard time walking. I have fatigue and depression with mood swings. I have had all the tests for every kind of disease and ailment known through the years and nothing was found. I did not know anything about this deficiency but reading up on it now am very angry that this was not diagnosed years ago since it is a simple blood test. I have been losing my hair for 10 years no known diagnosis, have had 3 miscarriages, lost teeth, developed GERD and have been on Prevacid for 6 years 2x a day, eye problems, etc.. and Vitamin D deficiency is known in all of them. Very angry right now that most of this could have been prevented. I’m hopeful that this will be fixed and I cann go on living a healthy life. I wish the best to all of you suffering from this.

  • Julie

    I’m sorry you need to be on D3. It took me two Dr’s to find that out.

  • Geraldine

    Hi there I’m so happy I’ve found this site. I’ve been told today that I have my Vit D level at <20. I suffer from MEN1 and had my pancreas and duodenum removed. I have been feeling soooo tired and really bad muscle pain and cramps, also really bad headaches. I've been given supplements 40,000 units a day for week and then will have to take another blood test, I then have to continue for a further month with this dosage. I'm 43 and really hoping this works :0(

  • Connie

    Hi, My name is Connie. I just started 50,000 iu Vitamin once a week for 8 weeks. My D level was 16.

  • Ana

    Hi, I am 27years old and very healthy. But for the past year I have started to feel very tired and anxious lots of back pains with cramping in my legs the doctors continued to tell me it all came from pregnancy. Now 9months later and still with all these same symptoms I finally had enough and told my doctor I felt crazy because no one seemed to believe me or take me seriously I had blood work and my vitamin d level is at a 9. WOW right? Anyways I wanted to know if this has anything to do with me losing my hair.. Please help!!!

  • Tammy

    Oh my. Just got the call my vitamin D is. At 12. And on top of all that I have fibromyalgia and strep throat. Migraines, TMJ , occipital neuralgia , etc etc. truy feel like I’m dying. All I’ve managed to do today is cry. Feel sooooo bad

  • Kent Longaker

    I was just got blood work back finally after a week, I had some elevated numbers in my cholesterol ,glucose serum and vitamin d 25 Hydroxy at 10.9. I’ve been feeling bad for awhile, but always too busy to get blood work done. I am glad I did and hope this is the problem. I started to take the 50000 IU. vitamin d for the next 8 weeks.Time will tell.

  • Julie

    My endo decided to check my vitamin d levels in January and they were only 15. I took 50,000 IU for 12 weeks and retested. My level only went up to 20. I am now on 100,000 IU for 8 weeks and will retest again. If my levels are not better the next step is to run test to find out why my body won’t absorb vitamin d. I do have a 7cm nodule on my thyroid and a 14mm lump in my left breast. Could there be a connection?

  • Bill

    Pray that you are better…

  • Autum Hills Farm

    I got my lab results yesterday. My Vit D, 25 level was 9.5 which is actually pretty good for me. 18 months ago the lab ran the test – twice – because my Vit D level was too low to read. After 50,000 DAILY for 90 days it was up to almost low normal (28) but when the doctor reduced it to 50,000 per week it promptly fell again. I’ve been on 50,000 4x a week since September – and it has gone from 7 to 9.5. I think the only solution for me just be 50,000 a day, every day forever! I had gastric bypass surgery 12 years ago which doesn’t help – I have a very hard time absorbing fat. Is there a non-liquid form of Vit D that would avoid the fat absorption problem?

  • Mary

    Has anyone ever had numbness/tingling in their mouth and on one side of their face? Or skin sensitive to wind like if you put icy hot on and then went in the shower? I get tingling in arms and legs at times, and blackout like type sensations when i move sometimes, muscle aches not too much, not much pain at all. I did an MRI to rule out ms or brain tumor and it did but blood tests show low d and autoimmune disease which it should because I have hypothyroidism but those levels are under control. Any ideas on if I should still be worried about ms?

  • UkHope

    After about 2 years of repeated visits to my doctor, including many blood tests, I was tired of being told it might just be because I’m getting older and strong hints that I was being soft, I demanded to see a Rhumatologist. Unbeknown to me I had text book symptoms. The Rheumatologist ran many blood tests and diagnosed extreme vitamin D deficiency. I was on a very high dose for 10 days and now 500 per day plus at least a pint of skimmed milk. About 3 or 4 months after I started the treatment I began to notice that my bone and muscular pain had virtually disappeared, making sleep and exercise easier. I was even walking with greater ease and able to do normal things again with my hands such as using cutlery and being able to use a screw driver. 6 months on I’m feeling like a new person, I’m much less tired and no longer getting repeated throat infections and flu type illnesses. What a massive relief. I’m writing this with a view to giving hope to others. It’s hard to believe that such a significant change could occur just by taking vitamin D supplements and skimmed milk.

  • Snapfish

    You can take Vit D3 oil drops under your tongue and let it absorb through the blood vessels in your mouth.

  • D

    God Bless you Brenda, you are in my prayers. I had my levels checked about 6 weeks and had the results read last week to find that my levels were a 6, I too had all the symptoms everyone else listed. My Dr. put me on 50,000 units a week for 8 weeks and will retest me at that time. I had no idea why I could not feel good, but I can say I have improve by maybe 5% since I ingested the vitamin. Even though my legs and knees are weak and I still have waves of dizziness and just a blank mind I am thankful that I was diagnosed and receiving treatment.

  • Maaike van Broekhoven IBCLC

    Musclecramps and morningsickness in pregnant women also has relation with low magnesiumlevels, levels which go up quicker with sunlight than VitD supplementattion I read in one study.

  • Ahmed

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, thanks for anyone who cared to share his or her story, you don’t know how much relief you gave to me, my eyes are watery and I am a man!!

    Now to my story, I just turned 28 a month ago, I have been living a normal life until the last 5 years when I had chronic pains and aches all over my body, accompanied with chronic fatigue, tingling and feeling like someone is poking me with needles, I don’t seem to have enough sleep no matter how long I slept, also stomach problems , I went to my doctor at that time and with a simple blood test he diagnosed me with rheumatism and hypothyroidism, started taking the meds and I felt better. 2 years ago I started to have pains in my back and left shoulder, he related it to my scoliosis “which wasn’t noticeable at that time”. I have been on and off the pain killers for the past 2 years until a few months ago when my life started to deteriorate severely, I had severe depression and started to feel my death is near, I had anxiety and panic attacks started to get worse each day to the extent that I had to ask for a non paid leave of work, I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything at all, went back to my doctor and he referred me to a psychiatric who also was stumbled by the fact that the meds he gave me didn’t have any noticeable improvement. Last week I had my appointment with my new IM specialist to check my thyroid levels and I told her my story from the beginning, I also showed her my spine x-rays and pointed that I see it worsening while the previous doctor denied it. She asked me to do a calcium check with my thyroid and it came out to be low, she immediately asked me to check my D vitamin level and I should get my results soon.

  • stanley m

    will spending time outdoors help?

  • Marilyn

    There is an ebook on Amazon by Jeff T Bowles that I just started reading. You should have a look at it, maybe you need to take matters into your own hands. Some doctors might be too scared to prescribe higher doses because of the myth that D3 can be toxic at higher levels.

    I can’t say whether it has helped me because I just upped my dose of D3 two days ago, but I have a lot of hope. You have to take K2 as well, but if you read the book, even if you just read the testimonials, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Marilyn

    There is an ebook on Amazon by Jeff T Bowles that I just started reading. You should have a look at it, maybe you need to take matters into your own hands. Some doctors might be too scared to prescribe higher doses because of the myth that D3 can be toxic at higher levels.

    I can’t say whether it has helped me because I just upped my dose of D3 two days ago, but I have a lot of hope. You have to take K2 as well, but if you read the book, even if you just read the testimonials, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Mike

    Thank you. I will look into it, This feeling terrible cant last for too much longer. Its miserable

  • Angela McCabe

    Well, I started back on the 50K mega dose of Vitamin D this weekend after my blood test came back at 15 this year (last year it was an 8, so it is somewhat better). I got all the way up to 19 after my 8 week treatment last year, so I hope to get better results this time. Extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, joint pains all the fun things that happen. If I do not get better results this time I will be seeking a specialst as I am tired of living like this. Very hard to live a normal productive life like this.

  • kirsty1994

    hi i just found out today that my vit.D levels are lower that 10 what does this mean thank you

  • MandyMcMoySkogebo

    Maybe she meant Calcium Citrate.

  • BobbiC

    I am very deficient in Vitamin D with a level of 7. I have been having extreme trouble with an ankle and they have gone through 3 sets of x-rays, an MRI, a bone scan which came back abnormal and now they are ordering a CT scan. Over the past month I have been having pain in other joints and muscles, even experiencing muscle weakness. Could this be from low Vitamin D? I have gone through two prescriptions of 50,000 a week and my level just gets lower. My doctor won’t give me another prescription-just says take over the counter. How much can I take safely each day? Is it better to take all at once or several times daily?

  • Achytired1227

    I have been having muscle and joint pain,unable to rest properly for about 4 years,and because I had electrolyte imbalances with my potassium and sodium levels in the past I always assumed my potassium level was just fluctuating until my potassium level came back normal and my Dr decided to test my vitamin D level. The results were in the low teens, I started 50,000 iu’s last week. I have read about vitamin d affecting hbp too,should I expect my blood pressure to benefit from vitamin d also? Can anybody tell me how long will it take for this awful aching pain to stop so that I can become mobile and rest again properly

  • Jen

    I am so grateful that I have found this site! I have the same symptoms as many of you: muscle and joint pain, fatigue, “brain fog”, migraines. depression and anxiety. I catch illnesses easily (which is a problem for me because I work with children and they’re constantly sick with colds or other viruses). For the past 8 months I’ve had hives all over my body almost daily. These hives are apparently not related to any allergy, and I’ve read that hives can be caused by an immune system disorders. I also have hand tremors, but I’m not sure if that’s related to vitamin D deficiency.

    I got the results of my recent bloodwork back today and I have a Vitamin D 25 level of 7. I immediately googled “Vitamin D deficiency” and I found this site. Reading everybody’s stories brought tears to my eyes. I’ve just been feeling so bad lately. I have almost lost my job because I have needed to be out sick for so many days. My depression is at an all-time high. It’s all I can do to just crawl out of bed some mornings.

    Now, I have some hope. My doctor recommended taking 20,000 ius a day. Based on what I’ve read here, I will also add a calcium/ magnesium supplement (I’ve been meaning to do that anyway as I have heard it can reduce PMS symptoms). I can’t increase my vitamin D through food because I don’t drink milk (lactose intolerant) and I don’t eat fish. I will try to get more sunshine, but with my fair skin and family history of skin cancer, I’m wary of that.

    I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress.

  • Alwyn

    Recently diagnosed with vit D deficiency and have been on supplement since. Improvements were almost instant. Aches vanished along with bone pain, fatigue is lessening and concentration improving. If you are in any doubt get along and have a blood test… you will thank youself.

  • Alwyn

    Recently diagnosed with vit D deficiency and have been on supplement since. Improvements were almost instant. Aches vanished along with bone pain, fatigue is lessening and concentration improving. If you are in any doubt get along and have a blood test… you will thank youself.

