Does this sound familiar? The alarm clock sounds and you instantly hit the snooze button—exhausted and dreading the second ring. The day starts with a rushed bagel, a doughnut, or sometimes just a swig of coffee and an “energy bar.” Bolstered with caffeine, carbs, and sugar (or sometimes on an empty stomach), the daily scramble begins at a frantic pace and doesn’t let up. Amidst the barrage of urgent messages, bills, children’s schoolwork, and errands, you find yourself too overwhelmed to take pleasure in your family and friends—and far too drained to make it to the gym or even prepare a healthy dinner. You just feel SPENT.

For countless Americans, this is how each day unfolds. The resulting symptoms of fatigue, depression, insomnia, stiffness, digestive problems, and more signal a nation running on empty—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Drawing from Western and alternative medicine, SPENT is divided into forty-two “Daily Beats”. These simple steps are designed to gradually remove factors that lead to energy depletion and add elements that help the body heal more quickly and feel better fast. The result is a whole-life makeover that includes:

  • Preparing fast, nutrient-rich meals, snacks, and smoothies while eliminating the sugary, processed foods that deplete the body
  • Conquering restless nights and groggy mornings by restoring a sleep rhythm aligned with the sun and nature
  • Replacing punishing workouts with moderate exercise on the go, and learning to realign the body through soothing restorative yoga poses, a “spinal reset” to ease back discomfort, and the ultimate self foot and shoulder massages
  • Innovative ways to promote the body’s own healing—from meditation and breathing exercises to music and spending time in nature

With a complete nutrition plan, troubleshooting tips, and time-tested advice for remaining Spent-free beyond six weeks, SPENT is the complete guide to rediscovering the natural rhythms that help our bodies restore, revive, and replenish.