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Most people have a negative perception of hormones. They think of teenagers having fits of anger and menopausal women having hot flashes. But balanced hormones are essential for a healthy body. The word hormone is derived from the Greek word hormon, meaning “to urge on, excite, or stimulate.” And this is exactly what they do. Hormones initiate and regulate the functioning of our cells. Made in various organs, they’re carried all over the body through the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, when it comes to assessing and treating hormonal imbalances, the conventional medical approach to endocrine problems is not very refined. Gross deficiencies and excesses of hormones can be successfully identified and treated. But subtle or early stages of hormonal imbalance are rarely detected—and therefore are not treated. At this stage of scientific knowledge, measuring blood levels of hormones is the only conventionally accepted way to make assessments. But more often than not, however, there are problems in hormonal functioning long before we can detect any abnormalities in the blood.

The two classic examples of this are thyroid dysfunction and adrenal fatigue, both of which are extremely common and probably two of the commonest problems I see in my practice. They both present with fatigue and both can be helped by a functional approach. My experience has shown me that balancing these two systems makes a huge difference in most people’s health because all your hormones work together, so when one hormone is off, it can have a domino affect and cause imbalances of all the other hormones. Very often the problem is an imbalanced system rather than a deficiency of any hormones.

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Dr. Lipman: You say in your book that obesity is not from eating too many calories or expending too few. Can you explain?

Dr. Fung: Obesity is often considered a problem of excessive calories. This caloric obsession has been indoctrinated into all of us since we were children. Too many calories in, too few calories out, or some combination is what we believe leads to weight gain and obesity. If it were indeed true that excess calories leads to weight gain, then the solution is simple: Reduce calories eaten. This has formed the standard dietary advice of the last 50 years. And it has failed spectacularly. Obesity rates have skyrocketed upward despite continual exhortations to cut calories.

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