  • Anonymous

    That is so great to hear Alwyn. Thank you for sharing your experience and for the little push to get tested. We should all keep an eye on our vitamin D levels. – Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jen,
    I’m so glad to hear you’ve found some hope and encouragement in the readers stories. Vitamin D deficiency is without a doubt a real thing, with real consequences. Taking a supplement is the easiest and most effective way to go. Let us know how things develop and best of luck! Be Well, Katrine

  • Jess

    Feeling better after reading this
    I was starting to feel like something was terribly wrong with me
    , I too have been achy and feeling so down and no energy, guess I’m gonna have to enjoy the sun some more and eat a lil more vitamin D rich foods
    Blessing to you all

  • LJ

    It can take over 12mths to feel really well and the improvements are so subtle you won’t notice them at first. you will feel slightly worse at first but this is only temporary, you must keep on taking the vit D 3. I use to write on here many months ago and just thought I’d have a look again. It has taken 18mths for me to say I now consider myself back to normal.

  • LJ

    Have you been checked for Celiac disease which I believe stops you absorbing Vit d? Yes the pains and muscle weakness can be from a deficiency in vit d. That is how I felt and would be in a wheelchair now if my Doc had not tested my vit d levels.

  • Alice

    Hi All ! I am 41 years old and recently have been detected with vitamin D3 deficiency – 7.8 ng/ml and B12 – 195. Is is curable ?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Alice,
    Yes – that should be reversible! Start taking a good quality, high dose supplement of both, as well as focusing on eating a nutrient dense diet. Good luck! – Katrine, Be Well Team

  • Christy Knight

    I can’t seem to find any information on having naturally high Vit D levels. My endo had my blood tested twice, because she thought the test was wrong the first time and the second time it came back even higher – 95! I don’t take any supplements, so I’m not sure what to do. I’ve read that high Vit D levels can cause heart problems and stroke. Any recommendations? Should I see a cardiologist? I’m at a loss. I am exhausted all the time, my memory is not what it used to be and I’ve gained 40 lbs in the last few years. I eat healthy and get moderate excercise at least 3 days/week. I thought I had a thyroid problem, but those tests came back normal. The only thing that’s off is my Vit-D. Help…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Christy,
    Do.Lipman has written another post on Vitamin D here:
    And this is what he says about Vitamin D toxicity:

    “What about vitamin D toxicity?
    It is impossible to generate too much vitamin D in your body from sunlight exposure: your body will self-regulate and only generate what it needs. Although very rare, it is possible to overdose and become toxic with supplementation as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore stored in the body for longer periods of time. Therefore if you are taking 5,000 IU or more daily, you should have your blood levels monitored approximately every 3 months.”
    However, it does sound like your levels are just naturally high, and not caused by having taken too much supplements?

  • Christy Knight

    That’s exactly right! Everything I’ve read says it’s impossible to naturally have high Vit D, but, unless my husband is secretly giving me mega doses of the supplement, I truly have too much naturally. I wish there were someone out there who could explain to me if it’s something I need to worry about.

  • Ms. Gwinnett

    Hello everyone,
    I just discovered that I’m Vitd Deficient as well asnd h ave alot of your symptoms as well. I have been to several doctors and have had all kind of test(s) done (EKG, cardiac panel, MRI and CAT scan of my head) all are normal. Why am I still feeling horrible. I have headaches and dizziness everyday for the past month and a half. I have terrible shoulder and back pains. My vision is blurry and seems “unreal” when I put my eyeglasses on. I am unable to work or do housework for that matter. I’ve lost 20 pounds behind this because I’m nauseas too. Did I mention weak and fatigue with tingling in my fingers and leg and toesall the time. Do anyone have any suggestions?

  • lethalethal

    I have been going to horrible body pains, renal dysfunction, continuous sinis infections, and having mobility problems for over two years. (I planned to move to Oregon-a right-to-die state). Finally, referred to a neurologist that ordered a battery of tests….all which were negative, except one thing… vitamim D level was 8… the lowest they had ever seen. I believe the nurse just told me, they prescribed 8000mgs…. (1 a week) for 8 wks. I will be tested again in a month. I am so excited at the thought that this vitamin is going to take my pain away… I will comment again, after a few weeks.

  • lethalethal

    I can totally relate to everything you’ve said. I was to the point where I was ready to “end it”, by moving to Oregon, a right-to-die state. MRI of the head- negative, no blockages, etc. Then the blood work came back, showing my Vit D was 8, the lowest the nurse had ever seen. They prescribed 50,000 units 1xweek for 8 weeks. I am so excited at the thought my condition will improve…..

  • Michael

    Hi Brenda ,, how has the trial on Vit D been going since you have been on it now for 4 weeks? I also have Fibro and low Vit D and have yet to start a treatment of Vit D. I also have the blank periods in my thinking and memory problems and unable to concerntrate clearly, wondering if that is symptoms of Fibromyalgia or Vit D deficiency??

  • Freida

    I am 61 also and was just diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency (12). I work most days or try to. I am a realtor. I feel faint every day, especially when I’m walking around, I ache all over, I get hot flashes and sweat and have no energy. I have just taken the 2nd 50,000 mg. pill. I’m supposed to take that once a week for 12 weeks. So far I don’t notice much of a change. I was wondering if I should ask the doc about taking more and more often. I’m so tired of feeling so bad.

  • Marie

    Mine was also an 8 and my Dr put me on 1,000 iu a day along w the 50,000 1x a wk for 3 months. It made a difference. I’m actually upping the 1,000 to 2,000 daily now that I’m not on the super high dose. CFS/Fibro/Lyme/
    I suspect I may have a genetic mutation on the Vit receptor.

  • cajunkitty

    Debra I could use a friend I read what u posted My E-mail is spartan Thanks for ur time in this matter God Bless

  • cajunkitty

    I would like to talk more about what u posted my E-mail is

  • Jen

    I just wanted to update you on how I’m doing. It’s been 18 days since I started taking vitamin D (20,000 ius daily) along with calcium and magnesium. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m seeing any improvement yet, but it’s very early in the healing process. I actually feel that some of my symptoms have gotten worse, particularly the fatigue and body aches. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Vitamin D deficiency and I have read that it’s common to feel worse before you start to feel better. I’ll keep you all updated.

  • Racheal

    I , over the last year, have had chronic joint pain and muscle fatigue. Lots of lab work done, but nothing was making sense. I went to see my doctor and he gave me my most recent blood work results. REMARKABLY VITAMIN D DEFICIENTCY!!!! He wasn’t even going to tell me about it or discuss it. Now, I’ve started a vitamin supplement of 10,000 ui a day…plus calcium supplements. All I want is this chronic joint pain to disappear and live a normal life again. Wish me good luck!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck! I’m so glad you discovered your deficiency and hope you can start to feel better very soon.

  • Jen

    I feel good today! For the first time in weeks, I actually feel good. The difference between how I feel today and the way I’ve been is so dramatic. It’s like somebody turned on a switch and now I’m happy and I have more energy and I’m not in pain. Most days I can’t make it through a full day of work. And if I do work a full day, I collapse into a chair and put my feet up when I get home. Today I worked all day and I still feel full of energy.

    I’m not naïve enough to think that I’m completely cured. I know it takes most people between 6 months to a year, or longer, to consistently feel better. (I’ve been taking 20,000 ius a day for four weeks.) I’m just so grateful that I have had this good day. It gives me hope to keep going.

  • Anonymous

    An infectious disease specialist MD just basically told me that you can’t get enough D through supplements. He said we all need to get out in the sun, and the effects of D deficiency are much more prominent than the risk of skin cancer.

  • De

    I’m a 42 year old woman and recently was given a number of 28.3. Dr. told me to take D-3 2000 units twice daily for three months. Then 2000 units daily. Question I have , is have any of you been helped or more importantly feel better from the vitamin treatment? I too have been feeling fatigued and achy. Which I attributed to working long hours on my feet. Thanks for your comments they are helpful.


  • Jen

    I’ve been talking 20,000 ius of vitamin D daily for a month. I have noticed that some things have gotten better. I used to have hives all over my body every day (my doctor thinks they were caused by a weak immune system) I haven’t had any hives for a month. Also, I used to catch colds or viruses easily, and I was sick at least twice a month. I haven’t been sick since I started the vitamin D.

    However, some things have gotten worse since I started taking vitamin D. My body pains, cramps, fatigue… that’s all worse. I’ve read that this is a normal part of healing. My level was lower than yours (I was a 7), so you might heal faster than I am. I have good days and bad days. I cling to the good days and hope that there will be more and more of them as I continue taking the vitamin D.

    Best of luck to you. Keep talking to people about this. It helps.


  • Beth

    My doctor just put me on 50,000U/once a week Vitamin D regimen, without even doing the 25-hydroxy to see if I was Vit D deficient. I’m concerned if this is even safe. My calcium was 10.0mg.

  • muno

    my hdro vit D is 9.8 what i do help me

  • Roola

    Hi deborah,
    I’ve been having the same issues lately, “I have been so tired and sleeping a lot depressed, body aches and dry skin lately. I can barely focus on much while I am at work or home”. I checked my Vit.D and its 9. My D gave me an injection of 300,000IU once every month and I just got my first today.
    From your experience did Vit.D help with your depression and focusing issues and how long until you noticed a difference, or do you recommend should I consult a psychotherapist.

  • Aaron Burr

    I just had my visit. Second lab work. first one show vitamin d was 20.
    one month later it’s 5. I have generalize pain for the past 18. months. fatigue, joint pain, brain fog. I have felt miserable.
    The doctor never thought to suggest that my issue maybe be related to my extreme vitamin d deficiency. So, much time lost.
    and no clue. W I felt thinking that maybe this was my life now.

  • Aaron Burr

    I am 62 year old. for the past 18 month. I felt like I was dying. So many days I have stay all day in bed. Generalize body pain. Muscle pain , cramp , extreme fatigue
    nausea. In the past 18 month I have gain 25 pounds. I depressed . After reading your blog. I have discovered to my amaze that all these is caused by my extreme
    vitamin D .deficiency. My reading is 5. months ago was 20. It doesn’t sound good
    neither the

  • Kerry

    Well, I’ve been suffering with fatigue and muscle pain for 10 years, I’ve been down RA route, steroid injections, which helped?! then they decided to leave me and say you just have sever hypomobility… So was left on my own basically.i wasn’t convinced and then was noticing I was matching fibromyalgia symptoms. Back to the docs, he said only way to test this is put you amitruipytline was on it for a year felt if worse. then by doing my own research I found that I hadn had a vit d test… Well guess what it can back as 32.. Dr was quite embarrassed and said well we have I ly started to test this more n more…..!!!!gave me no advise on how much, so I’ve been taking 2000 a day off amitruipytline and I have no more pain!!! I feel that I should be taking some more I’ve asked for another blood test to check my level.. Funny how I have to ask though? For anyone out there with these symptoms go to you dr n insist on vit d test like I did.. After 10 years I can hopefully lead a much happier live!! :)

  • Outside Gal

    I just had some lab work done and received a message from my doctor that my vitamin D is low. She is starting me on 50,000 units a week with over the counter of 1,000 a day. I however, cannot understand how it can be low. I am and love being outside. I do all our yardwork and many times just outside to be outside. I am very tan from being outside. I wish they could give me some explanation for this!

  • Anonymous

    We do hear this from time to time.
    Do you wear sunscreen while in the sun? If so, that’s enough to block out the rays needed for our body to produce vitamin D.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Aaron,
    I hope finding this out will help you get on the right path and start feeling better very soon.
    Best of luck to you!

  • janeskid

    This almost seems like a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I’m a 49 year old female. Back in December my Vitamin D level was at 18. I’m with an HMO so, of course, I don’t have a lot of options. My doctor prescribed 1000 IU once a week and based on what I’m reading here – that is no where near enough. I will have another blood test this week.

