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It’s Time To Wind Back The Harms Of Too Much Medicine And, Instead, Prescribe Food.

It may be hard to believe, but poor diet now contributes to more disease and death than physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol combined. We have been consuming sugar, refined carbohydrates and industrial vegetable oils as never before, with devastating consequences for public health. In the UK alone, type 2 diabetes and obesity have cost the National Health Service (NHS) more than £20 billion.

8 Health Documentaries to Watch This Weekend

Summer reading is great for the beach, but for those times when you need some respite from the sun, there are plenty of educational health documentaries to binge on. Here are a few of our favorites:

10 Top Music Videos of the Year

Here are 10 great YouTube music videos from this year. With the World Cup this year in Brazil, I had to start with this catchy song by Santana and Wyclef. Next up is one of my favorite videos of the year, a catchy song that took Africa by storm. I love this version of Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man” by Dave Matthews and as he points out before he sings the song, we all grew up in South Africa on this song. Michael Franti’s powerful call for peace between police and communities is vey moving and then there are always the Playing For Change peeps who make the most wonderful videos. The last few are videos of some of my favorite songs of the year. Hope you enjoy these and a Happy Healthy New Year to you.

CD’s of the Year For 2014

At the end of every year I put out 2 CD’s of my favorite tracks. This year, on the first CD there is a mix of my favorite new songs of this year from around the world. The 2nd CD, “The Covers” contains some beautiful cover versions by various artists doing covers of some classic songs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The Healing Gifts of Sound

Whether we are conscious of it or not, sound surrounds us virtually every moment of the day. There are good sounds – ones that soothe, calm, heal, energize or simply make us smile – and those which have the opposite effect, stressing both body and mind – think sirens, jackhammers, lawnmowers and so on. With its power to create both positive and negative responses throughout the body, it’s important to be conscious of the types of sound we’re exposing ourselves to every day.

Workout Playlist to Get Moving in 2014

This time of the year brings frigid temps and dark days, making it tempting to skip your regular workout. Staying motivated just takes a bit of creativity. Music plays a huge part in my exercise regimen. I’m more motivated to exercise, less bored during my routine and more inspired to crank out an extra mile. Lucky for me, my husband works in the music business and keeps me up to speed on the latest heart-pumping hits. If you’re tired of your workout music, here are some tracks to freshen up your playlist and get moving!

Best of the Year CD’s

At the end of every year I put out 2 cd’s of my favorite tracks. This year, there is a mix of my favorite songs of this year from around the world, and my favorite African chill songs. In the fifteen years I have been doing this, I have never had three tracks from one artist on a mix. This year I do….from Michael Franti’s new cd, “All People” which is definitely my favorite cd of the year. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I have.

SADHAKA: The Yoga of B.K.S. Iyengar

SADHAKA: The Yoga of B.K.S. Iyenga is a feature documentary film about BKS Iyengar’s practice, life and influence from award winning director, Jake Clennell. The film is currently in post–production editing. Watch the extended trailer here. And please visit the Donate page to join the community and help Jake finish the film. If you are a yoga student of any tradition, this is a must see!! BKS Iyengar has been a major influence in many yoga styles and in the introduction of yoga to the West.

John Lloyd: An Animated Tour of the Invisible

I love this TED Talk by John Lloyd taking us on an animated tour of the invisible….gravity….the stars in day…thoughts….the human genome….time….atoms and on and on. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. This talk will make you question what you actually know.