Category: Detoxification

As a culture, we are very aware of our external cleanliness. We keep our cities and streets clean, brush our teeth and bathe and wash our hair frequently because we want to look, feel and smell clean. But we do not have the same understanding of the necessity for internal cleansing or detoxification which functions to cleanse the body from the inside. Unfortunately we are all vulnerable to all sorts of toxins present in the environment, in our homes, in the personal care products we use and in the food we eat. These can have a cumulative effect on the liver and before long it becomes degraded and we start to feel sluggish or just not quite right.

The liver is the one of the main organs in the body’s detoxification system and without a healthy liver, you cannot be truly healthy or experience optimal health. I am a firm believer that an appropriately designed detox program can improve liver function and the integrity of the entire gastrointestinal system. What I see in my practice is that a safe and gentle internal cleanse once or twice a year promotes better functioning and is an important step in revitalizing your health.

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