    Last August I started having pain in the Achilles Tendon of my right foot. It has gotten so bad that I cannot wear any shoes that have a back on them and they need to have an inch/inch and a half heel. Diagnosed a couple of months ago and basically I’m being told there is nothing that can be done except PT. Now it’s starting in my left foot too.

    My left shoulder started hurting about 8 months ago and now I’ve been diagnosed with “frozen shoulder”. If I move it the wrong way the pain can bring me to my knees.
    Between the feet and the shoulder I feel like my life is slipping away. I can’t do anything anymore. Prior to all of this I’ve had periods of time where my hands would hurt and my muscles will ache non-stop. It wasn’t until today that I came across this page – a page that perhaps might be the answer to so much. It almost brings me to tears.

    I know it sounds really corny – but this is HOPE!

  • Lee

    My level is a 3. All my doc said was take vit d supplements. I feel crap all of the time and can barely concentrate at work! Family around me don’t understand why I’m feeling like that. It’s hard to manage.

  • Al Koholic

    I took Propecia a few years ago and I never felt so bad in my life. Checked my Vitamin D3 levels and they were at 24.5. I ate a bunch of cheese, was in the sun more than ever, drank milk…then tested again in 2 months and again at 24-25 levels. Propecia does this to humans. All my hormone tests are coming back of a 70 year old and I am only 39. Fatigued, memory problems, barely can function…all to propecia. I used to work out 5 hours a day and be beyond motivated…now I can sit and look at a blank wall all day if I wanted too.


  • LW

    FYI for all – some of us are genetically pre-dispositioned to be deficient in Vitamin D. See here:

    Also, you can test your genetics by taking a test using your spit via Once you receive your results, you can download your raw data, upload it to a free software called “promethease” to see if you are genetically pre-dispositioned to be deficient in vitamin D. The cost of 23andme has been recently lowered from $299 to $99. Very informative all around.

    As it turns out, I am genetically pre-dispositioned and received results of blood work this morning confirming I am deficient.

  • Lynn

    I have been taking 50,000 iu a week for a year and a half. When first checked my level was <2. At one time it had increased to 24 but has now fallen back to 17. My endocrinologist checks it every three months but has never given me a good explanation of the cause of the deficiency. I do not have celiac disease.

    Anyone been told what the cause is or is it just not known?

  • mayank nagar

    i was having similar problems since a year and after checking D3 levels was astonished to find it at 12 levels which explained the muscle and bone pains-depression-anxiety-dry skin and weight gain.Have started 60000u/week oral.Pray that I get well soon.Hope everyone does this test regularly.

  • tsadaqah

    Yes its true Magnesium citrate (in large doses)is used for the purpose of cleansing your colon to do certain tests. Magnesium acts as a foreman in your body keeping in. balance your electrolytes and fortifies cell walls so the cell keeps antioxidants and gets rid of free radicals. It also helps with absorbtion of calcium and helps direct it to the appropriate places in the body. Since calcium is essential to vitamin D absorption you can see how magnesium would play a roll in that area. You can check out the magnesium research institute to learn more about magnesium’s roll in our bodies if you would like.

  • Cheryl

    After reading all of this, I have figured out my vit. D must be very low!!! My doctor is making me take 50,000 a day for a week. I then have to repeat this in a month, and have my blood tested again. I was taking 2000 a day, and still having major problems. There’s days when I can’t stand being in my own body. Today is one of them. I have been going through all of this for 3 yrs. now, and was told it was Fybro!!!

  • L.O.

    I’m 17 years old. I’ve suffered from excruciating pains in my legs and sometimes arms for as long as i can remember. I remember sometimes being physically sick from the pain. I’ve been to the doctor several times and finally they find out that the pains might be caused by vitamin D deficiency. I just started taking pills to hopefully improve my situation. This would be life changing for me and I honestly have a hard time imagining what life would be like if I didn’t have to suffer from the pains like i have my hole life.

  • Tammie

    My vit D level was 14 at first check. My doctor put me in 50,000 once a week for 3 months. I just had my vit D rechecked and it is 37 now. My doctor was going to put me on a daily dose. I asked her to keep me on the weekly 50,000 iu cause it is working.

  • C

    oh, please, 80 is the minimum!

  • patrick

    Hi I wanted to share that I”m 60 yrs old and have suffered with chronic pain ,depression,anxiety,abdominal distress,painful gas bloating,neuropathic pain,4 spine surgeries,brain tumor and etc.etc.etc.I was really rock bottom and relic

    Aptly went to see my doc.Well he calls me a few days later and tells me to start taking 2000 go’s of Vitamin D.I thought the guy was a nut job….WRONG….This is one of the most incredible ,unbelievable diagnosis of a lifetime.Vitamin D is A Miracle …It changes everything and if you wait and give it a chance ,you will be a miracle also.Anybody who wants to rid themselves of especially depression,anxiety and pain Needs to take Vitamin D,I”m a skeptic when I hear of supplements but this is a life changer and a Blessing from the Son of God,if you need a miracle and are frustrated because docs can”t find a reason for your symptoms…Find a doc who will checkout D level..Its Ev.erything they say and More!!!!k

  • ik

    My level is 3
    Normal oil caps don’t work for me even the powder ones don’t

  • w.l

    I just got my result from blood test and I my vit d level was low at 12. My doctor put me on 50,000 ui of vit d once a week for three months then I will recheck my blood work. Anyway, I have been on the vit d for a month now. I’m less tired and feel a bit more happy. It weird I didn’t think the lack of vit d would cause me to feel down in the dump. Now I have more energy and just feel good all day.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After experiencing months of constant weight gain despite eating healthy and working out, bladder issues, body aches, fatigue, etc etc – I got a call back from my doctor this morning that my vitamin d levels are hovering around 20.

    Next step is the 8 week treatment. Has anyone experienced any side effects from this?

  • Gail

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over a year ago and have crippling fatigue, headaches and really dizzy spells. My doctor just kept telling me it was part of the illness. She referred me to the Chronic Fatigue Clinic and today I was told my Vitamin D is 10!! He has put me on 2000mg supplement daily. Can anyone tell me if they had these symptoms and after taking Vitamin D are you feeling any better? I have read websites and it says people usually don’t get any symptoms from lack of VD?

  • Drea L. Bugatti

    I’ve have all these symptoms and have been going to the doctor for months they were trying to fix everything that wasn’t broken. Just yesterday my doctors nurse called saying that my vit d was extremely low and I was like what the hell does that have to do with what’s been bothering me, well EVERYTHING. This article made everything clear….but one question how long does it take for me to no longer have these symptoms after I start taking in more vit d?

  • Drea L. Bugatti

    Im 21 too and I thought i had colon cancer my bowels have been so jacked up my levels are at an 9 an he wants me to try to get them up myself with over the counters he didnt even give me a dosage as a recommendation he said in three months if it hasnt improved he will give me a prescription. So i dont know if its because we are young and they figure we are going to be outside and soak up all the vit d but damnit I live in Texas and its just too hot for all that lol

  • usha sriram

    my son is 10 yrs old. he suddenly started getting pinching on the left hand. I got the vit d level chcked it was 17 and doc put him on 60000 iu once a week. now the pinching has also started on the right hand and he complains of severe pain. got mri also done reports were normal. am I proceeding in the right direction’ the pinching is not there while sleeping or while deeply engrossed in some activity but while having food or while watching tv , whil standing,walking it is very obvious and involuntary

  • Rahul

    Hi diana, I have the same started with a flu and all the reports came out were negative..i got checked mine vitamin d3 levels which are terribly low…its below 10 ..i am taking 6000iu per week for 8 weeks as per prescribed by the doctor..pls tell what else one can do for recovering from this miserable life

  • Rahul

    Dear friends,its started with me in October 2009 with a flu..all reports came out were negative…i was going through series of testes but nothing was coming out..then i got my vitamin D3 checked its only 6 ,i have undergone medication earlier also for vitamin D3..but the levels are not raising up…i have anxiety,fatigue,depression everything, in a nutshell in last 4 yrs i have not lived up for a single day..pls suggest me the ideal quantity and toxic issue and what else can done be done beside the medication for getting better…pls pls pls pls help me..if any body has recovered from these kind of symptomps…will be v thankful to you

  • Mike

    make sure to keep drinkin vitamin d milk and vitamin d pills. i feel way better these days. hope you can get all of it straightened out

  • khan

    Hey mine wasat 10 and dr prescribed one injection of 600000 per month

  • Donna

    What was your level when you first found out you were low? Have you had much improvement since then?

  • Cassie

    I actually have no clue what my results were but they have me on 50,000 units 3 days a week does that seem high I also suffer from hypothyroid my symptoms have been so horrible with headaches every day for last couple months and nasea and just feeling like garbage

  • Diane

    Get tested for Lyme disease! It’s a bacterial spirochete and it is treated by antibiotics. Thousands of symptoms present all over the body and very difficult to get diagnosed, but there are tests. Western Blot, although not always accurate, is the best and send the blood to Igenex Lab in Califonia. Good luck to all of you. I’ve had Lyme for a decade and it’s misdiagnosed or missed all the time. It’s all over the world now… Sore joints, headache, stomach issues, rashes, pain, cough, muscle aches, and hundreds of other symptoms are caused by an infection by a bacteria caused by a bug bite.

  • Anita

    I am trying to verify if taking Vitamin D will cause constipation to become worse. My D level is 17 and I need to take the supplement. Some info I have read states that constipation is a symptom of “low” vitamin D, but I have also read taking too much D can cause constipation. I’m confused….does anyone know?

  • Barbara W.

    I love my doctor (oncologist specializing in hematology), but I don’t know what to do. I’m a medical mystery to the whole department, and it’s at a hugely respected university hospital. I’m getting iron dextran infusions 3-4 times per year because my ferritin levels keep dropping down below 10 and I just got a call that my Vitamin D level has dropped to 5, so in addition to the iron infusion (my fourth this year) I’m having next week, I’m having Vitamin D therapy and going on 50,000 mg of D twice per week. I’ve been through every test anyone can think of over the last 5 years and we can’t find a reason why this is happening. It seems like this is just all there is to my life.

  • sailboat

    My Doctor call and said all blood work was good but my VITD was lowshe said to take 1000 2xd,I have been weak,tired,and my bones hurt, lol for real,I am also being check to see about my vision which has been getting bur,

  • dw827

    I have always had problems with vitamin d deficiency. About five years ago I stumbled across I have had nothing but
    success from their products. The products that solved my vitamin d deficiencies are: MyCell D3, Power C Plus and Vitamineral Max. If you’re on a tight budget just take the MyCell D3. One tablet a day for 5,000 iu. It’s better than the chalky stuff
    you buy in the supermarkets. When you’re buying Nutrimeds read the ingredients on the labels to be sure you’re not allergic to any thing. They list all of the ingredients. If you’re in doubt you can call there office.

  • Jo

    Or just Magnesium pills.

  • Tmarie

    I’m totally thrown off. My Vit d results came back and my level is a 9. Had metabolic blood work done at Cleveland Clinic because they are supposed to be the best. The Dr. read my results as if it was a waste of his time because that was the only thing red flagged. He told me to supplement with 2k IUs, of any vitamin D brand, daily and that was it. It’s pretty unbelievable considering I’m suferring from all the symptoms of a deficiency. I’m calling my PCP today!

  • Jamie

    my level was 4 and I could hardly get out of bed. everything hurt. I was on 52,000 ug/ls a week and after 3 months moved me to that amount every 15 days. Levels were coming up but in my opinion not enough as I know when my prescription is due. I feel fluish and all my joints hurt.

