Could your medications be depleting your nutrients?


You may have never even considered the fact that your Birth control pills, allergy medicine, or over the counter antacids could be depleting your nutrients, but they could be. Here’s the scoop on just a few drugs and their nutritional effects.

Birth control pills deplete vitamin B2 (ribofl avin), vitamin B12 (cobalamin), folic acid, vitamin C, and zinc. Estrogen supplementation can lower serum magnesium levels. Acid blockers (Protein Pump Inhibitors and H2 blockers)  are commonly used either in prescription or over the counter medications by people who have heartburn and indigestion. The acid in our stomach is important for absorption of minerals, digestion of protein, and protection from food poisoning. Studies show that acid blockers increase risk of defi ciencies of : vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, and zinc. Animal studies also show lowered calcium levels and altered the way we use vitamin D.

Statin drugs are used commonly to lower cholesterol. It’s been known since 1985 that statin medications can deplete CoEnzyme Q10 levels. Research suggests that some of the muscle aches and weakness and liver toxicity of these medications is caused by CoQ10 depletion. If you are taking a statin medication, take 60-200 mg of CoQ10 daily to insure that you have adequate amounts. (Higher dosages would be for people who have heart disease.)

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