Frank’s Vision

Frank is a doctor with a celebratory and unique approach to wellness. When you first receive an email from Frank, he signs off “One Love,” which represents the mix of his South African roots, his chic New York Flatiron practice and his global approach to health. Every person who is treated by Frank is exposed to his practice of entrainment , the process of synching your heart rate to an external beat of 60 beats per minute, the ideal heart rate, which calms and eases stress. He does this by plopping a pair of headphones on you and subjecting you to either his own music mix, made by him and his world famous musician friends, rhythms from around the world or reggae, which naturally contains this beat. The practice of entrainment is just one of the many tricks in Dr. Lipman’s bag which makes you want to ask him, “wait, are you a real doctor?”

Indeed he is. Dr. Lipman is a board certified internist who first saw the concept of entrainment during a period of training in the South African bush, where the impoverished tribal people were resonating with the rhythms and cycles of life. Sure, they suffered from malnutrition and diseases of poverty, but they did not experience the maladies of modern life that most of us walk around with and in many ways had a greater sense of well being than he and his friends.

Having completed his formal western medical training, he decided to embark on a journey to learn the world’s best medical practices and bring these teachings to the world in a unique and modern way. He created his own practice, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center located in the posh Flatiron district. Soon after, celebs, high powered executives, and just plain folks were coming in and out of the doors generating a one month waiting list. In the same way water seeks its own level, the western medical community, as well as the alternative health community, were soon singing Frank’s praises in his quest to create radiant, glowing and healthy warriors of a new world.