  • Camille Gibson Avon Lady

    Trying to figure our how much to really take. My level I found out today is 8. No wonder I have had issues the pass 4+ years… kind of mad docs did not check sooner! All I got was the push for anti-depressants even though I would say I am not depressed, I just don’t feel like doing anything, the aches and pains the bouts of gout the list is endless. Nurse says 5000 iu a day all over online has all kinds of ranges to take. Who to listen to? What brand?…Nurse says Walgreen’s brand is fine

  • Jenny Sansouci

    Hi Camille, you can check out this article to see the levels and amounts that Dr. Lipman recommends:

    For a level of 8, he would recommend 10,000 IU per day under a doctor’s supervision and recheck after 3 months. Hope that helps!

  • davidrn

    2 years ago, my D2 level was 44, I increased the dose I took, and after a year it was up to 46. I now take Lugols 25mg/day, (Iodine therapy) and maybe my Gluten free diet has finally helped after 2 years because my D2 is 71.8 now. Should I maintain that level? I have RA and Hypothyroidism. I feel good, and just need to fine tune my T3/T4 levels slightly.
    Unsure why it finally went up, but glad to see a response to supplementation.
    Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

  • dramaqueenmel

    Finding this page is like reading about me. For the past 5 years I have had so many of the above symptoms especially the weight gain, depression and pains in my body. I was finally diagnosed yesterday with Vit D deficiency (25). I’ve started 20,000 3 x per week today. Has anyone who has been taking the supplements noticed any weight loss?

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like what you’re doing is working, so you can continue with your program or simply take enough to maintain your current levels. good luck!

  • Pratap

    My level is 31.75 nmol/L. Kindly let me know whether it’s deficiency? Can we convert this into ng/ml?

  • Missy

    mine was 8.1 so the doctor gave me 50,000 IUs to take once a week for 12 weeks then return for follow up, i’m told this was the lowest level they had seen at this practice. I’m into the 3rd month of treatment and to be honest i can’t say i feel any better. Will be interested to see if the level has increased when i am retested in a few weeks. symptoms for me have been tiredness, loss of interest, dry skin, brittle hair, I just figured I was depressed. I have suffered the death of my mom and brother in the past year. It rained all summer and I have stayed in doors most of the time in bed. :(

  • Icarus

    It’s a year later and you could all be dead now if you listen to a superficial comment like this one by stumped. Josefina no doubt meant magnesium citrate. It is used as a laxitive because it is safe. It is the dosage (about 6 times the daily recommended limit) that makes your body evacuate. See here for example

  • Sandi

    I’ve been dealing with this almost 2 years. Had my level checked for the first time about 2 years ago, due to unexplained fatigue, etc. It was around 17 then I think. Over the course of 2 years, doc has done the following 4 times, currently starting 5th time. 50,000 units 3x week for 3 weeks, then 50,000 units 1x week for 12 weeks. At one point, it got up to the very low end of normal, around 30. I just had it checked last week and it’s the lowest it’s ever been now, at 12. This, after the last round that I did in July. I’m very concerned about the long term effects of this, especially since I have no clue how long I’ve actually been deficient. I’m otherwise healthy, not overweight, not diabetic, etc. I am on medication for cholesterol, this is a genetic condition, not affected by diet. I’m 48 years old.

  • Julie Crites

    Sandi: what are you taking 50,000 units of? I found out the hard way the prescription is D2 and we need to take D3. When I started taking over the counter D3 10,000 units daily my tests for D went from 16 to the 50′s but it took a year and a half. After doing some research I am shooting for the 70′s. I have felt progressively better as my numbers went up. Good luck to you!


    My Vitamin D is 24 after 12 weeks of 50k a week I am on it for another 12 weeks. I felt great but the aches and tiredness, plus weight gain it making life difficult.
    I am looking forward to getting passed this and moving on.

  • Skippy

    6,000 IU per week is not enough supplementation for your deficiency. You should be taking 10,000 IU PER DAY.

  • Drea L. Bugatti


  • june

    for a few years now i,v been i found out that i am vitamin d deficient. infact to be precise it,s through the boots.if my gp had,nt of diagnosed it i would of been very,very ill. on a daily basis i have been suffering with bone pain,restless legs, depression,pain of osteo arthritis,sleep depravation .other symptoms are bruising, puffy ankles, weight gain, asthma,skin sores,[ie,scalp], lump on my scalp, inflamed gland on back of my head and lack of concentration. .i am so relieved that finally my doctor has found the problem. you get to the stage where you you think is it all in my head. when you know deep down there,s a problem. so now i have been started on a high dose of vit d tablets. i,m sooo glad i have a gp, that is on the ball. i was on the verge of suicide. And thank god there are web sites like these that are full of info, that you can refer too.

  • Stephanie Schollenberger

    I too had severly low vitamin D levels have been fighting them for now 5 years believe it or not I am on 50,000 IU d2 THREE TIMES A WEEK! and nothing is wrong with my PTH I am a hypothyroidic I have no thyroid and truly know if I do not take my supplement at least every 2 days by the third day I have memory fog, sore bones, joints, extreme dizziness and also my waxing and waning of my hormones due to menstrual cycle render me pretty much non functional bed ridden. I would say that if it low like 17 like mine you need to be on on 50,000 IU at first I felt really strange to take it but notice the hire the dose the better I got. I to noticed I did get hot flashes, anxiety and insomnia but it was so worth it. You might also consider getting checked for intestinal disorders that can also cause a malabsorption of vitamin d

  • Nance

    Just found out my vitamin d level is 16. Been feeling awful for so long, was told it was all in my head. Thank god my nurse practitioner finally listened to me. I am not crazy. Start on my 5000mg today. I hope it works.

  • LL

    You should be on vit D3 not D2. Check it out there is a difference.

  • Ashok Thapa

    when i see tv for sometime my eye start pain. what is the cause and problem of it .

  • MM

    My Vitamin D level was a 2.5. Dr. was stunned, had never seen a level so low. I haven’t been able to sleep, my muscles and bones are in constant pain, I feel like I am shaking all the time, constant muscle twitches, and unable to concentrate, think properly, and say wrong words. Dr. put me on 50,000 twice a week and 1,000 daily for 3 months. Also, putting me on short-term leave from my job since my confusion and slow speeds are putting my job in jeopardy. I’m hoping this helps me. I have been sick for so long.

  • LL

    Julie is right , took me 2yrs to feel normal again and it has to be vit D3 not D2.

  • Jean Cannon

    this is very interesting thank you,we have long list of illnesses in family that relate to vit d ,that are on the list,can I add pre eclampsia and autism is possibly,i had pre eclamsia 12 years ago at 35 weeks left me with pernement high bp and kidney dease,our son has aspergers and hypermobility-my 2 sisters have vit d deficiency ostio and ms our brother has gout,my doc very interested and I have been tested I get results next week I have been called in to see doc so im guessing I have vit d defectency-be interesting had I had been tested earlier maybe id have been put on supplement and not be on two bp drugs…….maybe we have faulty gene

  • Jean Cannon

    we in the uk,and id like to add what have we all been told last 15 years? put the factor 50 or more on our children,maybe this is why rickets is back,and maybe its causing the increase of asd -or asc as its now known autistic spectrum condition-theres no way today its just better dx,my family is full of illness,colon cancer rumotiod,dementure loads more

  • Jean Cannon


  • LL

    Make sure it is vit D3 that you are on & you can say this is the start of getting better, can take a couple of years but you will get there. One point to make though is that for a short time you will feel worse because all the minerals etc are going back into your bones and this causes aches & pains but stick it out. You will feel bad then suddenly have a day when you feel better, then bad again, then better. The bad times will get shorter and the good times longer. The improvements are so subtle that at first you won’t realise what is happening.

  • LL

    Make sure it is vit D3 that you are on & you can say this is the start of getting better, can take a couple of years but you will get there. One point to make though is that for a short time you will feel worse because all the minerals etc are going back into your bones and this causes aches & pains but stick it out. You will feel bad then suddenly have a day when you feel better, then bad again, then better. The bad times will get shorter and the good times longer. The improvements are so subtle that at first you won’t realise what is happening.

  • Stephanie Schollenberger

    They not only put me on vitamin D2 but I am also on a daily supplement of vitamin D3 of 5,000. They used the vitamin D@ to boost it. Which I now report my levels are at 65 the highest they have been in years. :)

  • Stephanie Schollenberger

    Speaking of stomach troubles they have had me on vitamin D forever it has now gone up since removing my gall bladder after 2 years of agony and studies and then noone told me that my gall bladder was only half functional.

  • L.Scott/RI

    Thank you all. For the first time in several years I have hope that I am 1. Not really going crazy 2. Not going to spend the rest of my life in bed, on the couch, and away from my friends and community. At 63, my D level was discovered to be 7.5. (Hey, I have always been an overachiever! LOL) Listening to your stories with the sincerest empathy, I am sorry any of us are suffering the symptoms of VitaminD deficiency when a simple test was all it took to help us back to wellness. I am lucky enough to have an outstanding doctor…when my blood test results came in, he made sure I got an “emergency” phone call AT ONCE and an Rx for a very high dose of VitaminD supplement to be started AT ONCE. There is no magic wand for good health for any of us. What we can do is the best we can each day for our selves. But isn’t hope a wonderful thing.

  • Stephanie Schollenberger

    when you are constipated it means that your BODY is not absorbing proper nutrients. Kind of like they say the more a dog poops then he is eating the wrong food,. But the bigger the poo and less often but daily means a better absorption. It goes the same for us. But with the magnesium citrate yes you do use it for constipation and colonoscopy, However taken in small quantities which there is a brand called “Natural Calm” it helps to reduce anxiety and you start it in small quantities to assure that you do not get diarrhea. Magnesium does help along with potassium, calcium to absorb vitamin D. Its funny that you talk about the GI system. I just had my gall bladder removed and it was 23 before removal and NOW 65 a month later and I am pooing great!

  • michelle

    Your vitamin d levels went up with magnesium citrate?With that much pooping I wouldn’t think that would make your levels go up .Are you sure that’s what is is your taking or Just magnesium?

  • michelle

    Maybe you suffer from lack of absorption.Are you constipated a lot/?

  • michelle

    That’s true sassy but I would suggest you take it daily as well because you seem to be full of shit. :) Good luck to you.

  • Anonymous

    Dry eyes, bad eyesight, strained eyes due to a need for glass’

  • legaldee

    My Vitamin D level is low (5) and doctors don’t expect it to change for the better, so I have been given 50,000 units (1 tab every week for 12 weeks) then down to the 2000 units daily for the rest of my life. I have quite of few illnesses that cause vitamin D deficiency. You should check this list out to see if your ailment(s) are included. I can tell you this… I was totally catatonic… could not speak at times… could not respond to stimuli at times… could not concentrate at all.. studdering and stammering and forgeting everything. I have fibromyalgia which also causes these symptoms but I have learned that Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent amongst those with fibromyalgia. ** The studdering and stammering stop within 1 week of taking the Vitamin D.** To describe my state simply: I thought I was suffering from dementia ( a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normal aging).

    Be sure to check this very informative page out… you won’t be disappointed.

