Fearless Health...
Fearless Health

Reprinted with permission from Experience Life Magazine Written by Jill Metzler Patton Worrying excessively about our well-being can do us more harm than go

8 Tips to Bust Stress and Calm Down Quick...
8 Tips to Bust Stress and Calm Down Quick

Stress. We’ve all experienced it.  For some folks it’s intermittent, for others it’s relentless, and flat-out exhausting. When stress threatens to co

6 Healthy Lifestyle Apps...
6 Healthy Lifestyle Apps

By Be Well Health Coach Jackie Damboragian Here at Be Well we love anything that makes living a healthy lifestyle easier. Apps are a great way to do just th

Miracles Now Interview with New York Times Bestselli
<em>Miracles Now</em> Interview with <em>New York Times</em> Bestselling Author Gabrielle Bernstein

Tell us about your new book, Miracles Now. I love this book and I’m so psyched to share it with you. Miracles Now helps readers lessen stress and find pe

How to Start your Meditation Practice...
How to Start your Meditation Practice

By Be Well Health Coach Kerry Bajaj “What do you do to relax?” This is a question that Dr. Lipman always asks patients, and they often get a deer-in-the

13 Resolutions, Solutions and Life Tweaks
For 2014...
13 Resolutions, Solutions and Life Tweaks <br/>For 2014

By Dr. Frank Lipman and the Be Well Team Resolutions. So many of us make them, break them and then throw in the towel till next year rolls around. For many

7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Health Retreat...
7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Health Retreat

When people ask me how I have managed to last so long on Gerson Therapy — a strict regime of juicing, coffee enemas, and eating only food we have prep

A Meditation on Nothing...
A Meditation on Nothing

There’s something about the promise of variety, novelty and sheer quantity. The other day, while I was at my trainer’s studio, I noticed a popular women

Creating your own Laughter Meditation...
Creating your own Laughter Meditation

Stress is an obnoxious thing. If not managed, it can derail your career, love life, and compromise your brainpower. It saps your energy, causes you to do ir

A Short Mindfulness Practice...
A Short Mindfulness Practice

This short mindfulness practice is meant to be sprinkled throughout the day to support you in becoming more present, reducing stress, and being more effectiv