The Problem

  1. 1Overwhelmed
  2. 2Exhausted
  3. 3Can’t lose weight no matter what you do and don’t eat
  4. 4Can’t sleep even though you desperately need it
  5. 5Feeling older than your years

The Solution

  1. 1Eating local and seasonal whole foods
  2. 2Exercising in spurts – exert, rest, recover
  3. 3Fresh air, sunlight and an abundance of water
  4. 4Resting when the sun goes down, waking when it rises
  5. 5Minimize intake of caffeine, alcohol and unrefined sugars


Fatigue, unexplained back and joint pain, distractibility, irritability, insomnia, and digestive problems leave many of us feeling spent — and there is no pill that reverses the effects. Many Americans are plagued by this new epidemic, and doctors are unable to diagnose any single cause.

But Dr. Frank Lipman knows that this profound feeling of general unwellness is not part of the normal aging process. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Lipman is the first to connect the dots in a constellation of symptoms, offering a proven solution to combat the pervasive syndrome he calls Spent. When someone is Spent, the body is doing everything it can to indicate that it is time to slow down, rest, detoxify, repair, replenish, and restore. Dr. Lipman has helped thousands of patients who suffer from Spent to revive their bodies — and, in most cases, feel more energized and healthier than they ever have before.

In Revive, Dr. Lipman first identifies the things in modern life that lead to energy depletion, such as stress, light deprivation, an erratic sleep schedule, and a diet high in sugar and processed foods. Next, he creates “Daily Beats,” a series of simple actions — such as sleep, diet, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and relaxation — that readers can take to repair their stressed systems and nourish their bodies and minds.

As with Dr. Lipman’s patients, anyone following his day-by-day program will feel energized, vibrant, and younger. With a nutrition plan of tasty recipes photographs of research-based exercises and stretches, and wisdom from Dr. Lipman’s thirty years of medical practice, Spent puts readers back in touch with their bodies’ natural rhythms and introduces them to a lifetime of good health.