  • dancergirl1495

    I have Lyme and co-infections along with Celiac Disease. My D runs very low. Since I have multiple stomach issues, I was having trouble absorbing vitamin D orally. For the past few months I have been taking mycellized vitamin D along with gluten sensitivity packs from Numedica (I don’t take the D pill or DHA pill in the pack). My D levels are coming up. Increasing my dose to 2 drops per day. Even with one drop per day the regimen seems to be working according to my blood work. Just food for thought if you have malabsorption issues.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Laura, Be Well Health Coach

  • Shawna

    Hi LL, I wish my doctor had told me I will experience more pain when taking my Vitamin D supplements. But I don’t think my Primary Care Doctor knows much about Vitamin D deficiency. In November I started to not feel good. I didn’t know what was going on with me so I went to a neurologist and he ordered several tests and an MRI. Everything came back ok except for Vitamin D…which I was a 6. He wrote me a prescription for the 50,000 once a week dose. After about two doses..I felt really bad joint pain in my knee. I felt like an old lady. I called my doctor and she told me I could lower the dose to 4000 a day. Still had aches and pains so I decided to stop for a week. Now I am having achy legs. So I will start taking the supplement again.

  • Jodi Proud Mum Harper

    Hey, i had my bloods done last yr and had low vit D and was put on 2 pills a day for 3 months but i didnt return for bloods. i recently had bloods taken again and was told had severe vit d defiencency, so am now on 4 a day and bloods ot be done again in 3 months. Im so fatigue i cant stay awake for more than 5hrs a time, but then again hav trouble sleeping at night, In space of a year i gone from dress size 12 to 16, i have extreme hot flushes and sweating all day long so cant wear many types of clothes and got acne in last year. I have marina coil, so im wondering, what is likely the vit d causing it and whats not x

  • LL

    People don’t realise they feel worse before they get better & stop taking the supplements. 2 yrs after starting vit d and calcium supplements, apart from the odd twinge, I consider myself back to normal. Keep taking the vit d 3 and slowly but surely you will get better. I was given calcium as well but I was never told my level of calcium and always presumed vit d and calcium went hand in hand. Perhaps you should check that out as well. I have gone from not eating cheese to eating cheese & having full fat milk. Good Luck!

  • Ashley

    Hello I was reading thing because I know that I have low vitamin D. My Dr gave me a high dose to take for several days and then take regular vitamin d over the counter after that. That was approx 3 months ago and I take my vitamins religiously. Now all of a sudden again I am feeling so fatigued I can barely function, have diarrhea with a lot of things I eat and major headaches at least 3 times a week. Is this just vitamin D deficiencies you think, or something more?

  • himani droch

    i hv very low vitamin d 25 and feeling very sick and tired i m totally veg and don’t want to eat egg, fish and chicken how i recover this deficiency

  • monique

    I’m only 45 and have just took my first 50,000 unit pill. I thought I had hypothyroidism. My doctor did all tests. I have no symptoms. Except for weight gain, horrible constipation, depression lack of sleep, fatigue and I am cold all the time. What else can I do?

  • Shropshire Lass

    I assume you know your alpha hydroxy Vit D levels? My betting is they are in your boots, around 15-20 ng/ml. Optimum is 75-100 ng/ml in my books. If they are low then you need to start with loading doses of Vitamim D3 (not Vitamin D2). Biotech D3 50.000 iu.. once daily for two weeks then twice weekly after that. Vit D levels should be checked around 3 months into this regime and adjusted up or down accordingly.

  • Shropshire Lass

    As I told Monique, start with loading doses of Vitamin D3 (not Vitamin D2). Biotech D3
    50.000 iu.. once daily for two weeks then twice weekly after that. Vit D
    levels should be checked around 3 months into this regime and adjusted
    up or down accordingly. Egg, fish and chicken are NOT good sources! Your best source, if you don’t normally eat seal blubber or venison liver, is a D3 supplement. If you use sunscreen, unles syou actually have a history of melanoma, STOP! Exposure for 20 minutes of your torso, arms and legs, in summer in North America, WITHOUT SUNSCREEN, will allow you to produce 15-25,000 iu of Vitamin D in your skin.. that is mainly how our ancestors did it.. along with rich, oily fish, wild animal/seabird liver and seal blubber if they lived WELL north :)

  • Shropshire Lass

    Over the counter should be a MINIMUM of 10,000 iu of Vitamin D3 daily. How much do you take?

  • Shropshire Lass

    Jodi, did you start with loading doses of Vitamin D3? If so how much? The protocol I recommend to my clients is 50.000 iu.. once daily for two weeks then twice weekly after that. Vit D levels should be checked around 3 months into this regime and adjusted up or down accordingly. Other issues involved here can include low Magneesium. Google Magnesium deficiency Symptoms. Magnesium needs Vit D to work and Vit D needs Magnesium. Deficiencies in both run hand in hand. Most Americans are magnesium deficient because of modern intensive agriculture and Round up Ready GMO crops that have a very low mineral content when compared to organically grown crops. 90% of Corn, Soy and Canola is GMO. Ask your doc to go ahead and check RED BLOOD CELL MAGNESIUM levels. I will bet they are low! Magnesium Citrate powder dissolved in water is a cheap and easy to do supplement.. 1/2 tsp twice daily. Also google Magnesium Oil aka Magnesium Chloride.. spraying with this compounds results in rapid elevation of Magnesium levels to normal, typically around a month. Low Vitamin D levels cause PCOS.

  • Shropshire Lass

    Mine too Jean. I STOPPED my MS in its tracks by getting my Vit D levels up to 75ng/ml!

  • Shropshire Lass

    MM, “I” have never seen a level that low.. holy crap! PLEASE start supplementing with 1/2 tsp Magnesium Citrate powder daily! You just dissolve it in water. Magnesium deficiency is endemic in the western world. Vit D needs Magnesium, and Magnesium needs Vitamin D! Also, buy Magnesium Chloride flakes, also available in the UK on Ebay or Amazon. I buy mine here in the US from a Japanese importer.. they call it “Nigari” and use it to make Tofu! Dirt cheap this way.. the expensive way is to buy “Dead Sea Salts”. Take 250 grams (8 oz) of Magnesium Chloride or Nigari and place in a measuring jug. Top up to one quart (1 litre) with warm water and pour into a spray bottle.After showering, dry off and spray torso, arms amd legs, rubbing in this “Magnesium oil”. Your tremors will disappear, along with your twitches. Your brain will start to behave better. please look at my earlier resonses. You should be on the prorocol I suggest.. 50,000 iu daily for TWO weeks then 50,000 iu twice weekly. Even at this level it could take 6 months to achieve a decent level.. 75 to 100 ng/ml.

  • Shropshire Lass

    MAGNESIUM is the key! Please check my previous posts!

  • Shropshire Lass

    Nance, PLEASE check out my earlier comments. 5000 iu is a drop in the ocean with that level!

  • ladysliper

    You need to seek out another Doctor ! When a doctor is not willing to help you.. It is your life and Body and you need to see another doctor or tell the one your seeing that you want a percription for 50,000 units of Vitamin D for 8 to 12 weeks and then get Re-tested to see where your Vit D levels are. Only once they have been corrected, can you then take the regular 500 units over the counter stuff to maintain your levels. Its Rediculas these days that doctors only want to perscribe Drugs for every ach and pain and not Vitamins.

  • kiback

    I have been without vitamin d from the results of my blood tests for as long as I can remember. I did have terrible bout with Nocardia a couple of years ago. Was in a coma for 100days and have been called a miracle by anyone familiar with the terrible time I had. Its a long story but could a lack of vitmin D be a reason I came down with such a rare dx.. No one can figure how I came down with it. I have chronic panreatitis can that cause a lack of vitamin D? Ive been taking 10.000units everday for a couple of months now and plan on requesting a blood test to see if Im doing any better.

  • jim

    This what I think I have. Been to the Dr numerous times…they say it’s anxiety. Did have vitamin d checked and it was Low so now taking d in the winter. Symtoms seemed to get better in the summer…now winter is back I have the same symtoms as last but am taking vit. D. I’m active outdoors…and have pulled off many ticks in my day. Been tested for lymes but test came back negative last year. Having another blood test done for lymes….just crazy how Dr’s just put.crap out there like anxiety…When I told him I know it’s not anxiety….He seen me at least 12 times…and took blood and scans x rays etc etc…nothing ever diagnosed but anxiety….I’m freaking wore out bad…feel sick constantly.

  • LL

    A question for Shropshire Lass. I have just about recovered from Osteomalacia & vit d is in an ok range. The doctor has stopped prescription so it is now up to me what supplements I take. How much vit d would you take? I can’t decide to do what is recommended in Britain or USA. One might be too low & afraid the other might be overdoing it.

  • Trey

    Hello all, I’m 34 yrs old male (35 in July) 5’9 150 pounds. I do suffer from depression & anxiety attacks so I take 150 mg of Welbutrin 3 times a day & 1mg of Xanax 3 times a day as needed. Over the last few months I’ve noticed “menopause’ like symptom ie: Hot Flashes, weight gain, lost of appetite, mood swings, etc. I just went to my Dr. 3 days ago. They took blood work and I do have a slightly low Testosterone level & was told Vitamin D was low (never told an actual number). I’ve been put on Vitamin D supplement of 50,000 iu once a week for 8 weeks & then 50,000 iu every other week for 8 weeks. I’m to return to the Dr. in a month for another round of blood work to see if my Vitamin D has increased to a good level & see if my Testosterone has increased/decreased/or is the same. After reading these comments where people say they are so tired & weak that it’s hard to even get out of bed and/or confusion at work and even the flu. I did get the flu the end of Jan. 2014 — first time I’ve had it in over 20 years. There are days that it is a struggle to make it through a day of work (I’m a supervisor/head server at a private country club — so lifting heavy trays is common). So I do suffer from muscle strains from time to time. Some days I feel like a Mack Truck has hit me & could honestly sleep the day away! Also not sure if this matters or not but had my Galbladder removed mid November 2012. Does anybody know if having had my Galbladder removed could cause any adverse reactions to taking my new Rx of Vitamin D? Could increasing my Vitamin D help with the “Menopause” like symptoms ? There are times when I can just wear a pair of boxers around the house with a fan on me & I’m still Hot as Hell & it’s only 73 degrees inside (right now it’s winter and ranging from the 20′s to 40′s degrees outside) my husband will be wearing long sleeved shirt and Fleece PJ Bottoms with a heavy blanket on and thinks I’m crazy for wearing so little & still complaining of being hot! Any help would be appreciated! And if anybody is on the same vitamin D therapy as I am, do you have any side effects that are bothersome to live with?

  • Tori Downing-Bean

    I am a nurse with 18 years experience…10 of them in neurology. The recommended level for normal Vit. D levels is >75. Currently mine is at 10 and I also have MS and Fibromyalgia. I believe my neurologist is going to be putting me on D3 50,000 IU three times a week and then down to 5,000 IU daily with rechecking the levels frequently. Even then, I think that 10,000 IU daily would be better since I’m not maintaining the correct levels on what I’m currently taking. It’s very hard to become toxic when taking D3 unless you take a huge amount and are out in the sun all day. Otherwise, most people do not get enough Vit. D3 at all. Also, D3 is the natural form, where as D2 is synthetic. Always make sure to take D3. Encourage your docs to increase your doses…it’s an easy blood draw to see where your levels are and if they need to go up or down on the dose.

  • Jeff Z

    I had flu like symptoms, horrible fatigue last summer and went to my doctor when I found a horrible bruise on the back of my leg. My doctor ran some test and called a few days later stating I tested positive for Lyme’s disease and that she needed to see me right away. After diagnosing the rest of my symptoms which included horrible headaches she admitted me to the hospital and had a Pic line put in my heart and treated me with Rocefen (sp) for a month then an oral antibiotic for a month after that. It has been eight months now and I have yet to shake the fatigue. We have been treat low T numbers now for the last 6 months and have increased my count from 105 to 600, I exercise three times a week treadmill and light weights, eat healthy during the week and not always so healthy during the weekend. I still and struggling with horrible fatigue and work with the doctors. I find my self sleeping way too much, 12 to 14 hours in a day. They have just told me that my vitamin D is only 18 and I start a prescription of 50,000 a week for a month tomorrow then more blood work. I hope they are on to something.

