Paleo Breakfast Bread Recipe

I have recently become obsessed with Elana’s Pantry’s  gluten free recipes in particular her Paleo Bread, which is not only delicious, but has the perfect consistency too. It is by far the best gluten free bread I have ever had. Here she demonstrates how to make it on a Colorado TV station.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Amidwestvegetarian

    Great looking bars. What is her obsession about protein about? How is the fiber issue addressed with the Paleo diet?

  • Orangecrush

    You get your fiber from fruits and veggies. I think her recipes are good alternatives for the Paleo diet which normally would not include any baked items or sweets, I need my sweets without all the processed sugar, flour etc.

  • Carole Bys

    Protein is what makes you feel full.

  • Norman

    Paleo did not use salt that i know of.i like the rest of what has been said here though.

  • Anonymous

    Nice video. I enjoyed to watch. I found huge collection of paleo recipes at Enjoy.