  • Marie002

    Hi, i also just got my results back which should have been picked up years ago from my calcium levels my level is 5!!!!!!!
    I am in the Uk and here we treat with tablets D3 800ui 5 x daily for 4 months
    Though i have had every possible symptom
    feeling so unwell and really hope this works
    I am getting my D3 from my dr but where can i buy for my family thats safe and full of fillers?
    Thanks peeps

  • terri

    I read so many pages on vD but this has helped me more than any. My d level is 5. I have felt like falling over dead for quite sometime. Imagined so many things but never this. All the Dr said was take vitamins d. Not how much or how long. I took 4000iu the first day and doubled it yesterday. I feel a little better today but thinking about taking more. I would love it if someone let me know what to do.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Lipman generally recommends that patients with low Vitamin D levels follow a supplementation regimen for 3 to 6 months and the re-test their levels and adjust accordingly. Best of luck!

  • annoykous

    I ha e steady back pains and mustle pains, I associate it with regular use of cigarettes though but on reading this I want to assume it might be from lack of vitamin D.I red urgent assistance and advice because the pains are fast becoming unbearable.

  • terri

    Do I need to take 10,000 ui a day?

  • nikki

    I felt the same way .one day I woke up and same thing.7 yrs later I have been suffering with fibromyalgia. It is a widespread pain all over your body u feel like u have the flu constantly.your muscles and joints ache all the time.your mobility is limited.going to grocrey store can wipe u right out.get tested for that.u never sounds similar to me.nikki

  • Anonymous

    It is best to work with a doctor to come up with a plan designed for you. Best of luck.

  • April Jones

    I have a question. I was very deficient of vitamin D. At a 21. I was having seizure, memory retention problems, and the whole lot that comes with low vitamin d. They put me on 50,000 IU a week to boost me, for 8 weeks. Now I take 5,000 a day per doctor recommendation. Is it ok thought to take an extra 5,000 every once in a while to give me a little kick, or is that basically over kill and useless. The last time I was checked I was back up to 41, but I’d like to be much higher.

  • Anonymous

    Hi April,

    While we can’t make individual recommendations on the blog, here is another post you may find helpful:

    Be Well,
    ~ Jackie, Be Well Health Coach

  • Karen

    I felt tired every day and was actually going to bed every afternoon. Eventually I had enough and went to drs, blood test results confirmed my vit D level was 17, and I have just started taking 20,000 u twice a week.
    Can’t wait to feel well again :)

  • Samantha

    Hello Doctor, my level is 34 and the reference for deficiency of my blood report is lower than 25 so my doctor told me not to do anything about it. Now I’m only on vitamin D3 2000 IU a day. I heard that vitamin D3 overdose will cause liver stone. Should I take 10,000 IU a day instead?

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Samantha,
    Consistent supplementation with Vitamin D is helpful but we cannot provide precise dosing instructions without seeing you as a patient. I recommend finding a functional medicine doctor through the “find a practitioner” link on

  • Robin C

    What are the symptoms of vit d toxicity?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Robin,

    Some common symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity are fatigue, decreased appetite, muscle weakness and vomiting – since these symptoms can be due to many other factors besides too much Vitamin D, if you have any concern I recommend getting your Vitamin D level checked through blood work.

    ~ Jackie, Be Well Health Coach

  • Liza Liza

    My PCP ordered a Vit D test and my results were also sent to my nephrologist (sp?) who put me on a therapy of 50,000 units 1 x weekly for 12 weeks as my level was 6. I was told to continue my everyday caltrate cal w/D to supplement my therapy and to get my blood tested again in 3 months. BTW i have R.A, Osteo, Hypothyroidism, Fibro, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, obesity, bursitis and high blood pressure

  • Margaret romeyn

    My levels were a -4 hr Dr. Said hr has never seen levels that low. I have ms and other bone issues in spine and hip he is starting pon pills, but also mentioned iv also, l can’t tell you all the symptoms I have had for the last 5 yrs. As it would take pages!

  • JellyBean

    Thought my fatigue, depression, stomach issues, etc. would be hypothyroidism (from my self diagnosed research!), but Thyroid levels came back normal EXCEPT for Thyroglobulin Antibodies (high 3.6). And “The lowest Vit. D level my doc has seen in a long time” 14.2 Now I’m trying to figure out if they are related. Also suspect Celiac. Anyone with thyroid issues as well???

  • Diana Dee

    My doctor put me on 15,000 IUs! That’s what is recommended on the medical websites.

  • Margaret romeyn

    Hi. I just had my test done and it was a negative 4 , I also have MS. I have been started on gell capsules twice a week. The Dr. Said he has never seen levels that low and he wanted to see at least a 20. I am not sure , l am in constant pain, horrible spasms and leg cramps, I have no energy and am barely able to stand more than 10 minutes at my best. Can this be mostly from the vitamin D deficiency? I have many more complaints which read like your list, should I be getting these done IV

  • Jennifer2384

    Diana, I know your post is from a year ago, however, some of the stmptoms you are describing could be a more serious problem. Sensitivity to heat in that severity is a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, along with the fatigue, weakness and body aches. Those symptoms along with the rashes could point to Lupus. I don’t mean to be scary, but I’ve seen these thing personally. Good luck, hope you are feeling better.

  • Stephanie Ziemba

    I believe doctors are going with the its in your head, diagnosis because they make money off the amount of prescriptions they write for anti-depressants.

  • Laur

    Thank You everyone for your comments. This makes me realize I’m not crazy and losing it. I’ve been suffering from body aches, joint pain, rash, hair loss, fatigue and headache for 12 years….Im waiting for my test results back for lupus, but my vitamin D level did come back as low. I don’t know if its more but I have to say you don’t realize maybe how many symptoms you can get from a simple thing being low in a particular vitamin. There so many symptoms just from vit d defiency its crazy. Thanks to all for your posts its making me realize I’m not alone.
    thx -L

  • james


  • james


  • bellasmom

    when I had mine tested 4 years ago my level was 6.
    I felt like I was going to die. I got put on a 50,000 UI once a week now 4 years later in on 2,000 UI everyday and my level is only 17. As soon as I stop taking it it drops rapidly again. Anyone know why? I’ve been tested for everything. Cancers Lyme lupus thyroid had a full metabolic and liver vitamins are fine aside from D what’s going on?. Still have muscle pain migraines heart palps hot flashes and sweats dizziness insomia etc. Still dont feel good in physical therapy because it got so bad I couldn’t pick up my 3year old. .any help?

  • Yolanda A

    Hello Deborah,
    even though its been two years, I hope everything is going better for you. For the past 6 months I have been getting vitamin D suppliment as well, I had depression, weight gain and lots of stress, being from the north, winter did not help. It is very upsetting to read all of the effects of vitamin D deficiency I had received from a pamphlet my doctor gave me, but very happy to know that it can be helped and that there is support here.

  • desireet86

    Recently i was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder. I also am vit d deficient. The thing is it took my docs ten years of refferal to specialist and random diagnoses to figure it out. I have been put on more meds than I ever should have thanks to docs and their script pad. But just like all of u I had the same flu like symptoms, body and muscle aches, so on and so forth. The only difference was I have tremors and I’m only 27. I have been poked and prodded to the point of it being like torture. The sad part is my doc only ran the (aitd) to cover his butt cause I am on pain meds. It took one simple blood test and now every symptom is so clearly related I wonder how docs miss things like that.

  • desireet86

    When they check ur thyriod for autoimmune thyriod or just like lupus panel, cause urs sounds exactly like my symptoms and i just tested positive for autoimmune thyriod disorder. But it took many years even though they tested my thyriod because they didnt run the right test on it so my labs came back negative

  • jokenmom

    Elisabeth, are you feeling better now that you’re on the 50,000 and your number originally was a four????

  • Nadine Gonzalez-Ando

    “4.7″ This is how low my test results came back this week. Flu-like symptoms I know too well. I’ve had good days but mostly bad ones where I know I’ve had a good nights sleep but still wake up tired & before the end of the day I am fatigued. I eat well but have gained 60-lbs I thought it was because of menopause and my metabolism flatlines – but maybe not the case after all. Funny thing is… I went to Dr. because of a shoulder problem that turns out to be bursitis. Now I find out lack of vitamin D can cause bursitis. Dr. advised me to take 4,000 I.U. per day but I upped it to 6,000 I.U. All I know right now is I’m glad I found out before something really serious happened. I feel like I’ve reached a breakthrough. Wish you the best and good health to all.

  • LL

    Have you been tested for cealiac diesease?

  • Howard

    I am 55yrs old. 6 feet tall and 310lbs. I have had Psoriasis for about 4yrs. I work hard as a heavy equipment mechanic. A lot of climbing, crawling, heavy lifting and long hours. I did not have any Psoriasis until I had gall bladder surgery.( Not sure if there is a connection.) I do not drink milk! (I was raised with fresh milk and the milk you buy is not good to me!) The only dairy products I use are cheese and butter. I wear coveralls at work. My body is covered from head to toe. My Dr. has me using a vitamin D cream. At first there was a difference, not so much after a couple of years. I have noticed lately that I do not sleep well, have muscle aches, joint pain and more spots of Psoriasis starting. I seem to be tired a lot (blaming that on lack of sleep). Should I start a vitamin D supplement? Tired of $300.00 Dr. visits!!!!

  • Anonymous

    CJ….Please get your ANA levels rechecked when you are feverish or in a flare. Mine was positive at my GP’s office when I was very ill and in flare. He referred me to a Rhem, but I couldn’t get in for 3 mo. By that time, I was better, (still sick with my “normal” every day sickness such as Interstial Cystitis and Fibro, but no longer “flaring” with rashes or joint pain, or due to fever. This time it was NOT positive. Then, 2mo later, I was in a bad flare due to pneumonia and in the hospital. When they checked it there, it was positive again! (The nurse later told me that they didn’t know had been checked
    before and was positive or negative. The hospitalist just checked It due to my symptoms. Apparently, in some people it only seems to be positive during an active flare. or episode of extreme illness. After that, I was d/xed with Lupus. So, please have them check yours again when you are very sick. U may have to insist, but if it saves you years of suffering with a wrong d/x, then it will be worth the moment of feeling uncomfortable while you demand to be retested. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

  • Anonymous

    Connie, Like you and the others, I have been battling the all over pain, exhaustion, etc. for a while and just found out I am very low on Vit D. I pray this will help restore my health. But, one Big difference is that the pain pretty much has immobilized me. I hurt so bad, I don’t want to move. Please, please don’t let this happen to you. I used to be very active and worked 14 hr days on my feet in sales. Now I am doing good if I can do a load of laundry without resting every 20 min! I am telling you this b/c you need to know that as hard as it is to keep moving when you are hurting, you must, b/c when you stop, you gain weight, lose muscle tone, and then you start hurting even MORE which makes you want to move even less! So just want to give you one piece of advice… your best to keep moving as much as possible. I promise you that it will help you more than you can ever know! Of course you should take a break when you need to, but just be sure to get back up…..don’t give into the pain while you have a choice, or eventually, you will end up like me and not have a choice anymore. Hope you and all the others here feel better soon! God bless you all!

  • Elvy

    I was going through these symptoms – obesity, cramps, muscle pain, fatigue, no sleep, dry skin, scaling , diabetes – and I met a Doctor three days ago and he mentioned I should immediately check my Vit D level – and found it is 7.5.
    Starting medication and supplements from tomorrow, and will report my improvements. I was searching for Vit D affects, and landed on this page.

  • Patty

    Honestly ladies, not sure how many of you get your exercise in or eat healthy, but, that is the key. We get into a routine, fast food, go to work and to tired to do anything after work. 2 years ago, I had what the Dr called a thyroid crash, D levels were extremely low, she put me on D vitamins, and Synthroid for cysts on my thyroid, however, that didn’t help with my extreme exhaustion. So, I decided to start walking and changing what I eat and my life style, trust me it was brutal, I joined a gym, the first year was horrible, I cried going because I was so tired, but, I pushed myself. I started seeing results in how I felt and how I look. The more I did, the more I wanted to do and the better I felt, my life has completely changed, last Summer, for the first time in 15 years, I went shopping for bathing suits, I bought 5 bikini’s, made my daughter look to see if it was ok, she is 28, it blew her away. I may be 50, but, my body looks easily 30. I feel amazing. Start moving ladies, I promise you will feel better.

  • Patty

    Honestly ladies, not sure how many of you get your exercise in or eat healthy, but, that is the key. We get into a routine, fast food, go to work and to tired to do anything after work. 2 years ago, I had what the Dr called a thyroid crash, D levels were extremely low, she put me on D vitamins, and Synthroid for cysts on my thyroid, however, that didn’t help with my extreme exhaustion. So, I decided to start walking and changing what I eat and my life style, trust me it was brutal, I joined a gym, the first year was horrible, I cried going because I was so tired, but, I pushed myself. I started seeing results in how I felt and how I look. The more I did, the more I wanted to do and the better I felt, my life has completely changed, last Summer, for the first time in 15 years, I went shopping for bathing suits, I bought 5 bikini’s, made my daughter look to see if it was ok, she is 28, it blew her away. I may be 50, but, my body looks easily 30. I feel amazing. Start moving ladies, I promise you will feel better.

  • Sue

    Make sure you are taking Vit D3. Last year my doctor prescribed me 50,000 iu taken once per week. My levels did not go up much at all. After doing my own research, I needed Vit D3. My level is again at 15 because I didn’t continue with the supplement. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyaglia and chronic fatigue with constant headaches, depression, lack of concentration, etc. which all are symtoms of low Vit D. I’ve had every just about test and scan there is and they all come back normal except the Vit D. I started taking 10,000 iu every day again and will continue until I my levels reach at least 60 – 75. Hopefully will start feeling better.

  • Jared White

    Directlabs offers some affordable and reliable testing as well! (only $59)

  • Tammi Velez

    I’m on 50,000 IU 3 X a week for 8 weeks.

  • Angie

    I have a question. I had my VIT D, 25-HYDROXY and my values was an 8. What does that mean?

  • April

    Check your calcium! You may have parathyroid disease if your calcium is too high. You may have an adenoma on your parathyroid that is causing your symptoms and needs to be removed. Just had two taken care of this past year and finally have no more fatigue!

  • J Renee Wilson

    Has anybody had tingling in their feet and hands bc Vit D was low. Mine is at a 18. I have crazy things that happens sometimes. Like shooting pains or burning feelings on my skin. Can somebody help. I’m getting worried. Oh i’m on 50,000 IU once a week for 3 month.

  • bputley

    If you are not taking vitamin d3 no need to worry about overdosing the one they prescribe is d2 the d3 only can get from the sun or fish

  • brad

    Your d levels consist of vitamin d3. Stay way from d2 it does no good for you. 15 minutes in sun daily and eating fish 3 times week is sufficient in d3 that boost vit. D levels

  • janmmg

    Omg this happened to me. I was having a bad flare and was hospitalized and they checked my ANA and told me i had lupus. Then by the time i went to the rhuem. They said i didnt have lupus. But sometimes get flares and they still say no lupus. But my pcp dr told me some people have to have a bad flare for them to see it. I also have no vitamin d in my body .

  • Eldee Ben

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  • Dana

    I was just diagnosed w/ Vit. D deficiency. Dr. said it was so low it didn’t even register really. Said it was 3! I am so excited about getting on a Vitamin D regimen. I have been feeling so so badly for so long. I can literally sleep the clock around if allowed and never feel rested. I have terrible body and muscle aches, bowel issues and the list goes on. I just hope this works. I so need a change. Would be nice to find out that I’m not just lazy,

  • Kevin White

    Drea, I would seriously think about rhaps buying some kind of weapon, to take with you on your next visit, to insure you get what you are being seen for !… To me it sounds like it might not even be a Doctor…. In my opinion it sounds more like a “MONEY LOVING DIRTY NAZI FUCK” disrespecting you, and disregarding his or her Hippocratic oath!…. Good luck to you Drea, and God bless!…
    Below is a link to that very oath to which they have sworn..

  • tweets

    Well what happens if your level is below 4 ? Thats what mine is.

  • marium huzaifa

    I have some queries. does anyone go through this when they have a low vit d. if I do my house chores a little more. I get blackouts, high pulse rate and my hands start to tremble. need help. plz reply.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Marium, it sounds like you should schedule a doctor visit to get checked out. Best of luck to you.

  • debbie

    I also have been reading comments and really helps to know what others have gone thru I have been feeling bad and getting worse over the course of 10 years (too many things to list) and have ran the gambit with Drs. I just had blood work done and my D was at 2 ! but dr. said no follow up and didn’t ask if I was taking d or not….. I have been since 2 years ago when I broke bones and they did a scan, osteopenia now I am hearing about parathyroid tumors and possible causes that sound so familiar! heading back to new dr.

  • Laura

    Dana, 3 is really low. I’ve only seen in the 20s on my blood work, but even that level makes me feel exhausted, depressed, and like I can’t get out of bed…like I’ve been drugged. I take extra D3 when I’m low, but it always gets down again. I have Celiac disease, which is supposed to cause low levels. I would suggest getting tested for Celiac. It starts with a simple blood test. If that looks positive for Celiac, the next step is Endoscopy (really not bad).

  • santosh

    Hi ,
    My 25 hydroxy vitamin d level is 13 ng/ml.
    It may a cause liver/kidney malfunctioning or not please guide.
    also taking medicine is sufficient or should i take some other test also.

  • teeda

    Hi, I was just diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. My level of Vitamin D is 17. My skin is very dry, my lips are cracked with little bumps that burn, my eyelids are dry, tired, ache everywhere, very little strength. Wearing a bracelet feel heavy on my wrists. I have wondered if I am getting early dementia because it is so hard to concentrate and remember things easily. I thought it might be my thyroid so I went for blood tests which revealed perfectly healthy and normal with exception of Vitamin D being very low. Well 3 years ago, I had the same results, but my low level was only 30. The 50,000 unit the dr. gave me to make levels go up immediately made me itch everywhere for days. So, this time he has prescribed 4,000 units per day until my levels come back up. How long at this lower dosage do you think it will take for me to start feeling better?

  • Mary

    Hi, I am a 58 y/o lady, wife, mother to three grown daughters and five grandchildren. I have not been well for quite some time; have most of the sx I have read here. I just had bloodwork done and my vit D is 6; my thyroid level is low also. My doc put me on 50,000 IU Vit D weekly for 12 weeks then will repeat blood work with thyroid level also. My abdomen is so distended I look 12 months pregnant (not really funny) and I have a sore that will not heal on my lower right abdomen and knife like shooting pain up the right side of my abdomen. I have a bad back and am on medication; need surgery but have to lose weight first which is hard when you are in so much pain you can barely function, but my doc says to “work through it”. I will read any and all posts about others unfortunate enough to have similar problems as I think we feel better if we can bond with others with the same affliction. I had to quit work and spend many days crying as my family goes about their business and my friends have moves on leaving me a very lonely and depressed person; not on the “pity pot” it’s just what it is. Hope to hear from others and maybe be able to help by understanding this horrible illness and chatting with people who don’t get the “you just need to get up and move” line.

  • Sudie

    can vitamin d being too low cause my head to itch. I do not have lice head itches so bad.

  • Nichele Rose

    And MS and Lupus are usually Lyme Disease. Look into it. Igenex testing is needed.

  • Jack

    In August, 2011 my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I don’t know what her vitamin d level was at the time, and I had just begun to learn a bit about d3 but after surgery, and early in her chemo, I found some 10,000 iu d3 soft-gels in Sams and gave her one a day for 3-4 months, all the while researching “vitamin d deficiency. After 3 months I had her blood tested and the results was an amazing 96 ng/ml.
    I almost cried when I read those results! Wonderful!!..
    She has been in remission since February, 2013 and sees her doctor every 4 months, but I continue her supplement regimine 3 times a day. I vary the d3 dosage from 7,000 to 10,000iu daily.
    Most doctors don’t know- – - -or don’t want to know. Do your research; and for goodness sake don’t look for a prescription!

  • Rev Dave

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  • Me

    My vitamin D was tested at a 9! My endocrinoligist said she had never seen one that low. I am starting 50k script dosage then 5k for 3 months then 3 k for however necessary.
    I have hypothyroidism and thought my symptoms were from that. Not true.
    I broke my back on Jan 4. A compression fracture of the L4 without trama. She thinks that my depressed thyroid and the severe vitamin D are the cause. The perfect storm come together.
    I thank God that I went to my husbands endrocrinolist before I had a heart attack. Yes, vitamin D definciency can cause fatal heart attacks!
    Listen to your body and what it is telling you. I thought it was my thyroid. Symptoms were very similar.
    Starting 50k of vitamin D for weeks then 5k for 3 months then 3k for however long. Don’t want to feel like this anymore.
    Getting 20 minutes of sunshine 3 or 4 times a week. Not just arms (the arms don’t absorb as well due to build up of resistance), maybe 30 minutes. No sun screen. It inhibits the absorbtion rate of the sun.
    Good luck to all.

  • Clifford Olivia


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  • Clifford Olivia


    name is CLIFFORD OLIVIA am from USA. I am so very happy to share this
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  • Angelia Sherertz

    My apology, but (as a lay person) I strongly disagree with never monitoring OHD 1,25 D levels. IMHO, unfortunately, medical school perpetuates the myth it is usually only elevated in Sarcoidosis / granulomatous disease / Multiple Myleoma, etc. when these are not the only scenarios in which it’s appropriate to measure both inactive and active Vit D.

    A good number of patients who happen to have PHPT (Primary Hyperparathyroidism), with even slightly elevated total calcium levels in the 10 range, with also possibly elevated ionized calcium levels & inappropriately elevated PTH (parathyroid hormone) levels, may also have a dysregulation in OH 1,25. It is postulated in many reports it is the low Vit D 25 which results in the upregulation of the D 1,25. Failing to measure the physiological active form–OHD 1,25–is an opportunity missed for the patient who, unknowingly, may have PHPT, as well as robs the provider of the opportunity to appropriately assist the patient.

  • Angelia Sherertz

    Would agree, and to further expound, check total calcium, ionized calcium & PTH (Parathyroid hormone). The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES) has an informative webpage, also containing guidelines & other information.

    Osteopenia / Osteoporosis can also be another possible indicator of Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Having a 3-point DEXA scan (inclusive of cortical bone in wrist and bones in the fingers) in many instances is also helpful. In PHPT, loss of bone to the forearm can show up much earlier than loss to hips & spine.

  • Angelia Sherertz

    I would disagree an Ergocalciferol (D2) “does no good for you”, without knowing if a person may have an underlying malabsorption issue / celiac / a conversion issue, etc. It’s up to a medical provider to determine what type, D2 vs D3, one should take & on a case-by-case basis as well as appropriate monitoring of levels once supplementing takes place.

  • denise

    I have been suffering from pain, aches, extreme tiredness…went to a new Dr…tests showed low thyroid function…so taking nature thyroid for that, then he said I had cortisol so high that it was dangerous….also had no female hormones at all. zero, and that I had almost no DHEA and zero Vit D. I am on 5,000 D3 daily now…..thyroid meds…( not synthetic ones) DHEA 25 mg daily, and bio identical hormones. Will go back in 3 months and see whats up…..then will adjust …He seems to take a very cautious approach. Vitamin D can be toxic, it is fat soluble and thus stored in the body….Best to not take too much too fast….and be tested every 3 months for all the levels of whatever is your problem….once you reach a stable amount for your body you should feel better….everyone is different…..and it does take several months to start to see the change….My Dr said he didn’t know how I got out of bed at all…..I said cortisol…he laughed and said I was right, but it was not how you want to fuel your body… Take care everyone…..

  • Tracy

    After months of feeling so tired, feeling weak, having weird pains in my legs and joints, having a problem getting over a cold and having my allergies and asthma flare up for no reason, I had a blood test and was told my vitamin D levels were too low at 12. I just took my first 50,000 IU supplement last night. I’m to take one pill a week for 3 months and then retest. I will also be sure I get 20 minutes or so of sunlight exposure without sunscreen several times a week and be sure to eat salmon fish once a week. I’m outside a lot on the weekends but always have on SPF 70 sunscreen on exposed skin. I get no sun during the week. I guess I’m too sun protected. I’ll ask my doctor if we should do any other tests that you all have mentioned just to be sure everything is in balance. I like her and have a lot of confidence in her. Hopefully I’ll feel more like myself soon!

  • winter smith

    Jim’s read up on magnesium deficiency stress deplets your body of this vital mineral.

  • winter smith

    Did you no that aspartame is linked to lupus and ms symptoms.

  • winter smith

    Did you no that aspartame is linked to lupus and ms symptoms.

  • Alyssa

    My vit. D level was a 11. I take 10,000 units caps a day. It’s only been 4 days and I can already tell the difference. I was always tired, and had no energy. I’m still tired all the time, but not nearly as tired. I’m hoping as time goes on it’ll continue to help a lot more. I always have a very weak immune system so I hope this helps that as well!

  • guinnessandme

    I’m 34. My vitamin D levels have been dropping since my thyroidectomy. 5/2014 it was 14. I started to take 50,000IU of Vitamin D and now on 8/2014 it was 26. Still low. I’m curious if anyone out there has the same situation after thyroidectomy. Thanks.

  • Mary Finn

    I was just diagnosed with this. I nearly dropped dead of shock. In fact, I was concerned I might be getting TOO MUCH sun since I am of Northern European heritage and spend a great deal of time outdoors visiting gardens and beaches in the warmer months. Who could imagine?

  • adelina

    I’m so sorry all of that has happened to you but you need to get in touch with that doctors chief medical director and issue a complaint against that doctor you deserve better care than what was provided to you.remember doctors are not gods they make mistakes and need to be held accountable take care of yourself.God bless

  • tam

    my husband just met with his new doctor, she checked his VIT D levels she said they came back at ZERO, he is seriously deficient, his potassium levels are extremely high, He has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and they said there was Bone enzymes in his bloodwork. All in all he is very ill

  • Patient Advocate

    I would respectfully disagree that checking OHD 1,25 levels along with Vit D25 is not necessary, at least in the context of Primary Hyperparathyroid Disease when it is accompanied by even slightly elevated calcium levels and inappropriately elevated PTH (Parathyroid Hormone). As in some PHPT patients there is a compensatory up-regulation of the PTH and OHD 1,25 together, resulting in low Vit D 25.

  • Patient Advocate

    I would respectfully disagree that checking OHD 1,25 levels along with Vit D25 is not necessary, at least in the context of Primary Hyperparathyroid Disease when it is accompanied by even slightly elevated calcium levels and inappropriately elevated PTH (Parathyroid Hormone). As in some PHPT patients there is a compensatory up-regulation of the PTH and OHD 1,25 together, resulting in low Vit D 25.

  • jeanine

    Anxiety is a symptom of a severe vitamin d deficiency!!!

  • Debbie~

    My Vitamin D level was 9, but after 12 weeks of taking 50,000 U of vitamin D it’s up to 25! ( Better, but not quite on the chart yet). My symptoms were leg, and knee pain, I’ve been on a C-pap machine for years, weight gain,( let’s not even go there)! I hurt so bad, I didn’t’ even want to get off the couch…After starting my vit D, I noticed a huge change, my leg, and knee pain left, I had energy, I’m feeling stronger every day, I started JJ Virgins diet, and have lost 40 lbs…I’m going to continue building up my vit. D, to a normal range, I’m so looking forward to the future, it’s looking so much brighter! Best of luck everyone, wishing you all much better health & happiness!!! xo

  • Donna Schwartrz

    should be 30-50

  • Donna Schwartrz

    have your thyroid checked with an ultrasound-the th3 and th4 do not show anything wrong.
    been fighting this for over 15 years and they are just now finding this. Have to have it taken out-hope this ends my awful pain. Good luck to all of you been and still am where you are. Maybe this will help some of you

  • Donna Schwartrz

    Your Tsh3 and Tsh4 are often wrong- Go further have a
    Ultrasound done of your thyroid- it can cause many things you are all suffering. Been doing that for more than 15 years-just now getting it all together-A good doctor found it. Vit D can cause many horrible things-just found this out today. I feel like so many of you-am going to have it out soon and am thinking I will feel much better after the hell is over-hope so- Good luck to you all!

  • Marilyn

    My level was -13….I have been on 50,000 for three months and it is up to 26…still low….I love my Dr. and have faith that she will get to the bottom of this….good Dr.s are rare…indeed.
    I’m a complicated..positive thinking 74 yo gal…..with auto immune, thyroid and heart history…and cancer…so..we shall see…but I know we will!

  • Kay

    I was feeling really tired and dizzy. My bones and muscles ache and poor concentration. After months of telling my dr, he tested for the basic blood panel but not for vitamin d. I finally asked him after a friend mentioned it and I was at 13. E prescribed 1000IU/day, so I Had to ask him for a higher dosage to boost me up. So he prescribed me 50,000/week for two months. Of which I didn’t read the label n drank it all in eight days. So he told me to stop taking it for two months. After 3 weeks I started getting tired again so I started taking 10,000/day even tho dr said to take 1000/day. So I lowered it to 5,000/day. After two months, my level is now at 52. But my bones are aching even more than before and I’m starting to get super tired and dizzy again. Can someone tell me how long it takes for the pain to go away and feel normal? I don’t know if normal levels will make me feel normal or it takes time. Or maybe I have something else?
    Please advise.

  • Anonymous

    You might want to consider seeing a functional medicine doctor for further evaluation. You can “find a practitioner” in your area on the homepage of
    best of luck,
    -Be Well health coach, Laura

  • Patricia King Green

    I have been on the 50, ooo unit pill once a week my levels have always been low i have been diagnosed with orthoritis fibromyagia I’m only 47ys and have had alot of pain can’t work but I do push myself and walk a one and half of miles a day

  • Greg

    Hi Diane, if your still suffering with all that fatigue, there are two other possibilities that tend to go hand in hand and they are, hypothyroidism as ive got and I used to sleep the 12-14 hrs ( check out the symptoms ) and if you’ve taken a few courses of antibiotics then you could also have candida again check out the symptoms of that too… Think you’ve got to be your own detective as most people are these days, using Dr Google inc You Tube

  • Little One

    Hi Everyone! I have chronically low Vitamin D levels. I have horrible bone pain in my knees, hips and elbows. I was checked for everything, but it was vitamin D deficiency. I was initially treated with 50,000 units per week. My level wasn’t increasing fast, so the doctor recommended taking my dose during a tanning bed session. It worked! The most I go in for is 8 minutes/week, when very low. I maintenance it during winter about 1 time per month and it seems to be working well.

  • Christina

    I have just found out my level is at 9. I’ve been battling severe depression, anxiety, muscle and joint access, horrible headaches and migraines, fatigue, suicidal thoughts and so much more. I have been in such a bad state that my mother forced me to the doctor’s office yesterday. My doctor had prescribed 50,000 mg twice a week to try and fix this issue. I’m only 41 and I feel like I’m 81 instead. I do hope the treatment helps. I’m so tired of being sick and your and having everyone at work saying stuff like “you’re always sick” or “stop complaining. No one can feel that bad all the time.” It’s not only hurtful to me that people think I’m making it up (feeling this bad), but it’s embarrassing to me, too. No one wants to be the sick girl or accused of being a hypochondriac. Ya know?

  • j barco

    For @ 10 years i was in constant pain, even worst with barometric pressure changes. I had a hard time focusing, and unable to read for prolonged periods of time. I felt fatigued most of the time. On many occasions I forced myself to exercise but when I did that I felt i would have a heart attack. I went to DR on many occasions but symptoms were only treated. I changed my DR. blood work was ordered an found out my Vitamin D was low. Was placed on 50,000/wk for 8 wks. Now I am very active and I am able to read and focus for longer periods of time. My pain is gone and I have never felt better in my life.

  • Joni Pickering

    My Vit. D is at 2.02. I am hoping my supplements will work quickly.

  • almost done :(

    Just read this article as nearly 2yrs ago my husband went walking in for a standard colonoscopy and woke up unable to walk??? Nothing happened out of the norm and no investigations were done. I just found a small note amoungst his papers (that i have read a thousands times) and found a note saying he was low in vitamin D. I am putting him on tablets tomorrow (a average dose till he see his gp). We have seen neurologist, had mulitiple scans and test psycologist and still nothing so I am praying for his sake (and our 3 children) that it is as simple as a vitamin (but wont get my hopes up) hope everyone else is doing better :)

  • Prasad

    My girlfriend facing period problems.The problems are not so common as every faces.Her fingers and tongue turns and it looks like “fit (mirigi) attack”.I want just advice what to do for her.Her medical treatment is going on.but still ..

  • Wright Eva

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  • Sandra Humphries Raedel

    The Vitamin D Council has been recommending 40 as a MINIMUM (not 31) & over 50 as a descent number. Our FDA continues ‘dragging their feet’ despite all of the evidence. I ‘started’ with a 53.0. Wanting OPTIMUM, built myself up to an 87.2 in 2.5 years. Previously prone to bronchial pneumonia…I haven’t had a single cold, nor flu, since OCT 2009; FIVE (5) YEARS this month! :) :) :)

  • Sandra Humphries Raedel

    The Vitamin D Council has been recommending 40 as a MINIMUM (not 31) & over 50 as a descent (healthy) number. Our FDA continues ‘dragging their feet’ despite all of the evidence. I ‘started’ with a 53.0 (first test baseline in OCT 2010). Wanting OPTIMUM, built myself up to an 87.2 in 2.5 years. Previously prone to bronchial pneumonia…I haven’t had a single cold, nor flu, since OCT 2009; FIVE (5) YEARS this month! (Yes, I started supplementing a year after the last cold). Two of my children brought home colds & flu’s every winter season. I hugged, I nurtured, I cared for, & never ONCE caught theirs. It’s very cool ‘knowing’ that you’re a wee-bit…cold/flu bullet invincible. LOL! :) :) :)

  • jessica

    Im a 27year old female & my vitamin D level Is 31. What disease am I prone to.